Operation Warp: Chapter 4

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In chapter 4 of Operation Warp, the four friends find themselves set on a quest to find a mask. But not before dealing with a newly introduced individual.

Submitted: February 22, 2017

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Submitted: February 22, 2017



Brandon looks at David with a disappointed face and Marco looks at David with a disgusted face.


“What?” Said David. “Where is it?”


“Do you seriously not know where it is?” Said Marco.


“I think it’s from a Legend of Zelda game.” Isaiah said who was trying to dig through the archives within his mind to find anything about this place called Termina. “I don’t remember which one though.”


“You idiots,” said Brandon. “It’s from Majora’s Mask.”


“Oh okay.” Said David. “Then you’ll take us there, right?”


“I don’t know how these Hoppers work.” Said Brandon. “Marco you take us.” Marco looks over at him.


“Well,” said Marco. “I don’t know. It takes a lot of thinking out of you. I’m not in the mood to get drained of what little energy I have.”


“You’re just being lazy.” Said Brandon.


“Yeah I know,” said Marco. “But since you have seen through my attempts to get out of it, I shall do it. But only on one condition.”


“What’s that?” Asked Isaiah. Marco looks behind Brandon and points at a man distantly watching them. He wore a brown coat with a hood, leaving the group unable to identify who exactly he is. From the looks of it, the man was tall and had a muscular build, which clearly meant that he can’t be here just to watch.


“Can we get that guy to stop looking at us.” Said Marco. Brandon approached the man as he was yelling angrily and impatiently at him.


“Hey get out of here!” He yelled. “No one likes you get away!” Brandon got slightly closer before the man ran moved towards him and attacked. He moved so fast that it was a bit difficult to keep an eye on him. The man threw his fist into Brandon’s gut. Brandon coughed up blood and fell flat on the ground unconscious. The man walks over to David, Marco, and Isaiah, and lifts his arm up. He points a finger at David.


“You,” he said with a deep and serious voice. “You are the leader, correct?”


“Uh,” said David. “I guess, I don’t know.”


“Regardless,” said the man. “If that boy over there on the floor is your leader, he is unable to help me fulfill my order.” He puts his hand down and the calm looking hand turns into a clenched fist. “I am getting impatient,” he continues. “Are you or are you not this group’s leader?” Marco and Isaiah look at each other with concerned faces. They both know that this man is not one to mess with.


“David maybe you should fight this guy,” whispered Marco to David. “I mean, Brandon’s out cold.Isaiah’s eye is keeping him from doing anything, well except for that weird fireball thing that he did. And I’d be too slow, you saw how fast that guy was.” Marco looks over at the man. “And besides, if things get too out of hand, we still got our time powers.” Marco thinks about and faintly laughs. They would have done better through their journey if they used their time travelling powers. They keep mentioning it but they haven’t used it at all since their journey began. Marco looks back to David, waiting for his decision. “Come on David, you’re the only one who can fight this guy on your own. We need you to do this.” David takes a second to think about the situation at hand.


Marco was right, he was the only one who could fight this mysterious man. Isaiah wasn’t able to fight due to his eye, and Marco’s weapon would slow him down. If only Brandon were conscious at the time, he might have been able to fight him. David forms a serious face and nods. He stands up straight and faces the mysterious man. He then drew out his short sword into his right hand and pointed it at the man.


“So you are the leader,” said the man. “Very well.” He paused for a few seconds and afterwards lifted his left arm into the air. As he was doing this, a large blue orb was forming above him. The orb shapes into the form of a regular looking scythe. It looked just like an ordinary scythe, yet there was a feeling that there was more to it than meets the eye. The man grabs the weapon with his hand as it begins to radiate a bright blue light. Soon after, the light fades, and the man runs towards David. The man was so fast that David was barely able to keep up with his movement. The man kept running around David, trying to confuse him so that he can attack. He moves behind David and attacks with a horizontal slash, however David turned around just in time so that he can block it with his sword. The force of the attack was strong, too strong in fact. It pushed David a few feet back and on the floor. The man then leaped into the air, and swung his scythe down at David, and once again, David luckily avoided getting hit by rolling out of the way. After rolling out of the way, David quickly got back up on his feet and took a few swift steps before thrusting his sword towards the man.


