Forget me not: The flower I wished I would've had

Forget me not: The flower I wished I would've had

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy




Forget me not: The flower I wished I would've had,
This is a story about the cruel flower mistress, a lady which has lived her life far away from others, until fate decided to change that, yet not all is as it seems.
Some things are forgotten much to quick, and others will haunt you forever.
Join the mistress's daughter Katherine in her new life, one which she will never forget,
if she isn't forgotten first.
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Forget me not: The flower I wished I would've had,
This is a story about the cruel flower mistress, a lady which has lived her life far away from others, until fate decided to change that, yet not all is as it seems.
Some things are forgotten much to quick, and others will haunt you forever.
Join the mistress's daughter Katherine in her new life, one which she will never forget,
if she isn't forgotten first.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Cruel does not mean heartless

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 23, 2017



Another morning, another day for the mistress to tend to her loved flowers.


As the mistress stepped outside her rather blank face began to smile, for she could tend to her flowers once more.

The mistress looked around with her dark red eyes, as if scanning the area.

After taking a breath of air she started to walk towards her loved garden.


She opened her pink parasol to shield herself from the sun, even if it was only just going up.


She was simply happy, her flowers were happy, that was all that mattered to her, nothing else.


As she neared the small hill next to the garden she looked around, a fleeting thought of hearing something came to her mind, but it was quickly put aside in favor of her flowers.


Oh how you have grown”

she whispered to her beloved sunflowers, which indeed have gotten quite large, larger than the mistress herself and perhaps any human or animal.


Once again there was a small noise, it sounded as if something has fallen down

yet there was nothing else, no sound of shattering or such, which made the mistress curious

What could have fallen down? It sounded as if it came from that small cave”

She whispered to her lovely flowers with a glare directed at a nearby hill.

Behind the hill was a small cave that didn’t lead anywhere, yet was perfect for hiding, especially from the mistress, she knew that of course, as it has happened before that a reporter or curious person has tried to stay hidden and find out more about the reclusive flower mistress,

all of them regret having tried, if they still had the ability to regret or think, that is.


As the mistress was slowly walking towards the cave

something that sounded like sobbing became louder

Who dares come here uninvited? Trying to hurt my flowers perhaps?

How foolish of an idea, I will make sure who ever it is will never come back”

the mistress whispered to passing flowers, nobody was allowed to be in her garden besides herself and those she invited.


But as she came closer and closer to the cave, the sobbing sounded more and more like that of a young girl, a young girl that is hurt and trying to not be to loud yet still audible to anyone close by.


The mistress had only one thought on her mind

'Someone is in pain, a child'

for anyone that has met the cruel flower mistress this would seem impossible,

she seemed to be worried, but why?

'That was the falling sound, was it not? She fell down the hill...'

Why was she worried about someone that wasn’t a flower?


Perhaps she remembered something


As she stood in front of the cave, her worried thoughts could be seen written on her face

blood, lots of it, as if someone was cut and thrown away.

And the sobbing, how much worse it had become, it was obvious who ever was hiding was tired, not even trying to keep her voice low anymore

but what was truly frightening was the girl herself.

At the end of the short cave, cowering next to a large rock was a girl that could be no more than ten,

Her golden hair was dirty, dirty with blood and even slightly burnt

only wearing rags that barely cover her many wounds on her arms and shoulders.

lying there, hugging her legs close to her chest she cried

the girl didn’t notice the mistress yet

'Does she not know who I am? Why would she come to this place?'

were the mistress's thoughts, it didn’t make sense, why would a child come to this place? Everyone knew of Miss Wind watcher, and how cruel she was


But cruel doesn’t mean heartless.


It pained her to see a child in such a state, yet she didn’t know how to act, would the child get scared of her? Probably, would she listen? Not likely.


So at the end the mistress simply coughed to catch the child’s attention.

It worked, the child looked up in fear, her golden eyes, matching her hair,

were blood shot red, as if she hasn’t slept in days, while the eye bags practically screamed it. The girl was paralyzed with fear, it didn’t help that the mistress's face looked very blank, emotionless making it seems as if she's displeased by this event, though the mistress simply doesn’t know what to do.


After a few seconds of silence, the girl starts to speak, or stutter better said

I-I-I am so-sorry I-I w-was h-h-hungry a-and n-needed f-f-food”

at that point the girl started to cry even more

P-please I-I did not mean to s-steal from y-you”

and even more crying

P-please do not h-hurt me I-I-I p-promise I-I will do a-anything”

she was desperate, incredibly so,

the mistress took a look at the girl, it was easy to see that underneath those rags, the girl was starving, as if she went without food as long as humanly possible.

