When She Lost it All

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This story was written for an assignment for my English III class. It is about a girl who lost everything from an accident, but finds help through a cute dog.

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017



It was dark. Cold. Terrifying. Isabella didn’t know what had happened, but she knew it was bad. There was a disgusting smell in the air. She didn’t know what that was, either. Isabella was so lost. She felt as if she was drifting on a raft in the middle of the sea. Isabella didn’t like it at all.

Isabella hadn’t fully come to her senses yet. Nothing could be seen, and that was terrifying. She was trying to figure something out-anything. Isabella moved her hand to the side, only to feel something warm and sticky. Isabella immediately moved her hand away. She didn’t know what it was, but it was disgusting to her.

Isabella could hear something in the background. It was loud and so repetitive. Isabella decided she didn’t like that, either. It got closer and closer to her, and the sound was blaring in her ears, but she couldn’t move. Isabella couldn’t do anything at this point, but just accept it. Isabella heard a few doors slam shut and some deep voices yelling. She was tired. Extremely tired. Exhausted, even. Isabella felt herself drift away.

She woke up to a beeping noise. Isabella didn’t like that noise anymore than the loud noise from before. She wasn’t sure what it was, but at this point, she was just tired of not knowing anything. She opened her eyes to see a pristine white color everywhere. After her eyes focused, she turned her head to see some wires sticking into her body. Isabella did not like that at all. She examined the room, and saw that she was all alone. Where was she? Why was she there and where were her parents? Those were the thoughts running in her head.

Isabella heard the beeping sound get faster and faster. What was that? Why was it getting faster and why wouldn’t it be quiet? The more she thought about it, the quicker it seemed to get. Isabella was scared. She didn’t know what was going on, and she just wanted everything to go back to normal.

A door opened and three people came running in.

“Oh, thank goodness, you’re awake. We didn’t know how long you’d be out.” said the first one.

“Everything is going to be okay, Isabella. We promise. It’s nighttime right now, so you should just go back to sleep, and we’ll be here in the morning to help you, okay? Have a nice night, Isabella.” With that, Isabella was alone again.

Isabella found everything out the next day. In a matter of minutes, the seven year old had lost her entire life. Both of her parents died on contact when the semi pinned them against the rocks. Isabella was lucky because she always sat in the middle seat, which didn’t get crushed. She knew she was going to live with her grandparents from now on. She loved her Mimi and Papa tremendously, but they just weren’t her parents. Isabella had decided that that was the worst day of her life.

The next five months of Isabella’s life were deemed awful. There wasn’t a single night where she didn’t have nightmares, and some nights she had numerous nightmares. When her Mimi and Papa got custody of her, she was forced to move away from her only home. No longer would see the place where her parents cared for her. No longer would she smell them in the air around her. No longer would she be in her place of comfort. She didn’t have a home anymore, she just had a house. Isabella knew that her heart was now in heaven with her parents.

As if moving houses wasn’t hard enough on Isabella, she also had to change schools. She had to leave all of her friends whom she had known since preschool. Isabella didn’t know anyone, and changing schools in the middle of the school year didn’t help, either. She knew her teacher was just trying to be nice, but if she were to be honest, Isabella didn’t care about them. All of the kids were annoying and she didn’t like them. They seemed to already have their own friends, and no one cared about her. Isabella decided that she didn’t like her new school whatsoever.

The worst day of Isabella’s life was on an especially chillynight. Even though that was the worst day, the best day of her life was on an extremelyhot day. It was a scorching day in June, and all Isabella knew was that she was going somewhere far away. Even though it had been five months since the accident, Isabella still wasn’t entirely okay with being in cars. She was quite paranoid to be honest, but she knew she had to deal with it. So she got ready for the inevitable.

“Are you ready for the big day?” Her Mimi asked her. Mimi knew that Isabella was still scared of cars, so being on a highway for three and a half hours wasn’t going to be the most enjoyable trip for her, but she hoped that the end result would be worth it.

“I guess, Mimi. I just don’t want to be in the car for that long,” was Isabella’s reply. She didn’t understand why being in a death machine for that long would be a good thing, but she had to go with it. It seemed that that was all she could ever do now.

In the car, Isabella tried doing whatever she could to get her mind off of where she was at. Before the accident, she enjoyed looking out the window to see the different scenery and cars passing by. Isabella had quickly decided that she couldn’t do that anymore, and had taken to other, more efficient ways of passing by. Currently, she was working on coloring a picture of a dinosaur. It was a super cute dinosaur, in her opinion. Her dinosaur was a baby T-Rex, who was just hatching out of his egg. She decided to color him blue, with his scales being yellow. She gave him bright green eyes, as well. Isabella was quite proud of her work, and knew that she was going to keep it. After she was done coloring her dinosaur, who she had named Baby Rexy, she wanted to watch a movie. She put her favorite movie, Secret Life of Pets, into the DVD player,  and got another coloring book. This time it was puppies. The next hour and a half of her trip was watching the movie and coloring.

