Royal Seduction

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Link had been able to get a bed in the cave. He had also made a fire pit to keep it warm. The caves were usually cool anytime of the year.

Evelyn set her bag down and looked around. She gave Zirk a look that meant, 'I can't believe this'.

"We should go see father. Your men arrived shortly before you did. He knows you should be here by now. They hadn't said anything about you having a mate. I'm sure you told them not to." Link told him.

"You are correct." Zirk turned to Evelyn. "I will be back. Don't leave the cave. If you'd like Link can stay with you."

She arched her brow and looked at his brother. "I don't think your brother would enjoy my company."

"She is correct. For a human she has a working brain."

"Excuse me?" She glared.

"I'd much rather take father's wrath along with Zirk." Link smirked.

"I'll be fine by myself." Evelyn assured. "How long will you be?"

"A couple of hours, no more."

"Alright. I'll be here like a compliant mate." She sat on the edge of the bed.

Zirk went to her and gave her a kiss much to his brother's annoyance. She blushed and cleared her throat. "You should go and face your parents."

"Be good." He winked.

"I will." She layed back on the bed and watched them leave.

It would be a fifteen minute walk to the palace from there. Zirk didn't say anything to Link. He wasn't sure what he could say.

He kept thinking what he was going to tell his father. The news about him not mating with Crez was sure not going to be taken well.

"I can see why you chose her as a mate." Link broke the silence. "She looks like what Xira would be if she were alive. Except the eyes of course and the fact that she isn't a shifter."

"That's not the only reason."

"What else could it be? She's a human."

"She's special. She has a fire that calls to me. I feel right with her. I've only met her a few days ago but it's felt like a lifetime."

"You're different Zirk. I can tell. Father is not going to like this."

"I know."

"What are you going to tell Crez?"

"The truth once I tell father."

"She will want to declare war with the sea clan. Actually, knowing Crez she will want a mating fight with Evelyn."

Zirk stopped short. "She can't do that."

"By the rules of our people she will be in all her right." Link crossed his arms. "You are on Garzuk now, not earth."

"If she dares to call a fight I will kill her." Zirk growled.

"Then be prepared for a war against clans just for a stupid human." Link snarled. "She is nothing."

Zirk half shifted and grabbed the front of his brother's uniform. "Repeat that Link. Tell me how stupid you think my mate is."

Link shook his head and immediately faced his brother in half form. They were near identical except for his lighter shade of skin. "Do you really want to fight me?"

"No but I will not let you speak of her in that way. Choose your words carefully and think about what you want to say about her."

"I will keep my comments to myself but I will not change my thoughts about her."

Zirk let him go with a jerk. He went back to himself as did Link. "You may be my brother but I will not doubt in hurting you."

"I know as neither would I." Link started walking again. He couldn't believe that a human would break the relationship he had with his brother.

They were disrespectful creatures. They were lower than the villagers on their planet. They were nothing but a low form of living.

The large rock made palace came to their few. The towers were made of stone, sharp on top. No one knew how it had been created. It was as if the rock from beneath had erupted upwards. It was part of their planet.

There were guards in front, two at the door.

They bowed down when they saw their princes arrive.

Zirk and Link entered together into the cool castle.

"Father should be in the throne room. Do you wish to see him or speak to mother first?"

"Mother. I want to see what her opinion would be if I changed my mind. She might help me convince father."

"As you wish. I will tell father about your arrival. Don't worry, your secret is safe until you tell him."

"Thank you Link."

His brother shrugged and headed for the opposite direction.

Zirk listened for his mother. She should be in the kitchen at this hour to make sure lunch was served on time.

He found her ordering the cook around. A warm smile came to her face. She had wavy black hair and the same black eyes as the sea clan. They shined with affection.

"My dear son. You're finally home."

He hugged her tightly and sighed. He had missed his mother. She was the only one that could pull his ear and tell him how annoying he was.

She always chastised them with love as a mother should.

"Your father told me that he ordered you to come." She arched a brow as they let go of each other. "Why the refusal to come mate with Crez?"

