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A short story with a twist, read and find out.

Submitted: February 23, 2017

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Submitted: February 23, 2017



Taking the hand tool out of my left pocket, I got to work on picking the key lock to the front door, I waited patiently to hear the much needed click to inform me that it had unlocked. Beads of sweat were forming across my brow, I tried to control my hands, the last thing I needed was for them to start shaking, I had to keep steady and calm my life depended on this. Click, there it was, quickly looking around to make sure that there was no one around, I pushed the door open slowly and crept inside.

With the door finally closed behind me, I slowly crept forward, gently trying to remember the layout, I had been in this house many times before, I shuffled more until I connected with something solid with my left shin. “shit!” I cursed to myself. A sharp pain shot up my leg. I tried to control myself, I would alert the whole house if I screamed now. Feeling around I run my hands over the back of the chair, there was no way that, that chair should have been there. “you little, what are you trying to do?” she had always been immaculate, everything was always in a particular place, so this chair was in a different place which was highly unusual. I moved forward a little more making my way over to the alarm system, it was going to start shrieking in approximately ten seconds, tapping in the right combination I turned it off and smiled to myself. This was going to be so easy, much simpler than I ever imagined. I made from the hallway to the bottom of the stairs, she always went up to bed at eleven o'clock so, I knew, that at twelve thirty, she should be sleeping soundly. She was quite a heavy sleeper but I was not going to take any chances, this had to go very smoothly.

One hand on the banister, I placed my right foot on the first step and slowly followed with my body weight, I stopped suddenly when the step creaked, it was quite an old house so I took extra care. One foot after another I begun to carry on ascending the stairs, the house had three bedrooms and hers was the second one on the right, I was making good progress. My heart was thumping against my chest, the sweat was collecting at the edges of my brows ready to run down my face, I could not allow that to happen so I quickly pulled at my sleeve and wiped my face. Still gripping the banister, I slid my gloved hand up and proceeded to ascend to the top of the stairs, it seemed to take me ages.

There it was, the door that I had been working towards, just behind that door was the woman that occupied my dreams, the woman that I was desperately and hopelessly in love with, lying fast asleep in bed, just waiting to be cherished. A noise, creaking sound, I turned in a circle, it sounded like it came from her bedroom, she was going to catch me. I rushed towards the door that I knew was the linen cupboard, opening the door, I looked down and cringed at the very small, tight and cramped space but I had no choice so I crouched down and squeezed myself in, shutting the door behind me. Hearing a door open, I crouched and listened to the sound of shuffling feel of the landing, I held my breath so as not to alert them of my presence. Footsteps faded and all was quiet, until I heard the toilet flush, a light switch and the shuffling of footsteps going back to bed. The nerves were starting to over ride my senses, I waited a few more minutes.

Calming myself down, I crawled my way back out of the cupboard and slowly crept towards the second door, I was on a mission and could not stop after I had gone this far. The door was quietly closed, I listened carefully and noted that everything was quiet, she must have gone back to sleep. It was time, it was now or never, my hand on the door handle, pushing down, the door clicked open, moving forward, the door opening wide, I stepped forward a little, the room was pitch black, not a single shred of light, I moved further into the room. There she was, lying in her king-size bed, quilt pulled high up and tucked warmly under her chin, I moved forward a little more, looking around me then back towards the bed. Inching forward a little closer, my heart pounding so fast, the sweat starting to build again, I was feeling so nervous. One more step, closer, my foot hit something on the floor and I was air bourne, there was only one direction that my body was going in and that was straight towards the bed, I finally let out the scream that I had been trying so desperately trying to hard to hold in. I landed with a thump on the bed, the light turned on, the brightness blinding me for a few seconds before I could see her clearly standing there, laughing. She looked towards me and spoke, “You were so nearly there, so close.” She laughed. “What the hell?” I said back, stunned. “You don't honestly think that I was going to make it easy for you do you?” “Aww come on babe, we bet that I could get in and get to you, nothing about obstacles.” I shouted back at her. “It was just a little bit of fun, don't be mad.” She laughed. “Yeah okay, but, remember, next time, I could do something as well.” “Aww poor baby, did I scare you?” I hated it when she put on that cute smile, she knew that I could not stay upset with her. “I had no idea what was going on, all I saw was my body about to hit the bed, remember to be very careful when it's you.” I could not help it, I had to laugh. “Okay honey, I will consider myself fore warned.” “Maybe I should not have said that.” “Where are you going? You owe me as you lost the bet.” My wife laughed. “Yes, I know, maybe next year we can play a different game.” “Okay, I hate to see you upset.” “Stop laughing, what do you think about going on holiday instead.?” “A holiday for our Wedding Anniversary? But I didn't think you wanted to do normal?” “Maybe I just changed my mind. Happy Anniversary baby.” “Happy Anniversary darling. I will go and run your bath as promised.” I kissed her and went to complete my part of the bet.

The End.

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