Royal Seduction

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Crez was stretched out near the lavish pond of her home. Her gold bangles shined under the light of the sun.

She opened her mouth and one of her servants put a piece of raw meat in it.

She grinned and licked the juice off his fingers. His yellow eyes heated as she sucked them. She felt especially hot. She was in heat these past few days and wanted a man in her bed.

"I see you are up to your antics." She bit her lip sensually and turned to Link's voice.

She purred as he neared her. She waved off her servants and rolled onto her stomach. Her legs lifted up in the air.

She knew she looked enticing with the soft cloth dress barely covering her ass.

"Link." His name came off her lips as if coated with honey. "Are you wanting some female company? I haven't seen you in a few days."

"As much as I would like to take you here I've come to give you some news."

"Good I hope."

"Zirk has arrived."

Her eyes lit up and she quickly sat straight. "He's here in Garzuk? That means that we will mate, soon."

"I heard the dinner has been planned for tonight and you are to mate tomorrow."

That pleased her inmensely. She would be the most envied female on the planet. She would marry a prince even if she was not a princess.

"There is one problem." Link grinned mischieviously.

She tisked. "Don't tell me. You love me and are jealous so you won't permit me to mate with him."

"Not at all. Mate with him for all I care. I've already had you plenty of times over."

Her eyes flashed. "Watch your words Link. You don't want to see my claws."

He smirked. "It's not me you should be worried about Crez. It should be Zirk's mate."

She laughed loudly taking him as a jokester. "I didn't know you had such humor."

"I'm not joking. Zirk mated on earth."

"You are lying. He would not do this, he would not do this to his people." She growled. Her teeth elongated to sharp points. "He is mine!"

"Not anymore but I know a way you can get him back. You will also be following the rules of our planet."

Her eyes glittered as she understood. "A mating match. Please tell me she's human." She smiled excitedly.

"She is."

"Hmm." She leaned back on the settee she was on. "She is no match for me. I will kill her with a single strike. Let the people know that there will be a mating match in one hour. I want them all to see me kill her so they know what I am capable of if someone crosses me."

"Of course." He grinned and stood. "I shall see you there my lovely Crez."

She smiled teasingly. "I wish we had time for sex right now."

"Me too but this has to get done."

"I want someone to let Zirk know what is to happen. I want him to arrive too late though."

"As you wish." He gave her a mocking bow and left her alone.

She giggled. "Oh Zirk, you will be mine. One measly human could never stand between us." She snapped her fingers and her servants arrived quickly.

She winked at the one she had been sucking his fingers.

"Please me."

He quickly kneeled down and spread her legs.


Mary bit her lip nervously and dialed Selene's number again. She was using the screen but knew that she would not actually see her friend's face.

She had been calling her but for some reason Selene hadn't been answering. Actually she knew the reason well. At least she thought she did.

"Mary." Selene sighed.

"Oh thank god, I thought something had happened to you. How are you? I'm so sorry about yesterday. I told you she was mean."

"It's fine. It wasn't your fault anyway."

"Selene, is there something you want to talk about?"


"Are you sure?" Mary pushed. "Yesterday when you saw Zirk with her, I saw your face and it looked like something broke."

"That makes no sense and nothing broke. I was startled."

She didn't believe her. "We're friends right?"


"Then why won't you tell me."

"It isn't important."

"It looked like it was for you."

"'s difficult to put in words. If you already think you know then let's just leave it at that."

"It's true then. You fell for Zirk."

There was a pause.

"I'm sorry. If I had known I would not have invited you to eat there. We could have eaten here in my home."

"Don't worry about it anymore. I think I was on to point not to like aliens. I think I'm going to keep away from them for a while. I need it. That means that you and I shouldn't talk as often. At least not until I'm okay about this. Do you think you can be alright with that?"

Mary didn't want to stop talking to her but nodded then realized her friend couldn't see her. "I'll give you space but know that I am missing you."

