Royal Seduction

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

"You're telling me that I have to get dressed and pack my things because we are going to a strange planet?" I frowned at Zirk.

"Yes and we leave within the hour. I plan to drive all night and then we'll use a wormhole in the morning. We should be there before noon here."

"I was just getting used to this place."

"You haven't even been here for a full day." He chuckled.

"This isn't funny Zirk. I have to go and meet your parents. Parents who don't know you're married to me, unless you told your father already."

"I haven't but I will."

I sighed. I couldn't believe I was going to go out in space. Could I actually be scared? It was surprising since I never let anything scare me.

"It will be fine." He came to me and tilted my chin up. I stared up into his dark eyes. "You will survive, I promise."

I believed him.

He lowered his head and pressed his lips gently to mine. It was a comfort kiss at the moment with the promise of more later as he pulled my bottom lip between his and let it go.

"We should finish getting ready."

I nodded like a fool making him smirk. I rolled my eyes but smiled. What the fuck was wrong with me? He's an alien! I screamed at myself inside.

'Not an alien. Our mate.' The small voice persisted.

She had a point.

I folded a few clothes, not sure where I was supposed to pack them.

"You won't need many. Those clothes aren't worn by women where we're going."

"What do they wear?"

"Dresses of cloth. You'll see."

"I'll take a few with me still. Undergarments mostly."

"They are not used."

I snorted. "You're telling me that these women walk around with cloth dresses and don't wear anything under them?"

"Exactly that." He grinned.

This was horrible. "I'm still taking them."

"Suit yourself." He shrugged.

He handed me a bag to put my clothes in. Apparently he had bought me one with the clothes. He only took what he was already wearing and another set for tomorrow.

"We will be taking the ship I came in. My men will follow in another."

"Is it because they don't like me?" I questioned as we exited our room.

"No. It's for privacy. I also thought it better to make you more comfortable."

"Oh. Thanks."

He gave me a nod.

The halls were silent. The elevator took us all the way to the top. I felt an underlining of excitement as we made our way to a large black ship. It was much bigger than the regular white ones but not too big that it wouldn't be able to exit the building.

He opened the door and let me walk in before him.

It was spacious and what a ship should look like I guess. There were two seats in front of a screen.

"There's a bedroom in the back here." He opened a door. There was a small bed in there. "A bathroom through that door and that's all."


"Let's get strapped in and out of here."

He led me to the seats in front after leaving my bag in the bedroom. There were many straps so he ended up helping me put them on.

Once I was safely in he sat in his own seat and started the engine. The ship barely made a sound.

Anxiety grew in my tummy. I was leaving earth in a few minutes. Heck it could be a few seconds.

I gripped the seat when we floated up. He chuckled as he saw my reaction. I supressed a giggle of my own and stared in awe as we left the building.

The night was dark with twinkling stars. They grew as we got closer. I closed my eyes as we went through the atmosphere.

"Relax Evelyn." He tried to soothe me. "We're through."

I opened my eyes and saw that we were flying through space.

"I'm going to put this on auto pilot with the coordinates and we can go to the bedroom and sleep."

"I'm too nervous to go to sleep." I tried unstrapping myself.

"Then I'll have to do something about those nerves." He leaned over me as he helped with the straps.

I forced myself not to look at his face after his words. I was sure to see a heated look in his eyes. His tone had suggested something that I wasn't sure I was ready for.

'Mate, tonight.'

I bit my lip. My muscles clenched at the thought. My breathing was near erratic as he picked me up off the seat.

"What are you doing?" I swallowed.

"I'm taking you to bed." He smirked.

Oh how I hated that smirk.

He carried me to the small room and laid me down on the bed. He cupped my jaw and ran his hand down my throat to the nape of my neck.

He dug his fingers in my curly tendrils. He angled my head, his lips close but not yet touching mine.

"I want you Evelyn. Will you be my mate at last?"

I licked my lips. "I'm already your wife."

"Only on paper." He kissed the corner of my mouth. "Not physically."

"I'm scared." I admitted as much as it killed me.

His brow furrowed. "Afraid of what?"

I was afraid that if I gave my body to him it wouldn't be the only thing he would own. My heart and mind were more than willing to let him have them.

I couldn't tell him that of course.

"I'm afraid you might hurt me."

His eyes were a soft black and he smiled slightly. "I would never hurt you. Physically or emotionally. I may be off putting and an ass but not to you. I...I can't hurt you."

"Can we just not do it tonight? Anything else but that." I compromised.

"Anything?" His brow arched and a sexy grin grazed his lips.

What had I gotten myself into? I nodded. "Anything."

He kissed me then. It lit a fire inside me of need. I wrapped my arms around him as he claimed my mouth.

His tongue licked my bottom lip. I graciously opened my mouth and tangled my tongue with his.

With desperate motions we yanked our clothes off. His skin was cool against mine but I didn't care. It felt right.

Happiness bubbled inside of me, ready to burst as his hands brushed my skin.

I knew he would not take me even if we were naked. There were other things and I waited in anticipation to find out what we would do.

He lowered onto the bed and held me up on him.

"I want you to do something." He pulled away from my lips.

"What?" I asked breathless.

"I want to taste you, like this." He nipped my chin.

My eyes widened. "You want me" The thought heated me deep inside. I could picture myself on his face.

"Yes." He grinned. "Will you do it? I want to see you on top of me. It will also help you get what you need. You'll know how to move at the right angle."

My face flushed. I had never done it although I had guys that did go down on me. It was alright with some but I had never ridden their face. It felt naughty.

I bit my lip. If he wanted me to do something like this I wanted him to do something himself.

"I want you to half shift and I'll do it."

He stared at me shocked. "I don't think I should do that."

"I want you to, please." I kissed him slowly and tantalizing. I leaned back and gazed at him. "Please?"

"If you grow uncomfortable..."

"I'll let you know by screaming at the top of my lungs." I teased.

That made him hesitate more.

"I won't I promise."

"You are insane but I will do it if it's what you really want." He started shifting. His face was the most noticible of it.

My heart raced at the excitement running through my veins. I felt myself get hotter.

"Is this okay?" His sharp teeth clashed.

I nodded. I slowly got on my knees and crawled upwards. I braced myself against the wall of the ship. I couldn't stop staring at his face.

I had never felt so damn turned on in my life.

'Our mate.' The voice inside me nearly moaned.

Chewing my bottom lip I scooted above his face. His hands startled me when they cupped my bottom. His eyes didn't break contact as he waited for me to lower.

I held my breath. I lowered.

I stared feeling his teeth graze my sensitive parts, then his tongue licked.

"Holy fuck!" I came immediately. The anticipation had built up inside me and brought me over the edge. This wouldn't be the last of it though.

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