Royal Seduction

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

I bit into the pillow as his fingers worked their magic. I had awoken to him turning me on my stomach and slipping his hand over my bottom. Then they were inside with much surprise.

After what he had done yesterday I had been exhausted and fallen asleep.

"Zirk." The pillow muffled the sound thank god. I could already picture his smirk if I said his name outloud. I would never live it down.

Actually I probably wouldn't live this down either. He knew that my body craved him. He knew my reactions and I bet he relished in it.

Another mind blowing orgasm tensed up my body and nearly brought me to tears.

He pressed a kiss on my back as he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. I didn't turn around in embarrassment at knowing what he did to me.

"I'm taking a shower. You could always join me." He chuckled annoyingly and got off the bed.

It infuriated me. He thought he had this hold over me. Well two could play this game.

I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He was already under the spray of the water. He must have heard me because he smirked in my direction.

I smirked right back and swung my hips as I walked to him.

His eyes seemed to darken even more as they trailed down my form.

I got in under the water. It had been freezing cold but instantly warmed once I was there. I took some of the bath soap and brushed my hands up his chest.

He looked surprised but was smart enough not to say anything.

I gave him a flirty look and smile. His eyelids lowered to a lusty look. When he meant to touch me I slapped his hand away.

"It's my turn." I told him and moved my hands down his taut abdomen and between his legs.

He closed his eyes and swallowed when my hands went around him.

He was thick and hard. I had to keep my breath even and not let it affect me. I was doing this to even up the playing field.

I watched his face expressions as I massaged him. They varied from pleasure to near breathless pants. I bit my lip and grinned.

I lowered my eyes to his member. There were little ridges going around it. It reminded me of the condoms that had them for pleasuring the women.

I squeezed harder and he groaned.

With a few more strokes he came. I was fascinated as I kept stroking but softer now. His legs were tense and his stomach muscles twitched at the feeling of release.

It made me giggle as I let him go.

I turned around and finished washing myself. It had been well worth it to come in here.

His arms came around me and he hugged me from behind. I held my breath. The feeling of security enveloped me.

It was strange. My head said to push him away, that I was not the cuddly type, yet at the same time it told me to let him because of the same reason.

'Love. We need it.' The voice was back. 'Only our mate will love us as no one has ever done it before. Let him into our heart.'

I was tempted but I knew better. I pulled away from him and stepped out of the water.

"I think I've had enough." I told him not really caring if he needed to say something. I dried quickly before he could reach me.

I needed to get away. I needed to clear my head. Most of all I needed to get rid of that voice.

The bags of clothes were still where he had left them. I went through them and took out a pair of jeans.

I hadn't worn regular clothes in a while. They looked to be the size I used to be. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly. I could have used a size bigger just so that they didn't mold to my body.

I ignored him as he came into the room. He went to the drawers against the wall and pulled out his clothes.

There were shirts that were a tad too revealing which I knew it had everything to do with him. I chose a dark green one that would go well with my eyes.

There was a circular opening on the back which would put my tattoo on display. I didn't really care about that.

For shoes there were two types of boots and some flats. I chose the high heeled leather boots. I wanted to look fierce and have no one approach me. They made the right statement.

I ran my hands through my hair. No tangles. The shampoo they had available was pretty pleasing for my curls. I wished I had a mirror to see if they really looked as tamed as they felt.

"We'll get dinner and then come back to sleep."

"Dinner?" I turned to Zirk. "I thought it was morning."

He smirked. "We didn't sleep all that much."

I thought we had. "Does this mean that we only got married this morning?"


"Oh." Great, I was going to probably have to face the women from earlier. I would stick to Zirk's side to be safe.

Not that I was afraid of them. I didn't want Blondie attacking me and getting blamed for it.

He opened the door for us after installing my handprint to the system.

"One thing. You should steer clear of Mary. She's pregnant and I really don't want to fight Ror."

"She's pregnant?"


"I didn't know. I would have let her beat me if I had." I bit my lip. I hoped she was okay, being pregnant kind of put her in a delicate situation.

"She's fine if you're wondering. She's stronger than she looks. Also she does have corg blood so that makes it true."

"Corg? She's a mutant?" Of course where could those sharp teeth have come from?