"Always to the point." He grinned.

"Of course. I know when something is wrong. What is it? I know you don't love her but you made the agreement. You must follow through."

He cleared his throat. "What if I changed my mind?"

"Only Xira could change your mind. We know that's not possible." Her eyes downcasted in pain. She had known young Xira and loved her as her own. She knew what a worthy woman she could have become.

"I do not want to mate with Crez. She deserves someone that will return any feelings of love."

"You know that no one cares about love in political matings. You will learn."

"Mother, please. I do not want to mate with her."

"Give me a valid reason and I might consider it." She crossed her arms.

He sighed. "What do you think of humans?"

She scoffed. "Now you want to talk about humans? What is going on with you Zirk? You know what we think of humans. They are beyond low birth. They are not intellectual. They are...bacteria."

"They are nothing like that. You haven't ever seen a human."

"I may not have but I know what they are. Please do not tell me that you do not want to mate with Crez because you want to follow what Norlak and Corg are doing. They are mating with them but we did not want an alliance because of that. We want earth."

"I understand but if we want earth in the future we should make an alliance with their people not just Norlak and Corg."

"And your suggestion is mating one our princes with a human?" She shook her head. "No, especially not you. I will talk about this with your father and in the meantime we need the alliance between clans. You will mate with Crez and that is final."

Looked like he was not going to be getting any help from his mother. He doubted his father would be any better.

She smiled slightly and brushed her knuckles over his cheek. "You will learn to love her with time. If you don't, well, just have heirs with her and then you can have a life of your own outside these walls."

He patted her hand and pulled it away. "I don't think that's possible. I will go talk to father now."

"Think about your words carefully. Your father doesn't need any griviences at the moment."

He gave her a nod and left the kitchen. He was not looking forward to the talk with his father.

He was talking with Link and a few of their men. The inferiors bowed to him as he entered the room.


"Zirk. Good that you are here. We have dinner with the land king, Xinas and his queen, Rasez. Crez will be present with her father, Crix. I want you to be prepared for a mating ceremony tomorrow. We will talk about the details."

Zirk set his jaw. "I wanted to talk to you about that. I don't want to mate with Crez."

His father chuckled without humor. "It is going to get done Zirk. You will have days to convince Crez to move to earth and have your spot on council. It will all work."

"Why can't Link mate with her?"

Link narrowed his eyes at him in anger. "I don't wish to."

Their father glowered at Zirk. "I cannot marry my second son. He is not as worthy as you."

Zirk hated with his father demeaned Link. He could see the flash of hurt in his brother's eyes. It quickly disappeared with a hardened look to replace it.

"It will get done. Now go to your room and prepare the speech of apology to Crez for not coming sooner."

"I have somewhere to be." Zirk countered.

"Do you dare defy me?!" His father stood up from his throne. "I am the king and I will have a lashing ordered for you!"

"I'd rather take the lashing than mate with Crez!" Zirk met their father halfway.

"You have much to learn Zirk. Without this alliance our people will be at war. Do you want innocent lives to be taken simply because you don't want to do your part?"

"I will convince him father." Link spoke up. "You should rest."

Their father and Zirk glared at each other. The king gave a nod. "You have until dinner to make the right choice. If not, you should prepare for war tomorrow instead of a mating."

Link pulled Zirk away and out of the throne room.

"How do you plan on convincing me?" Zirk growled.

"Go to your room and think of what you are going to say at dinner. I will watch over your human and then things will be decided."

"If you hurt her..." Zirk warned him.

"I won't." Link assured.

Zirk was broken between going to Evelyn but if he knew his father, the old man would have a guard follow his every move to make sure he was at dinner tonight.

He had no alternative but to listen to his brother.

"Fine. Tell her that I will be with her soon."

"Of course." Link nodded and turned to the door. "Think carefully brother." He said over his shoulder and wandered out of the palace.

He was a man on a mission. He would not hurt Evelyn himself but they could not have a war between clans.

She would have to be taken care of and there was only one way to make it valid.

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