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Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



Chapter One

I grow up in baptist home, I hard about Jesus a lot, it was until later in my life I accepted Him as my own personal Savior. I understand I was a sinner and I desrive Hell but God sent His only son to died for me on the cross and take my place so I do not have to go to Hell. I put my trust in Jesus, believed Him as my Savior, and accepted Him as my own personal Savior. This is such a wonderful free gift. 

Now the worlld hates the truth, hates the Jews and Christians. Sometimes I feel like a fish swimming alone with crowd of fish but not going the same way as other fish. I am going different way and feel only pushing through the crowd.

I know my jobarrow-10x10.png is to tell others about Jesus before it to let (before they died or rapture happens where He takes his children and puts judgement on world then destroy it). Yes God is love but He is holy, just, soverin, righteous, creater and perfect and must more. I know if I do not tell others there blood our on my hands. 

However, I know the world hates truth, reject it. I tend fear people over God and I am suppost fear (honor and respect) God over people. The world hates us so must sometimes they kill us, put us in jail, beat us, kick us out of school, fail us, give us detension, so mu so.

It is sad the way the world is going now days. I am scared for what will come but I put my faith in God never matter what no one or no anything could take me away from my God. They are root that are in me that I cannot deny.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Two

Sometimes I get afraid seeing what is going on the world and how things keep getting worse. I know things are will come to end. I am gald and thankful that  I am God's side. I know He is in control.

However, my compassent heart will kick in. I willl feel sad for those who are rejecting God and have to face His wrath. The world has no idea what is going happen to them in the futurearrow-10x10.png which will happen at any moment.

Most people think I am crazy and talk nonsense. Or they willl think o that is her belief or religion and have no idea. They make funny of the Bible and God. They roll their eyes.They said it is just stories made up. They said it never happen. They said that only humans wrotie it according to theri belief system. They are all wrong. 

I try not care what people think of me but sometimes I have fear over people than God. I fear to tell them about God. I fear they will get me in trouble, yell at me, not be my friends, not talk to me anymore, put me in jail, get kick out school or maybe someday will have to die because of my faith.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Three

Why cannot anyone understand? Why do I have feel along through this spiritual war? Why people hate me because of my faith? Why people do not want become friends or stay friends once they found out that I am Baptist (Christian)? Sometimes I wish I can talk to someone about this but I know there those who do not understand. I do write in my dairy but sometimes I am human and froget I have a best friend forever. Who cares, who understand, who know what I am going through, is there with me no matter what, and will help as world continuesarrow-10x10.png to get wrose. Who is that BBF? God is my BBF, Savior, friend, Father and King.


Chapter Four

and we had moved. We not live near a Christian school. Now I am in a public school. Do you know what I missed the most form a Christian school? Not Chaple, not starting a class with prayer, not being a bible class but fellowship, connected and being amoung my brothers and sisters in Christ.Those other other things where important to me and I do miss them but being around true believers what I miss the most.

I have many friends who are unbelievers. Some claim to be christians but do not know Jesus as their personal Savior. So I do not feel connected or like I belong when them. I feel like an outcase. The only friend I have is Jesus but recently God showed me that my tout is my sister in Christ. I only get to see her oncer or maybe twice and sometimes three times a week for a few hours. I never felt so alone in my life but I am thankful that I have Jesus is enough for me. I should be thankful this one presious gift a sister in Christ.


Chapter Five

I know it going happen soon. Deep in my heart I know it is around the corner. It is near than we expand even thou we do not know when it will happen. However, the way the world is going at this rate I will not be supised that  it will be here quicker than it will be here quicker than lighting. 

What I am referring to? I am talking about the rapture. The rapture is when Jesus comes for His children both bead (the righteoius) before He put judgment on te world for their sins (unrighteous). When will this happen? No one knows boutGod. Then how do I know it coming sooon. The Bible gies us some signs that will happen to warn us that is going happen soon.

I know my time on here is short. I am running out of time. Many people are not aware of God or that this even will happpen. However, this wrold had nothing to do with God. This wrold has turn their backs on God. The wolrld bleieves this only a relgigion something that someone mad e up. 

No it is ral. Iwish I can prove it bout now way praoving it aat all expect maybe on thing.. Someday when you hear roamers about millions thadisapperined and no whare to be found and the left therir belongs behind.Then you discovered that they were all believers. Then you shall know that the Bible is true.

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