The blade pierced the man’s chest, but not near the heart. It felt almost like minutes of David and the man standing in the same spot, with David’s blade through the man’s chest. It took Marco a few moments to realize what was happening. He then formed a face of fear, his heart profoundly raced.


“David get away from him now!” He yelled. But it was too late. The man let out a slight cough and takes the sword away from David as he pulls it out of his chest. David takes a few steps back and turns around to try to run away, but the man stopped him by grabbing him by the head. It was almost like looking at a tall bully harassing a kid that’s shorter than he is. The man holds the sword and connects the tip of the blade with David’s back. It took little force to shove the sword through the back of David’s defenseless body. David cries out in pain and begins to cough up blood. “David no!” Yelled Marco. I can fix this, he thought. I can help David. I can do this, can I? Marco holds up his right arm, places his left hand on it, and points the palm of his right hand forward. He then closes his eyes and thinks of the point in time right before David successfully attacked the man. Marco’s eyes, now a full white color, open.




David turned around just in time so that he can block it with his sword. The force of the attack was strong, too strong in fact. It pushed David a few feet back and on the floor. Marco’s eyes return to his normal brown color and his nose begins to bleed. He then gets down on one knee. Isaiah looks over at him and notices the nose bleed. It took little thinking for him to process what happened to Marco.


“Who died?” He asked.


“Isaiah,” said Marco. “I have a plan, so hear me out.”


“Alright what is it?” Asked Isaiah.


“In a few moments,” said Marco. “David’s about to stab that guy in the chest, but it ain’t gonna do anything. What I’m going to do is push David out of the way before he gets killed, and block that guy’s attack. Then I’ll need you to try to shoot another one of those fireballs if it’s possible.” The man then leaped into the air, and swung his scythe down at David, and once again, David luckily avoided getting hit by rolling out of the way. “Can I count on you to help me out?” After rolling out of the way, David quickly got back up on his feet and took a few swift steps before thrusting his sword towards the man. Isaiah looks at David and can already see what will happen. He nearly forms a grin on his face before he answers.


“Sure,” said Isaiah. “I can do it.” The man let out a slight cough and takes the sword away from David as he pulls it out of his chest.


“Alright it’s time.” Said Marco. He gets up on his feet and runs to David. Marco pushes David out of the way and retrieves the Greatsword of Artorias out from his Hopper and uses its weight to plant it into the ground and act as a defensive wall. The short sword hits Marco’s Greatsword and breaks. “Now Isaiah!” Yelled Marco. Isaiah lifts up his arm and points it at the man. A fireball quickly forms and launches towards him. The man was fast, but he wasn’t fast enough to react and avoid Isaiah’s attack. The fireball hits the man head on and pushes him onto the floor. The fire from Isaiah’s attack burned off the man’s cloak, which then meant that his identity could finally be revealed.


Marco places his greatsword back in his Hopper and heads over to Brandon to check on him. He places his hand on Brandon’s back and lightly shoves him.


“You’re not dead are you?” Asked Marco. Brandon opens his eyes.


“No,” said Brandon. He stands up and brushes off his clothing with his hands. “I’m not that lucky.” Brandon looks over at the man in the distance, now on the floor nearly unconscious. “How is that going?” Brandon asked.


“Well we’re about to see who’s under that mask.” Said Marco. Brandon and Marco then walk over to the man along with David and Isaiah. The smoke from Isaiah’s fireball clears as the four approach the man. Right as the four approached the man, loud coughing was beginning to erupt from him. This man had layered blue hair and blue eyes with blue goggles on his head. He wore sapphire blue jacket with a black shirt under it, he wore brown pants and brown boots. He also had on gray fingerless gloves. All of this looked like normal attire except for the one thing that stood out: a blue metallic wristband that looked just like the one Melanie wore.


