Shooting Stars Don't Exist

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It is a story based on personal diary of "Rabia Choudhary", which she wrote during her struggling years.

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017



Today is Friday 8 June 2012 and now it's been consecutive 10 years of my life failures. Dad I have already written so many letters to you but you didn't bother to reply me so it means you have found something more worthy in your new spirtual world as this earthly life of physical world is very shallow and second rated.

When I was in my childhood and I used to get sad, Dad you always used to make me to look at the stars while tellling me that shooting stars have the power to fulfill all of my wishes. It was my 7th birthday when you gifted me with a Barbie Doll and that doll ultimately became my favorite.

Once I was playing with my doll, it accidentally slipped from my hands and was broken. I cried a lot until you came back home from your office and heartened me while asking me to make a wish after seeing a shooting star. I made a wish and on the very next day when I woke up in the morning I found a new Barbie Doll at the right side of my pillow.

After your death we lost our each and every bit of belongings including our property as your relatives forcefully dispossessed them from us. I along with my mother were forced to live in a dugout. Dad I struggled a lot as I started selling home made Barbie Dolls at different signals while continuing my education.

Dad still after 10 years of acute struggle today I failed my this year CSS exam and it is my last letter to you. Dad you always lied to me as "Shooting Stars Don't Exist".

Note: This story is based on personal diary of "Rabia Choudhary" and information included, is taken in form of bits and pieces after reading the diary of her.

Now Rabia Choudhary is an "Entrepreneur" and have her own beauty salon.

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