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Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



I spin the clock and watch

the numbers slowly drip

backwards down my

bedroom walls


The eternal darkness engulfs

me like a smoldering blanket

of exquisite wonderment


I lie awake as the silence

reverberates in my ears

it torments me like an

evil clown

Shrieking with laughter

so loud

so shrill

that it cracks the

porcelain doll

that I have become


I light a candle to see my

broken fragments

To behold the glorious

pieces of myself

scattered like glitter

on my bedroom floor


My beauty swept up in

the ashes of my childhood


"Your ugly," she says

"Your worthless", she says

"You should of been a boy,"

she says.


But I'm not a boy

I'm a little girl

hiding in the closet



Praying that your rage filled hands

stop punishing my existence


Praying that you stop

dragging my innocence

through the jagged lines

of my tears


Praying that the monster

that lives in the back of

your throat chocks on

the venom that you spit

over and over and over



I spin the clock and watch

the numbers drip slowly

down my bedroom walls


The grains of reality

melting away as I

twirl like a fairy princess

through the fluttering crowd

of neon lights and

chemically induces smiles

The music ravaging my

entire body

like electrocution

to my bones

my movements





I spin the clock

"Will you marry me"


I spin the clock

"I can't save you"


I spin the clock

"Get off me"


I smash the clock

"I'm gone"


I stare at the moon

and talk to the stars


I hum love songs softly

to myself

while I drawing imaginary

pictures in the obscurity

of my room


I smile at the thought of

summers so magnificent

rainbows melt in the

sweet summer sun


I smile at the beautiful

faces of my daughters

laughing at the magical

moments of their



I smile at

true love

sweet nothings


sapphire kisses


I smile because

 life is a fantastic thing

when you learn to

let go

and live it


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