“I am quite surprised.” Said the man. He stood up, and grabbed his scythe from the ground. The scythe in his hand began to glow a bright blue once again, however this time the size of the scythe had doubled, making it more intimidating than it already had to be. “I thought this would’ve been over quick.” He lifts up his scythe and points it at the four. At the top of the scythe a bright blue ball of light begins to form. It then turns into a ball of ice. The man launches the ice and Isaiah pushes everyone out of the way and lets the ball of ice hit him directly in the chest. Brandon looks up and noticed that the ball of ice turned back into a blue ball of light that Isaiah just then had absorbed. Isaiah’s orange fire circle turned into a sapphire blue fire circle, only this time the fire in his eye seems to have grown bigger. He lifts up his right arm and a blue ball of light forms and transforms into a ball of ice. The ball of ice launches off of Isaiah’s hand towards the man. It almost made contact with the man’s ankle if it weren’t for the handle of his scythe.


Just then the wound on David’s left arm began to spit out black colored blood. David quickly placed his hand on the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but it was no use. The blood continued to spill out of the wound as David cried out in pain. His eyes began to change to a dark color, almost looking as if his eyes were nothing but a dark abyss. Isaiah turned to David, his blue fire in his eyes still burning, and placed his hand on the wound.


Not yet. Thought Isaiah. You need to wait it out. Just until the time is right, only then, can we act out our plan. Isaiah’s hand glowed an orange-red color, and it was as if a dam full of fire started to spill out from the palm of his hand, somehow not burning his clothes off, it must have been a sort of magic fire. He then removed his hand and turned back over the the man. David looked at the wound and noticed the bleeding had stopped, in fact even better, the open wound looked as though it was sealed up, leaving nothing but a scar.


“Very nice,” said the man. “But it’s not going to be enough after I’m through with you!” The man then rushes towards the four with such speed that his body nearly seemed to disappear.


“Not just yet!” Yelled Brandon. Brandon drew out his shield and Marco drew out his greatsword. Marco drives the blade into the ground, using it as a giant shield, and Brandon holds up his shield. The man ran his scythe along Brandon’s shield and Marco’s greatsword, pushing them back a few feet. It would have been their flesh that would have fallen victim if not for their strong defenses. Isaiah gets in front of Brandon and Marco and shoots another fireball at the man. The man used the blade of his scythe to catch the fireball and launch it to his left. Isaiah then quickly rushes towards the man with his sharp dagger in an attempt to catch him by surprise. The man easily noticed Isaiah and swung his scythe sideways to try to finish him off.


Isaiah slid under the scythe’s swipe and right by the man, but not without cutting his ankle. The man lightly grunted in pain and dropped down on his knee. He sat there holding his scythe with both hands as a walking stick, slowly catching his breath.


“I’ll have to admit, you all are truly skilled.” Said the man. “I think I’ll have to call it a day and take my leave.”


“Seriously?” Said Brandon. “Isaiah cut your ankle and you’re woosin’ out?


“Afraid so,” said the man. “This injury prevents me from fighting any longer.”


“Oh yeah?” Said Brandon. He points his sword directly at the man. “Well how about I kill you right here, since you can’t fight any longer?” Brandon begins to raise his sword when suddenly a voice from behind the man makes itself heard.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” From behind the man a portal with a bright light appears, which could mean that whoever was to come out from that portal was with O.W. Surely this man had to have been friendly. One foot stepped out of the portal. “You see, Alex is a strong man, stronger than the four of you actually.” The four look down at the man kneeled down before Brandon’s blade, the man walking out of the portal must mean that the one kneeled goes by Alex. “If you were to ‘kill’ him, Alex would have broken that flimsy blade of yours and killed you all with ease.” The man then takes another step out of the portal, revealing himself to the four. His attire and muscular build was the same as Alex’s, making him seem intimidating as well.


This man had long white hair going halfway down his back. On the left side his white skin he has a large scar from a cut of some sort. He has gleaming crimson-red eyes that bring out part of his intimidating looks.


“And who might you be good sir?” Asked Marco. The question throws a smirk on the man’s face. He takes a dignified bow as he speaks.


