English III Short Story FreeWrite

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In English III my teacher told us to start writing a story about a random topic. I picked a short story because it was a bit cool. The overall layout and design of this is meant to be very descriptive and to hold the reader in confusion and make them keep reading.

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017



Darkness. It was everywhere. Above me. Next to me. Below me was the soft grassy mesh of the forest floor. A dark shadow was cascading next to me. Leading me somewhere I didn’t know. The moon was high in the sky, shining its bright beam of light onto both of us as we walked. The path we followed was one that was too dark to see far. The only way to see in front was from the horizon the stars giving off their staccato flash, each flickering as if talking to one another. The shadow led me down the path, further and further, past a river and over a bridge. Ahead of us sat a large manor; the dark panels giving way, it was essentially in ruins. There were no lights on, each window either smashed or about to break under the weight of the collapsing roof. The shadow led me nearer and nearer till we reached the long porch that wrapped around the manor itself. The shadow extended its long arm to turn the handle to open the door to a room that in my head I’d wish I wouldn't see. The knob turns opening the door, the shadow which by this point has taken more of a human like form looks down and crouches to my eye level, its face about to look me dead in the eyes. I can finally see the details of the thing that has been walking with me for more than several hours no. It’s face is like a shrunken death's head, the eyes a putrid color of yellow, it’s nose is nothing to look at because it is so shrunken inward that it is barely visible. It opened it’s mouth, his teeth sharp like razors, it leaned close to me. I closed my eyes waiting for my imminent death. Then a whisper, a voice the deepness of which startled me at first.

“Tick Tock. The bees are coming!”

I opened my eyes; met with not the monster but instead my ceiling; the fan turning on its hinge so slowly that it failed with its main objective of cooling me down. The TV only static filled the empty air. My breaths long, deep, and exhausted.

“What just happened! What was that” I thought

“What did it mean by tick tock, the bees are coming? What bees?”

Suddenly realizing it was just merely a nightmare I layed back down and waited for the darkness of sleep to come over me. My mind puzzled the upcoming return dream that I would have. Should it be of rainbows, unicorns, or something else hopefully happy. I waited for the dream to start; what was the movie my mind was going to show me next, but darkness… darkness still. A movement caught my attention, a dark shape standing not to far from me, it was humming a strange and dark melody. The melody almost hypnotizing I began to walk forward; I had no sense of direction, but i knew somehow that it was this strange dark creature of the night forcing me to come closer to it. The melody began to get louder and more intense. The figure still at the same distance as when I began, yet not moving. Was I not moving forward or was it just backing away. The idea that this was still a dream left my mind. This was far to real to be a dream, the feeling of the cold in the darkness falling over my body. I kept walking forward then coming close to where I was walking I began to spot something, off. A Thing began to emerge from the depths of the dark. A human! “Was it someone else who was being drawn in by the creature” I thought?

The image became more and more clear with each step I took. The figure suddenly became clear; it was me! I was looking at myself I had been walking towards a mirror the entire time. How strange the event was I thought then suddenly I realized there was something near me causing the reflection of the monster. I spun around; The dark melody stopping when I saw the reflection. As I looked around I could spot more of the creature. There were about ten or fifteen reflections around me all a considerable distance away, if I wasn’t careful i’d walk into it. I stood still, stopping any motion in my body. My breathing became slow and soft. Staring into the directions of the reflections.

“It’s just a dream” I remembered, this thing couldn’t hurt me. It’s physically impossible for it to attack and do physical harm to me.

“This is a Dream you’re not real” I said into the darkness.

The form of the monster began to look at me what appeared to be a sort of mouth opened the buzzing bodies of fifty or so bees fly out of his mouth its voice gargling behind them.

“That's cute, you still believe this is a dream, what makes you think that in fact this is reality and in fact your bedroom you woke up to a few moments ago wasn’t actually a dream?”

The beings words were almost like knives every time it spoke.

“Is he right?” I thought

“Could everything I know actually be a dream?”

It slowly got up from where it sat on the ground and started walking towards me.

“Sleep now!, Let the bees surround you!”

I backed away unconscious of what my actions truly were at the moment. I could feel myself being filled with fear and adrenaline. I did the only thing anyone of my psyche would do, I turned around and ran.

Mirrors and reflections of myself zooming past me. I ran into some and were lost with others. The beast still following me much slower than myself but still catching up. Ahead of me I could spot the brightness of a door, the light of the door surrounded my body. Every inch I ran brought me ever closer to my freedom from this hell, but then my hope for freedom faded as i realized the door was actually a window. I pressed my hand against it, the cold glass almost numbing me. Through the window I could see what appeared to me a dark room, the fan barely spinning, the TV static. The room was mine. “How?” I thought “How is that my room?” The room was brought to life by the door to the room opening and the monster that I had just seen moments before walked through. It stared at the bed which by now I could only guess had my actual body on it. “Is this a dream?” I thought “Or reality?” I looked up a bit and saw in the reflection of the glass the monster behind me. Spinning on my heels I looked it dead in it’s yellowed eyes, not a hint of emotion in them.

“Have you figured it out yet, or do I have to actually show you?” The figure said.

“Where am I, who are you?” I replied in a panic.

“I am many things. To some I am a king; to others I am a demonic being leading them into eternal nightmares. Which am I to you?”

“You are a monster”

“No. I am no monster I am just a being of your own imagination.” He said tilting his head to the side, “Or am I”

“Who are you!” I yelled in anger.

“I am a shadow, I am the monster under your bed, I am the thing watching from the darkness.”

I collapsed onto the ground. My head started to ach.

“What is this feeling? My - My head - it’s burning.”


He started to walk closer to me.


I couldn’t move the pain in my head was to much for me. I closed my eyes and waited for him to take me. A swirl of dizziness surrounded me. I opened my eyes to the ceiling of my room again. My breathing deep; in quick gasps. I looked around; nothing was changed. The same ceiling fan spinning slowly, the TV still staticed. I could hear the sound of footsteps coming closer to the door. I brought the covers closer up my body. I spotted something on my arm, something I didn’t noticed before. An IV. Perched in my arm with a line of tape holding it in place. The door burst open; two doctors and two other adults came rushing in.

“Erik! Oh my god, you’re awake!”

“We were so worried!”

“What happened?” I said still dazed.

“You don’t remember?” Said the male adult. The doctors standing behind him in almost a shocked state.

“No?” I said somewhat confused

“We were camping and you wondered off. We found you passed out in the woods. You’ve been here for almost a year now”

“A Year!” I exclaimed.

“The doctors said you had a terrible concussion. They all thought you weren't going to make it.”

The woman started talking. “Hunny, we were so worried about you. I thought I was going to lose my little baby forever” She said hugging me.

I looked at her tears starting to bubble in my eyes. I hugged her back the tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t control them. Then I saw the window. The sky outside which should be night looked almost painted in a way. Each line like a brush stroke that failed. The buildings outside all crooked. I pulled away from the woman. She looked at me in shock.

“What’s wrong dear?”

I stared at them. They started phasing in and out of sight. This wasn’t real life. It was a nightmare. The peoples mouths started unhinging and  dropping. Rows of razor sharp teeth started to appear from their mouths. Their necks cocked to one side. Everyone in the room started coming closer to me.  I couldn’t do anything. I was trapped. They closed around me. The lights went out. Darkness. I could still see the silhouette of the beings that closed around me. The sudden sound of buzzing started. The figures dropped. The buzzing got louder. I could hear a voice behind me,”The bees are here”. Then all I felt was pain. The stinging of little needles all over my body. I couldn’t move. I let the buzzing consume me. Coldness took over my body. I felt nothing.


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