Isabella was pretty tired, and just wanted to sleep, but when she noticed the car turning and going slowly, she dared to look out the window. She was pleasantly surprised to see that they were pulling into McDonald's. Isabella loved McDonald's, especially the toys. The family got out of the car, and walked into the store.

Papa ordered their food while Mimi and Isabella went to get a seat. Isabella was practically bouncing in her seat when she noticed the large playplace. She knew that the better she acted, the bigger chance she would have to play, so she stayed put with her mouth shut. Not long after, her Papa came back with all of their food. Isabella was very excited to get ice cream, as well. They ate their meal quickly, and when they were done, Isabella sat playing with her puppy toy because she had enough.

“Mimi? Can I please play?” asked the seven year old. Isabella was scared that she wouldn’t be able to, but she wanted to see.

“Yeah, go ahead. We have a little while, so only 15 minutes. Then we need to get back on the road.”

“Thank you Mimi!” With that, Isabella ran off to the playplace.

After her playtime at McDonalds, they were back on the road. About an hour later, they arrived at their destination.

“We’re here! Are you excited?” Mimi asked Isabella.

“Mimi? How can I be excited when I don’t know what’s happening?” Isabella simply replied. Her time at McDonald’s was enjoyable, but she was still tired and bored from being in the car for so long.

“Well, Isabella, that’s why it’s called a surprise. You get to be excited for the unknown. I know you’ll love it.”

Isabella looked around and was still confused. There were horses, so were they getting her a pony? Why would she want a pony? She had never asked for a pony before in her life. Beside the pasture was a really small house, with a smaller building next to it. It was strange to her, but she was just going to accept it at this point.

A woman walked out of the building, and greeted them. The introduced herself as Gayle, and invited them inside. They walked into the smaller building, and it took a little while for Isabella to realize what she was seeing, but when she did she immediately got excited.

“Puppies! They’re so cute! Oh my gosh! Am I gonna get one? Can I? Pretty please?” Isabella was a ball of energy now. While she had never cared about a pony, Isabella had always wanted a puppy. She looked around at the cages with the small, black fluff balls running around in circles, and jumping up on the sides of the cages.

Gayle went to a cage, picked two puppies out, and explained her reasons to the family, “I know that you had this one in mind, his name is Lil’ Lucky, but I also want to show you his brother, Lil’ Eli. They both have beautiful coats, and will keep their dark color, but just in case you wanted to see their different personalities, I brought them both out.”

Isabella saw both of the tiny puppies, and was quick to make her decision on who she wanted. Lil’ Lucky was really calm and just sat around, whereas Lil’ Eli, was up and around and jumping all over her. She definitely liked Lil’ Eli more, especially with his little tuft of white on his chin.

“I think they’re both as sweet as can be. Have you picked out which one you would like, Isabella?” Mimi asked her. Mimi knew it was Isabella’s choice as to which dog she gets, especially since the dog is to act as a support dog.

Isabella held up the wiggly Lil’ Eli and announced, “I want this one! He’s so cute and he so happy!”

Gayle gave Mimi all of the information needed, and they were on their way. The road trip home was a lot better than the trip there, in Isabella’s opinion. She now had a super cute puppy to love her and keep her company throughout the trip, and she was extremely happy. Isabella had already decided his name, too. She wanted to name him Beau, because he was a very handsome dog, in her opinion. The name Beau just really seemed to fit for him, and so that was his name from now on.

The family got home, Mimi and Papa helped Isabella get Beau ready for bed, then sent Isabella to bed. Isabella had another night of straight nightmares. That’s been her life since the night of the car crash. She always had to relive the accident. Not knowing anything that had happened. Being in shock. Hearing the ambulance’s sirens above everything else. Smelling the burnt rubber. It had been an awful night. Absolutely horrible.

Isabella woke up crying, as per usual. It was her norm by now. She sat in her bed, rocking back and forth, trying to remember what’s real and what’s not. After 10 minutes, she heard some rustle from outside of her door. It was then that she realized that she had a new puppy. Isabella got out of her bed, and walked as quietly as she could to the bathroom. That’s where Beau was staying so he was still close. When she got in Beau’s sight of vision, he immediately perked up and went straight to the gate to greet her. Isabella picked Beau up as carefully as she could, walked back into her room, crawled into her bed, and cuddled with him the rest of the night. That was the first time she slept without nightmares.

Two years later, 9 year old Isabella was doing a lot better than before. Her life had been entirely changed from getting Beau. As long as she had her trusty companion with her, she could sleep without nightmares. Since getting Beau, Isabella was able to count on her hands the amount of nightmares she had, which was a drastic change from having them every night. Her life had taken a 180 since she got her companion. Beau always seemed to know when she needed something, whether it was kisses, which he was extremely good at, some cuddles, or just playing with her. Beau was her best friend, and she knew that was never going to change.


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