“My name is Sebastian, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.” Sebastian walks over to Alex, and picks him up by the jacket with one hand, as if Alex was but a small, weak animal to him. “I will be taking Alex with me if you don’t mind.” said Sebastian. “I do believe you four have some work to do and I do not want to keep you waiting any longer.” Alex stands up and shoves Sebastian’s arm off of him. Sebastian then pushes Alex through the portal and steps through.


“Well then,” said Marco. “That was quite something, wasn’t it.” Everyone looks at him and points out the blood from his nose that is still freshly dripping out. “What, this? It’s nothing.” They then point out his right eye is still all white. “I ain’t tellin’ you guys nothin’, you hear?” They all sigh and decide to continue their work.


“So did Doc say what we have to do over in Termina?” asked Isaiah.


“Beats me.” Said Caleb the Guitar Lord. The four look at Caleb with frustration and anger knowing that he could’ve helped them defeat Alex, instead all he was doing was playing some music.


“How about you stop following us if you aren’t going to be helping.” Said Brandon.


“Yeah,” said David. “You aren’t helpful at all so maybe you should just leave.” Caleb, now with a sad face, flies up into the sky and goes elsewhere. “Now then,” continued David. “Doc said that there was some mask that we have to get for Brandon. He also said that he was picking up some traces of Nova in that world.”


“After that can we go back and get food?” Asked Marco. “All this tough work is making me hungry and tired.” David nods and the four open up a portal and head to Termina.



Over at O.W, Alex and Sebastian had just arrived and are eating at the feast lounge. Alex clenches his fist and bangs it against the table he is sitting at.


“I could’ve killed him, you know that?” Said Alex. “I could’ve killed that guy and taken the others just like Doc asked. He gave us a deadline, and if we don’t do what he says by that deadline I don’t know what he’ll do to us.”


“Patience,” said Sebastian. “Patience is required for this special assignment. You need not worry, we still have our other two allies to assist us in capturing the three.”


“Yeah,” said Alex angrily. “Well what about Melanie? She failed trying to capturing those guys, as a matter of fact, she didn’t even know who the leader was!” Alex slightly calms down, his clenched fist now opened up. “Why does Doc need one of ‘em dead anyways?”


“I’m not sure,” said Sebastian who is now curious. “All we know is we have to kill the leader, and take in the others within these next ten days and we can leave this wretched place and see our friends and family once again.”



The four friends, now floating in the dark portal void, try and create a conversation while waiting for the portal to Termina to open.


“Hey guys,” said David. “You think we’ll ever see our families again? It feels like we’ll be stuck here forever.”


“I’m not sure,” said Marco. “And I don’t know about you guys, but I like not being in that outside world. Not having to worry about paying for anything, no hackers to worry about, it’s nice.”


“But what about your family?” Asked Isaiah. “Don’t you miss them?”


“Isaiah,” said Brandon. “Sometimes I forget how much of a dumbass you are. Me and Marco don’t have family around here, we can’t even remember the last time we’ve seen someone who is family.” Isaiah was about to speak but just then a portal to Termina opened. From the looks of it, the four were going to fall from above again, except this time, they’re only falling a few feet.


“Well lads,” said Marco. “I guess this is our destination.” The four fall on their backs, knocking the wind out of them the second they came into contact with the ground. As the four stand up and catch up their breath, they take a few moments to take in their surroundings. All around them is grass. In the distance there looks to be a forest behind them, an observatory in front of them, and at the center of what is Termina lies a large clock tower. Surrounding this clock tower looks to be a small town.  “Hey guys,” says Marco with a hint of fright in his tone. “You don’t think there’s…” He looks up and his face is instantly filled with sheer fear. “There is.” The other three look up in the sky and see the moon just feet away from the clock tower. To make things more terrifying for people in the nearby town, the moon had a large face on it, and that face was pointing straight towards the clock tower.


“So does that mean we’re all dead?” Asked a worried David.


“No David,” said Marco. “It just means we have a very small window of opportunity right now, and if we can’t get what we came here for before that window closes, all these people will die and Doc will get furious.” Marco looks away from the moon and over at Brandon. “Brandon,” he said. “You know where to find this mask?”


