Royal Seduction

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Zirk pulled my arm harshly and dragged me away from the table. There was nowhere to actually talk privately without the other aliens but he was successful in finding a somewhat secluded spot.

I yanked my arm out of his grasp and rubbed it. It hadn't hurt but it was the fact that he had gripped it that stayed with me.

"Why did you tell her those things? You hurt her feelings." He demanded.

"What's it to you? How do you know her?" My tone was accusing and jealous. Yes, jealous.

I could feel what she felt for him. She liked him and not in a friendly way. How could I feel it? I had no idea but I just knew it.

I felt intimidated by the curvacious dark haired woman. To make matters worse she was way younger than me and prettier.

"Are you jealous?" He asked in disbelief.

I crossed my arms. "Is there a reason I should be?"

"No. Between Selene and I there was nothing." He paused. "At least nothing real."

"What does that mean?"

"It doesn't matter because I didn't even know you then." He growled.

"Look, jerk. If you like someone else you better come out and say it. I promised to be faithful, I should be awarded with the same thing."

"There is no one but you."

That alleviated my jealousy and gave my stomach a flutter. "Good." I looked away from him feeling slightly shy.

He sighed. "You need to be nice. Stop attacking people or you won't make friends. Selene didn't deserve that."

"She was staring at me with a glare and I returned it. Then I couldn't stop myself."

"Well, manage it. Now go apologize to Mary. She's her friend."

"I am not apologizing." I scoffed.

"You are." His tone lowered. "I will not be talked about because of you."

I smirked. "I don't think you are going to be talked about because of me. You do it enough yourself. These people don't necessarily like you."

"How would you know?"

"I feel it."

His brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know. I could feel what she felt, Selene. I could feel that the other guy, I don't know his name, didn't like her like he likes Mary."

"You're talking about Rix?"

"I don't know. It's the guy that isn't her 'mate'. Thing is I didn't have this before. It only just happened."

"We'll revise it later. For now we will go and talk to them, give our apologies and get something to eat. I want you to make friends here and for that you must be cordial."

I smacked my lips. "If I have to be cordial, you have to do the same. I'm sure they don't like you because you are a jerk. Change your attitude and I will try to do the same."

He grinned. "You really are something."

"I won't be doing it out of friendliness though. I'm only doing it to prove to you that people can't change who they are. It may work for a while but the true personality will always show up sooner than later."

"Fine. I'll do it and show you that people are capable of changing."

"Challenge accepted. Let's go say sorry."

I went around him and headed back to the table. The guy Rix was gone but Mary and Ror were still there in discussion.

The moment they saw us they shut up. Mary glared at me with the fire of a thousand suns. I think I even saw them flash red for a moment.

"What do you want?" She growled.

"I came to say sorry." I sighed.

"You should be apologizing to Selene not me. I can't believe how mean you are. Go away."

"Mary." Ror put his arm around her. He looked at me. "Apology accepted, now leave."

"We'd actually like to join you for dinner if possible. I'm trying to turn a new leaf as is Evelyn."

I tried to refrain from rolling my eyes. Instead I forced a smile on my face.

"I ain't buying it." Mary clicked her tongue. "I don't trust you."

"Look Blondie," I leaned over the table to her.

A rumble came out of her chest as she stood. "My name isn't Blondie."

"Ladies, Evelyn, sit." Zirk ordered.

My skin prickled at the thought of getting orders but I leaned back and sat on one of the floating disks. Mary continued to glare at me but she got back on her seat.

"I'm sorry, really. I will apologize to Selene when I see her again as will Evelyn." Zirk told them.

I shot him a look but knew that I would have to do it. She didn't really need a treadmill. She had a body to die for the lucky bitch.

"I do accept your apology Zirk. Although you are sometimes mean and annoying, you can be good." Mary smiled at him.

I did roll my eyes then.

"Thank you Mary. That means a lot." He smirked at me. "I am going to get us something to eat while you get aquainted." He left me alone with them.

