If I'd Known Then...!

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Yes, another!

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017




Doris Kearns Goodwin penned the 'Team of Rivals' book,

well, would, 'Team Of Losers' make you give it a second look?


We're forsaken; Mitt, George? Where art either of thou?

You'd be 100 times better than what we're stuck with now.


Little did I ever think I'd be wishing you two back,

for I thought there couldn't be a bigger disaster, but the facts


on the political ground tell me how wrong I was.

Because it's sucked; "sucked is as sucked does!'


No fricking idea about what the hell that's supposed to mean,

except we're stuck with the biggest unfunny joke we've ever seen.


And the joke's on us, waiting in trepidation, for the shit to hit the fan.

We're being lead to our doom by a miniature brained baby man,


who gets all his news, apparently from the back of his hair dye box,

but then again that would be more accurate than Breitbart or Fox


The world's first 70 year old 5th grader; yes, the world is the shiny set of keys,

jangled in front of his eyes to get his attention; a golden chance for him to seize


the reins of power; we looked away for just a second, and our crazy drunk

uncle moved in, and now he won't leave; destroying our stuff, who'd of thunk?

And not in the basement, the penthouse is where he rules the roost,

He's like my worst nightmare becoming fact, our head's in his noose,


common sense and reason both hanging from the ceiling beam,

their neck's snapped like a chicken; yes, he's the head of 'The Loser Team!'


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