Mind: beyond its arguments

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Our mind argue with us when we start a new or different work. It is always in safe zone and does not want to get out of it.

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



Whenever I am with young children, I left amazed how they do not give up immediately. If they like a thing, they do anything to get it. They cry. They shout. And sometimes they too aggressive that they leave food until they get that item. I saw someone requesting humbly to his parents. They put up a condition that they will not ever prank, read everyday etc....... It all runs as long as they get their favorite thing. We youth may not be able to do this. We're not as dedicated to their goals, as the kids. We argue with ourselves. Our mind asks thousands of question to us. We are entangled in those questions, and give up in front of the arguments. Our mind always remains in the safe zone and does'nt want to get out to it. And so when we want something new or different, it makes excuses. In fact, our failure is the failure of our mind and it's arguments, Not us. Therefore, to be successful, it is necessary that we remove our mind out of the safe zone. Think of going beyond it's arguments. Once, only once have the courage. And you will find that your mind in your control, not that you.

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