The girl, filled with fear over the lack of response added

I-I m-made sure n-not to harm a-anything p-please b-b-believe me”

but the mistress only frowned

Oh my, you poor girl, you look terrible, what happened to you?”

the mistress once again had worry on her face, having had enough time to think on what to do.

The girl on the other hand was afraid, she thought this was a trap

I know how cruel she is, I have hear stories of her actions... she really that cruel as to trick and torture some... like me...?

The mistress saw how afraid the girl was and decided one a simple solution

Listen dear, I do not mean any harm, truly, besides all my flowers are fine, so what ever you did, it does not matter”

Her voice was calm and motherly, as she wanted the girl to trust her

H-how d-do I know I c-can trust y-y-you?”

the girl asked, it sounded more accusing than she intended, and noticed it

I-I-I d-did not mean it l-like that I-I'm sorry”

The girl started to shrink into herself, trying to hide her face, which only revealed more wounds on her back.

There is no need to be sorry dear, I assure you”

The mistress hoped the child would finally calm down, yet that seemed far away from happening

Y-you a-are not m-mad?..”

The girl asked, indeed the mistress didn't seem mad, but why?

Perhaps it is because I have lived like this for so long, but I believe both of us could use a change in our lives”

The mistress said stepping a bit closer, the girl was still unsure what would happen, so she crawled a bit back, at least as much as the wall allowed her.

W-what d-do you me-mean?”

The girl questioned, though she started to question herself too, is it right to deny kindness? Does she lie or tell the truth?

I am sure you are aware of my mansion, no one besides me lives there, so I would not see it as a problem if you were to come with me”

The mistress tried to reach out her hand towards the girl, which instinctively covered her face, expecting to be hit, most likely.

I know I am not someone you would trust, but I never lie”

Everyone knows that she doesn't, she hates liars and dishonest people, despised them just as much as she despised those pesky villagers.

P-Please c-can I j-just go?...”

the girl pleaded, but with her condition, she would die within a few hours,

not knowing what else she could've done, the mistress closed her parasol and slowly walked up to the crying girl.

I will not let you die because you made a foolish choice, I mean no harm”

as she spoke those words she picked the small girl up, not surprised by how light she is, seeing as she is about to starve.

W-what a-a-are you g-going to do t-to me?”

the girl asked scared, struggling to get free of the mistress's hold, only to realize it's futile.


I want to help you” she whispered into the girl's ear, loving, caring and gentle

The girl cried more while burying her face in the mistress's neck,

she didn't know if the mistress said the truth or not, but she knew one thing,

she would either die at the hands of the cruel flower mistress, or would find someone she can trust,

both of those options scared her,

so she only cried and whispered

'I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry'

over and over again, hoping the mistress indeed was not as cruel as she had heard.


Half way through the garden, the once white sleeves of the mistress's dress were completely stained by blood, her dress was lucky enough to be partially red itself, so it wasn’t to noticeable.

The mistress stopped and out of reflexive fear the girl got scared,

only for a small flower to appear in the girls hand

Look at the flower closely, no words need to be spoken”

The mistress said in a gentle voice.

The flower in question gave more questions than answers,

like 'How did it suddenly appear in my hands?'

it had 5 small white and blue petals with a yellow core,

as the girl looked closer, she noticed


Myosotis, forget me not,

don't forget

don't forget what?...

though the girl was confused she still smiled, it's a gift, a flower from the flower mistress... wait... the flower mistress gave me one of her flowers?...

Once again the girl started to panic, simply for not knowing how to react

W-w-wait t-this is o-one o-of your f-f-flowers”

The girl stuttered terribly afraid of what will happen

Perhaps I should have said something after all, forget me not, forget not my kindness, because being cruel does not mean being heartless”

The flower mistress smiled, she gave the flower as a reminder that she means no harm.

The girl cried more

This time out of happiness

I am finally safe, am I not?”

she whispered without thinking, and was surprised that the mistress answered

Even I, someone with the coldest of hearts, could not bear to see a child in such a state, so you are safe as long as you feel safe”

The mistress's voice was motherly and soothing, the girl smiled before saying

Katherine Mary... That's my name, I am sorry I forgot to tell you”

But the mistress only laughed

I could have waited longer, there are more important things than names at the moment”

The mistress looked towards the sun, which by now almost completely vanished

Perhaps you would like some dinner, of course you'll have to take a bath first”

The girl only nodded, smiling she thought

'Indeed cruel does not mean heartless, but why does she show me kindness?'

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