"I know. Let me know when you get bigger or start feeling your baby. I would still like to be a part of that."

"Of course. Bye Selene and take care."

"I will."

There was the unmistakable click of the phone being hung up.

Mary sighed and turned on the viewing screen. She scrolled through things but nothing caught her eye. She felt sorry for Selene. Zirk had hurt her and he should know. Yet maybe not.

Her stomach rumbled. She was getting hungry again. She should eat something.

She pressed a channel for cooking. Ror had showed her that different planets had shows apart from movies. It was a delight to see what new things they came up with.

Since she was hungry food was foremost at the moment. She would read the subtitles as she made something to eat.

"Now introducing our newest tv show 'Cooking Humans', which has had the highest ratings this month, Bik."

Mary raised her brows as she went to sit back on the couch with her large piece of meat on a plate. Were they actually going to cook humans?

"This show is entirely in english but subtitles are in feneel." Sure enough subtitles appeared in an alien language.

"Cooking Humans" The show started as Mary watched interested.

A woman with curly brown hair came onto the screen. A younger blonde with brown eyes was her helper.

Mary was taken aback. They were actually human.

"Today we are making my favorite lasagna. Lacie here will help me put it together and taste test with me. Now the list of ingredients is..."

This seemed important for Ror to know. She wasn't sure why but she needed to tell him. There was one last group missing of human females.

She shrieked and ran to the kitchen to leave her plate. She turned off the screen and pulled it open to get out.

Thank god she had her shoes on as she ran down the dark hall.

She made it out and into the elevator. Where did he say he was going to be? She chewed her lip trying to remember if he was going to be in the facility or not.

Oh who cared, she should tell Rak. The communicator room would be her best bet. She pressed the button to the floor and impatiently waited for the doors to open.

She tapped her foot and fled out once she stopped on the floor.

"Rak!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. She ran up to the receptionist. "Is Chief Rak here?"

"Yes but he is in a very important meeting."

"I need him now." She left and went to the doors. She knocked on them. "Rak!"

"I am going to have to call security if you keep yelling." She frowned at Mary.

"I don't care I need Rak or my mate Ror."

One of the doors opened. Rak stepped out with a few lakies warily looking out behind him. "Mary?"

"I'm sorry for making a racket but I think I found them. I think I found the last group."

Rak stared at her in shock. "How? Where?"

"Do you have one those screens?"

"Yes of course. In here." He motioned for her to enter the room.

She tried not to feel shy around all the lakie males that were present. She went straight to the screen and turned it on. "Okay so I was hungry right and well I thought why not make something to eat. Now Ror taught me that there are some planets that have channels and make shows, movies, that type of stuff. So I chose a food channel because I was hungry."

As she explained she moved her hand over the screen and looking through the categories.

"I put up one of them and went off to make my food. I heard them talking about cooking humans. Actually that's the name of the show. At first I thought it was that they were going to cook humans so I stayed to watch. It's not that I'm a cannibal or something, I just wanted to literally know if they were going to cook humans or not."

She continued to blab on until she found what she was looking for.

"This is the show."

The same women she had seen were still preparing the lasagna.

"They are human on a strange planet. It has to be them right?" She looked at the lakies hoping she was right.

Rak stared at the screen and slowly walked to it. "Riley." He whispered. He chuckled and Mary watched as his eyes watered.


He turned to her and gave her a grateful smile. "It's them, thank you."

Mary felt extremely proud of herself.

"Lakies, we need to return them." They grinned and nodded in agreement with him. "Mary, go home and finish your food. You must still be starving."

Her stomach growled at that moment making them laugh. "I'm glad that I thought to come to you."

"Me too."

She gave them a wave and left the room.

"Lus, we know where they are. We need to get them home."

"I understand. We will communicate with Feneel. They are an amicable planet Rak. They are sure to return the women without a fight."

"I am confident it will be that way." Rak looked back at the screen as his female smiled back and explained the cooking process. "You will be home soon my love."

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