Exit Stage Left

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Descriptive short.

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017



Exit stage left

by J.E.Eckardt

She exhaled to calm her nerves and watched as the performers on stage finished their dance and exited. As they disappeared the music faded and the giant red curtain closed muffling the applause from the other side.

Moving to her spot in the center of the stage she laid down flat onto her stomach and pulled her knees up level with her hips. She then bent her arms to act as a cushion to rest her head and then closed her eyes.


Taking in a deep breath through her nose she drew in the smell of the stage floor, it was a mixed smell of wax, bleach, and vinyl. While unpleasant, the smell relaxed her, as it was one she had smelled many times before. This stage was her home and she needed to own it now.

Opening her eyes she could see the red curtain start to rise removing the barrier between her and the thousand eyes that lay beyond.

Her time had come and the music began to play.


It was an upbeat piano melody and she rose up with it sweeping her hand across the stage floor feeling the smoothness beneath her fingers. Lifting her arm above her head she pointed to the theatre ceiling and raised herself up onto pointed feet, and in that paused moment the music took her.

With every press of the piano key and with every change in note the music guided her as she twirled, lowering and raising her arms, gliding around the stage.

Months of practice merged into one flued motion, all in anticipation of this moment. Every turn of her head, every slight flick of her wrist and every step had been worked on and refined until they were pure perfection personified.


Her breathing started to become labored now, but she couldn’t stop as she could feel it, the connection between performer and audience.


The thousand eyes had become captivated by her, watching and stripping her to her very core. They saw what she wanted them to see: her fears and her passions in every movement.


The music was reaching its crescendo and it burst out of her in one violent movement as she threw herself to her knees expelling all the tension within. Her arms now dangling, spent of energy by her side, and head bowed she listened as the music faded ushering in total silence.

The thousand eyes were completely still and all that could be heard was her panting breaths. The big red curtain slowly descended once again, severing her from the thousand eyes.


Feeling her heart rate start to slow she continued to kneel with eyes shut, listening. It started off as a single clap and then like a domino effect turned into a cheering roar.

The thousand eyes were satisfied.

Now feeling utterly drained, but completely free, she allowed herself a small smile. Leaving the cheering behind her she stood slowly and made her way past the sign ‘Exit stage left’.

© Copyright 2018 J. E. Eckardt. All rights reserved.

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