“If the mask we’re looking for is the one I’m thinking of,” said Brandon. “Then yes.” Brandon then orders the other three to follow him into the town surrounding the clock tower, but not before an individual interrupts them.


“Heading into Clock Town I presume?” Brandon and the others turn around to see a man with a large bag of masks on his back standing before them. This man had an enormous smile on his face, it didn’t make him look happy, but creepy. He had short red hair with a tapered haircut.  His eyes were not visible due to his squinting. From top to bottom he wore purple clothes. He had on shoes with the tips pointed upwards.The man looks up at the moon. “It’s quite a shame you’re arriving only just now. I’d hate to waste a little of your time but,” he looks back over at the four. “Why are you four here?” The four friends each look at each other trying to come up with some elaborate excuse to answer the man’s question, after all, they didn’t know what this man would do if he knew what they were going to do. Brandon steps in front of the three and answers the question.


“We’re going into Clock Town to find something we lost.” Eyebrows raised, the mysterious man replies frantically.


“This something wouldn’t be a mask, now would it?” He asked. Brandon’s eyes widen. He couldn’t figure out if the man just guessed or if he really knew what they were after.


“It, uh,” Brandon tries to decide whether or not he should tell the truth. Maybe if I tell the truth, he thought. Something good will come of it. Brandon looks directly into the mysterious man’s eyes. “It is a mask we’re looking for. Majora’s Mask to be specific.” The man’s eyes open up and his eyebrows raise.


“So I was correct.” He said. “Hmmm,” he begins to think for a few seconds. “I can tell you four are from home, no?” Brandon nods to the question. “Well I’ll make a deal with you. If you four can get back that precious item and give it to me, I can return you all to your home.” Isaiah and David look down at the ground and think: should they do as the man says so they can return home? Or should they continue their mission to stop Nova? This was a tough question for them, they missed their families, but they didn’t want to leave knowing that Nova is out there wreaking havoc in other worlds. Isaiah’s mind was a bit more complicated.


He still had those thoughts, thoughts about when he killed Shovel Knight. He didn’t know if such murderous intentions would recur and lead him to killing people close to him. While these thoughts were running through his mind David stepped forward.


“Listen old man,” said David. “We’re going in there and getting that mask. Not for you, but for us. And we’re going to take that mask and leave ourselves, we don’t need your help.” David turns around and starts walking into what the “old man” referred to as “Clock Town”. “Guys,” he said. “We’re going.” The other three then proceed to enter with David.


Behind the man appears a man in a black trench coat.


“I don’t know how you did it,” said the man in the coat. “But you did it. You somehow boosted their motivation to go fetch that mask for good ol’ Doc. I’ll admit it wasn’t necessary, but it gave them that extra kick.” The man in the coat laughs hysterically for a few moments. “HOW are those kids so stupid? And they still think they can get back home.”


“It was my pleasure serving you Nova,” said the man in the purple clothing. “Now, a promise IS a promise. Hand over that special ‘mask’ you spoke of.” The man in the coat chuckled.


“Yeah see, here’s the thing,” the man in the black coat points the palm of his hand towards the man in purple clothing. “There is no mask.” The hand radiated a bright glowing light that prevented anyone from viewing what happened. After the light faded, the man in the black coat stood silent, and in place of the man in purple clothing, was but a pile of ash. “Well,” said the man in the black coat. “I guess it’s time I go see those idiots once more. Caleb!” He yells out loud, calling for Caleb. Out of a dark portal that had appeared in front him fell Caleb the Guitar Lord. “Let’s go Caleb,” said the man in the black coat. “I need to possess your body again.”




As the four enter Clock Town, they take a look up at the Clock Tower and see Caleb the Guitar Lord, standing up straight and looking right down at them. The four then call out to Caleb, urging him to step down.


“Caleb!” Yelled Isaiah. “Get down here and talk to us!” Caleb then jumps down from the tower, floating as he descends. Caleb’s feet touch the ground, and he begins to walk towards the four.