I tisked and tapped my fingers on the table. "'ve known each other long?"

Mary lifted her chin and ignored me. Ror did not. "A little over a month."

"Hmm, wow and she's already knocked up?"

"That is none of your business." Mary snapped.

"I'm only saying because I do actually want to apologize for this morning. I had no idea you're expecting. That was wrong of me."

"Fine." Her voice was curt.

"I would have insulted carrot top instead, unless she's also pregnant."

"Her name is Hannah and no she is not but she had a baby two weeks ago."

"Oh, wow. Seems like you people get knocked up fast and often."

"Those are the risks of being with an alien. Although not much of the risk because we are happy when we find out." She grinned up at Ror. Pure love in her eyes.

I looked away uncomfortably. This was too mushy for my liking. Thankfully Zirk arrived with food. He had a plate of frozen fish and he handed me a large salad.

"Are you trying to insinuate something?" I arched a brow.

"No. There's either that, this or uncooked meat. I thought you would rather go with that."

For some reason uncooked meat made me drool slightly. "I'll take this then."

"How did your family take to you marrying a human?" Ror asked out of nowhere.

Zirk cleared his throat. "I haven't told them yet."

"You know this may cause problems correct? They don't want to help humans, they only want the planet."

"Then marrying a human was a good thing. It enforces an alliance."

I could detect that something wasn't right. He was lying.

"How bad would it be?" I asked Zirk.

"Don't worry about it."

"You keep telling me that and it is getting tiring." I frowned.

"I would like to enjoy dinner please." With that he stopped talking about it and started eating.

I sighed and picked at my salad. I thought we were supposed to be nice.

After dinner we excused ourselves. Zirk told Mary that I would meet her and her friends for breakfast in the morning to apologize for the insults I had said.

I was getting tired of him making decisions for me.

On the way to our room an alien from what I guessed was his species, stopped us from getting into our room.

"There is a call for you in communications." He informed him. I did not miss the disdainful look he shot me.

"I will tend to it."

The alien gave him a nod and left us.

"Go inside and sleep. I will be back when I'm done with it." I gave him a nod and got inside our room.


Zirk was sure it was his father calling. None of the zukoes would have dared to go behind his back and tell him what he had done.

Then again they also worked for his father.

His father's presence on the large screen reminded him of when he was about to be scolded.

"I need you in Garzuk immediately."

"May I ask why?"

"You will come and mate with Crez. Then you will convince her to go down to earth with you for the purpose of political reasons. Is that understood?"

"Why the sudden decision?"

"It isn't sudden, Zirk. We've spoken about this many times. It needs to happen now."

"I can't go."

"You can and you will. It is an order and if you do not follow it I promise I will send warriors to bring you by force. Now, is that understood? I want you here by morning." The screen went blank.

How the hell was he going to tell them about Evelyn? This had been a very bad decision.

He used the communicator to call his brother. Link appeared on the screen after a few moments. He was laying on his lavish bed.

"What do you want Zirk? You never call me."

"I already have a mate and father wants me to go there tomorrow."

"Shit. What the fuck were you thinking of getting another mate? Do you realize that you just broke your agreement? This could mean war between us and the land clan." Link sat up and rubbed his hands over his face. "What are you going to do?"

"I have to go and I will bring Evelyn with me."

"She is going to be eaten here."

"That is a bit of an exageration." Zirk told him annoyed.

"Not if she's thrown to the sharks." Link smirked. "We'll think of something. You're already mated with someone else and you can't do it again with Crez. Is she at least an alien?"

"No. She's human."

"Great an inferior species, beyond inferior. They are like the dirt we walk on. You really blew it. I'm actually glad about it though. You were always the perfect brother."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodbye. I'll meet you at your landing spot first and we'll decide what to do with your mate. Is she hot?"


"I know, I should get women out of my head, ladeda. I can appreciate a hot body though. See you."

Zirk groaned as once again the screen went blank. He had a lot to prepare for.

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