"No. It's a lot to explain. Don't worry about it." He closed the elevator doors and we were quiet as we descended.


"What have I missed?" Selene was sitting with Mary and Ror. Hannah and Nadia were home for dinner.

Mary had called to invite her for dinner again saying that it was important she go. Selene had no idea what could be so important.

"Something happened to Zirk." Mary sighed.

"What?" Selene couldn't help the slight alarm that ran through her. "Is he okay? Is he alive?" She remembered that he had gotten himself stuck in a prison.

"Oh yes, he's fine."

"Good." She let out a calming breath. Zirk was fine, he wasn't hurt or anything. Her heart gave a slight jump in happiness.

No, she shouldn't be happy. He was a jerk. A jerk with black eyes that penetrated her very being. She could still picture herself in his arms. That horrible image would be her nightmare forever, or was she only wanting it to be that way because there was something deeper going on?

Selene felt emotionally exhausted going back and forth.

"The news is that he got married."

She was speechless. Zirk was married? "How? When?"

"This morning. The woman is a total bitch." Mary shook her head. "Can't stand her."

It did come to a surprise that Mary was saying something not so nice about someone else.

"That's why I invited you. I need moral support if they come down for dinner."

"Dinner?" Oh no. She didn't want to see him, especially with someone else. "I should go."

"No! Stay. Ror, go bring Rix."

"Why?" He frowned.

"Because Rix is sweet and maybe..." Mary wiggled her eyebrows at Selene.

"Oh no. I am not looking for an alien."

"Get him, now." Mary ordered Ror.

He looked like he was going to refuse but thought it better. He stood up and went to look for Rix in the vast cafeteria.

"Now..." Mary pulled Selene's hair.


"Sorry. I was trying to take this hairband out." She fluffed out Selene's hair. "There. You look better."

"I should really go." She stood to make her exit but then she saw Zirk get out of the elevator. A curly haired brunette followed behind him.

Selene could see that she was no match. No wonder he had only played around with her using that damn image.

The brunette's eyes scanned the people and then they locked on hers. They were a light green, hard as a rock.

Selene returned the disdainful look.

"Did it just get tense in here?" Ror sniffed the air as he approached the table with Rix. He could feel the tension in waves.

"I can feel it too." Rix agreed. He felt uncomfortable so near to Mary. He needed to restrain his thoughts especially with the zuko around.

Zirk was trying to avoid them but his female had other ideas. "Evelyn." He hissed as she headed to their table.

"Wouldn't a picture be better?" Evelyn glared at Selene.

Selene crossed her arms. "As if I would want a picture of that." She gave her a once over with a hint of disappointment.

"I like your attitude. Supposedly strong. Mess with me and I swear I'll crush you."

"Sure, Curls. As if I wanted to waste my time with someone like you. You're not worth it."

"You aren't either." Evelyn glanced at Rix. "He's also not into you." She smacked her lips in a pitying way. "So sad. Maybe if you used a treadmill once in a while."

Selene's face flamed. Her body had always been an issue with her. Her hips were too wide. Her breasts too big. All around she just seemed wrong even if her friends assured her that she had a beautiful body.

"That's enough Evelyn." Zirk gave her a harsh look. To Selene his eyes softened a fraction. "I'm sorry for her words."

She looked up at him. Why couldn't that image have been true? Why did he put it in her head in the first place? She never would have started to feel anything for him if he hadn't done it.

His eyes changed to a surprised look.

She realized what happened. Too late she could not take the thoughts back.

"I have to go. I'm sorry Mary." She hastily made her way to the elevator.

She had never been more embarrassed in her life. She shouldn't have come. She should have stayed away. Hate the aliens, that is what she needed to do.

She hit the button to get the elevator open. It wouldn't hurry. If she didn't get inside she was sure to burst into tears in front of everyone. No, she couldn't.

Her breath came out shuddering. She was strong. She was a rebel.

She felt that coldness flood her heart. Yes, she needed to keep it hard. Letting anyone in would only cause hurt.

She threw herself throught the elevator doors. The small space confining.

Her eyes lifted to meet Zirk's at a distance.

'I'm sorry.' His words sounded in her head. 'I never thought that...'

"Keep out." She said it outloud and knew he heard her.

The doors shut leaving her feeling alone just like heart.

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