“You know,” said Marco. “You seem awfully calm right now, what with the moon crashing down and all.” Caleb looks up at the moon for a moment, and looks back down at the four. He pushes his star-shaped glasses up, giving them a shine as he begins to speak.


“Not really,” said Caleb. “We’ll be getting out of here alive so it doesn’t matter to me.” Caleb puts his hand behind his back, reaching for what seems to be an object of some sort hidden under his luxurious cape. Out from behind his back he takes out a mask. This was a dark illustrious heart-shaped mask complete with a set of four parallel spines on the lower end of it. The mask had very large eyes, enticing the four to put on the mask. It was almost as if it was reaching out to them, with promises of power and dominion. Surely it could only have been the mask they have been looking for: Majora’s Mask.


“Caleb,” said Brandon in awe. “Is that Majora’s Mask?”


“Obviously,” said Caleb. He hands it to Brandon, not as if trying to get it away from himself, but as if it were a gift to Brandon. “You can have it, I don’t really need it.”


“Dude that’s because you’re god tier.” Said Marco. After Caleb handed Brandon the mask, Isaiah and David looked at Marco with anxious looks. “What?” Said Marco. “Is it something I said?”


“What’s the plan?” Asked David. “How exactly are we stopping that moon?”


“Oh,” said Marco. His voice lowered as the word slowly came out of his mouth. “Yeah, uh. You see…” He begins tapping his foot rapidly. “We can’t actually stop it.” David and the others gasped at Marco’s words.


“What do you mean?” Asked Isaiah. “I thought you knew how to stop it?”


“Well that’s what I thought too.” Said Marco. “I thought we could use the power of Majora’s Mask to stop the moon and push it back. But then I realized that putting on the mask means certain doom for us all. But fear not gentlemen!” Marco points his finger up at the moon. “I have a new plan.”


“What plan is that?” Asked David.


“Easy stuff really.” Said Marco. “All we have to do is open up a big enough portal to where everyone in Clock Town can hop through.”


“Do you know where everyone is?” Asked Isaiah.


“Is it even possible?” Asked David.


“Do we have enough time?” Asked Brandon. Marco stood in front of them silent. Sweat was rushing down his face as he tried to think of ways he could help all these people. But then he came to a sudden realization, one that he wasn’t too happy about.


“No.” Said Marco. The word brought about fear and disappointment throughout the others. “It’s not possible. I don’t know where everyone is at. And even if it were possible, we wouldn’t even have enough time.We have to face facts everyone. This world is a goner. Let’s just head back to O.W. and tell Doc we got the mask.” Hearts racing, the four opened up a portal going back to O.W. Caleb begins to hover above the ground as he says something to the four.


“This might not be the right time,” said Caleb. “ But how about you guys come visit my world sometime, it’ll be great.” The four stepped through the portal, leaving behind all the people who were about be crushed by their inevitable fates.



In a patch of flowers at O.W, a portal opens up, and the four exit the portal, falling on the patch of flowers. In front of the four stands the short yet intimidating Doc. Along the field that the four had fallen into were groups of four. Voices could be heard: These guys again? Why does Doc like those idiots? The four had only been at O.W for less than two days and already there were people who hated them.


The white lab coat on Doc flows through the silent wind. The fox mask gives off a clean shine, as if it had just been washed up. The four stand up and give ashamed looks at Doc.


“Hey Doc,” said Marco. “What’s with all these guys looking at us?”


“They must be jealous,” said Doc. “You should be proud of that.”


“We got the mask Doc.” Said Brandon. He took out the mask to show Doc of their accomplishment.


“Yeah but,” said Isaiah with a low voice. “We couldn’t save the people in Clock Town.”

“Who cares about those people?” Said Doc. The four looked at Doc in slight shock towards the response given to them. “You got what you went there for. Everything else that goes on is none of our business, we go to these various worlds only to put an end to whatever Nova has created.” Doc turns around and begins to walk away from the four. “Follow me,” continued Doc. “Let me show you your rooms. You’ve had rough first day, take the next week or so to relax and get used to your surroundings. After that, you may continue your work.”

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