Royal Seduction

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The line was taking forever as always. I really shouldn't complain since I was not in some luxury hotel. As if I would ever know what that would be like.

I snorted. Yeah right. Me in some fancy dress, with fancy waiters serving me. Arm candy, that's what I would be.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" The women in front of me started chanting and along went the rest of the filled dining area.

"Just great." I grumbled under my breath.

The guards broke through and broke up the two women who were pulling each others hair.

Couldn't women simply get their tray and move along? No, they were filled with drama and fighting as if we weren't in prison.

That exactly was the problem. Keeping these women behind bars and letting them associate with other criminals.

I was one too but not that bad. I had robbed a few places but that was it. I had to eat, I wasn't going to starve myself on the streets.

No one wanted to hire me because of my delinquent past. It wasn't my fault that I had attacked my foster parent. The man had tried to rape me but no, I was the one that had earned the juvie time.

Then the next house, the woman was taking the government checks and refused to buy us anything. I had to resource myself to trying to feed the rest of the children by robbing local shops.

It was stupid I know but I didn't want to leave them alone with that woman too long.

From there it was one thing after another. It all managed to get me behind bars until it was the last straw. I was over 18 and the judge wanted me to learn.

I got myself into a low security place. It was fine for a year then we got the new warden. Ugly old bastard.

He asked for sexual favors to treat us nice. I was one of the few that didn't accept and he changed my record. That got me sent to maximum security.

Here I was with the worst kind of criminals and I had never done anything that horrible. I acted the part of course.

I waited bored as the women were taken away and the line moved.

When I finally reached my destination I put on a bright smile.

"What's the special today Big Mama?" Big Mama was what they called Helen. She had killed three of her husbands and was onto the fourth one before they caught on to her schemes.

"It's meat surprise." She joked and put a spoonful of what looked like brown oatmeal.

"I love your food." I ignored the action to gag and moved on.

I found a seat at my usual table. I ate the slop and pushed away the queasiness. It was food and I would survive.

"Hurry up ladies. One hour in the courtyard for the ones that are allowed. Hope you were good girls." One of the guards came walking by.

I rolled my eyes. He got on my nerves badly but like everything, I pretended not to care.

"Hey there Evie." He popped his gum and winked at me. "Will you be unbuttoning your uniform today?"


"One can dream." He smirked.

"Not even there." I gave an audible sigh. "Also my name is Evelyn."

"Yeah but Evie is so much cuter especially for a girl like you. You know, if you're extra nice to me, I'll give you five more minutes of outside time."

"No thank you. I am fine without wanting to suck your d."

"I'm gonna get you one day and I'm gonna make you choke on it." He thrusted his hips in a sexual manner and continued to walk.

"Girl, just suck it. He gives very good favors when you need them." Sarah, a drug dealer, said from down my table. "I've done it. It ain't bigger than my finger. You do have to watch out when he comes though, the man don't know the meaning of pulling out."

"I think I'm done with lunch." I dropped my fork on my plate. That had definitely put me out.

We picked up our trays and put them on the rack to be cleaned.

The sun was bright as we were let out. I kept mostly to myself and went to sit on the small set of bleachers.

I wished I could have brought my book from the room I was in but that was not acceptible. One could probably cut another's neck with the paper. It had already been tried.

I watched the women play basketball, some did weights, others simply talked.

I had no friends there and it didn't bother me. I had never had any friends. I did miss the kids I used to live with though.

At times I wondered what they were doing with their lives. I was 25 which meant I had been out of their lives for 7 years.

I wished for them to be grown up and have happy lives. I didn't want them to have ended in a place like the one I was in.

Thinking, the hour flew by and we directed back inside.

I had cleaning duty in the bathrooms which I detested. I swear I thought women would at least be cleaner then men.

"Hey short stuff." Big Mama told me as she came out of the bathroom.

"Hey." I gave her a nod of the head but that was all.

"My son's coming today. He just had a baby and he told me he wanted to show me a picture. I've been doing good here and maybe they will shorten my sentence. I think that's good news."

I gave her a kind smile. "That's great. You've been here a long time."

"Yeah, we'll see."

I didn't have the heart to tell her that I knew she had a life sentence. Why mess with that? Hope was what pushed some people to live as best as they could.

"You've been good here too. Four years and you only killed one man."

"Yep. Although I have no one on the outside."

"Sorry to hear that."

I shrugged. "It's alright. Well, better get back to work. These toilets ain't cleaning themselves."

She chuckled. "I'll see you tonight for dinner. Another special." She headed for the door.

"Please let it not be meat surprise again." I called after her.

"It'll be chicken!"

I laughed and got out the scrubber.

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