You're a Cause and a Solution.

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Whatever you experience it's within which evinces a cause and a solution lies within, if you've not given prerogative to others to define your life.

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



On a certain day, a lad named Jaggy, stepped into a room where lights were dazzling utterly. There he lost himself as the room was completely wrapped with dazzling lights. He was petrified owing to the fact that he was unable to see through. Somehow he braced himself to keep on.

I hope you must have had experienced this at some point back or maybe still experiencing.

It really got hard for him to espy things placed inside the room. Most people would have left the room, by now, for the fact that they are devoid of equanimity; this guy ain't a one of them. Since he was adamant and equanimous that made him to stay further and to his surprise, everything started appearing slowly. After some time he was being able to see everything evidently. The cogent and easy reason which kept him on is that he decided to defy odds and hang in there with brazen-faced.

Now, all the dazzling lights were switched off which turned into dearth of light. Alas, again hard as everything around seemed to be obscure and hard to focus. You know, his focus was adjusted to the dazzling lights (which was hard for him to focus a while ago) hence hard to focus in dearth of light but he had a power to ameliorate the situation for he was adamant. So he decided to stay there for more than awhile and to his surprise, again everything started appearing evidently. If he had no equanimity or patience he would not have reached this final point.

What impelled him to continue and not behave the way most people would have is that he was adamant. He mastered to obliterate consternation & angst in any darn situation.

Eventually, Jaggy got to know that whatever he faced was experiencing within.

If something is happening within that shows cause does lie within. If cause lies within then it is better to turn inward and search for a solution than turning outward and looking for an exterior solution. You're capable of what you want to be, it's just you need to harness your energy in a right direction.

Always know, you're a cause and a solution to everything happening within you.

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