Royal Seduction

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Zirk threw his cape over his shoulders. The green cloth slid down his back. He clasped it to his shoulders and stared at himself on the screen.

He looked every bit the intimidating dark warrior that he was.

He had a job to do today. At long last the lakies were tired of his notorious ways and had decided to send him on a mission.

What he had to do was go to the local human detention center of maximum security and check the well being of the women.

They had been the only ones left behind when the city had to be evacuated after the gonoc and krazer invasion.

So far they knew that no enemies had tried to get in but he was going there to make sure.

He smirked as he thought of the fun he could have with them. Rak had informed him that they were dangerous women who had commited unspeakable crimes.

He didn't mind at all. A bit of women didn't scare him.

He left his room and got on the elevator. He had ordered his men to help the lakies in anything they needed which at the moment was redecorating the city. That meant putting up buildings that had been destroyed and anything the like.

He found Kit running diagnostics on his ship.

"It is ready."

"Do you have anything more intimidating, in black?" He tapped his chin.

"No. This is the only color these come in."

"I have no idea what is it with you and white. Whatever I will take I guess." Zirk scanned Kit's mind and heard the very unfriendly things the alien thought of him. "I'm off."

"Be careful with the ship. The coordinates are inside and one of your men will go after you to make sure you are fine."

"I can protect myself."

"I don't doubt it but those are the orders."

"Fine. I will be back for the last meal of the day." Zirk got inside of the ship and closed the hatchet. He turned it on and floated up.

The large building rotated his ship out towards the exit and he was off.

He surveyed the city from above. All the people looked like ants. He liked riding above them, feeling superior for he was.

He followed the directions and flew out of the main streets. He went away to what looked like open field.

The detention center or prison like it was called there came up at a distance.

The warden knew of his arrival and he expected the line of guards that were awaiting him. He landed the ship safely where other vehicles were parked.

Out on the ground he made sure his suit stayed immaculate as he made his way to the man standing in front of the guards.

"Prince Zirk." The man bowed.

"There is no need for that. You may also call me Zirk." He threw a grin at the man.

"As you'd like. If you could follow me please."

Zirk looked at the guards. Everyone he met he had to know what they said. Some were in favor of him being there, others were not.

He was a strange alien that humans didn't know much about. At least not like they knew about the lakies and were learning about the corgies.

He noticed that the prison wasn't heavily enforced. One could easily get in and take over.

They went straight to the warden's office.

"I would like a walk around the facility. I need to make sure the women are well."

"There is no alien here and we told that to Chief Rak but if you must insist, I will show you around."

"Good then we may retreat to your office and talk."

The building was made of cement and Zirk noticed the bars at every entrance. The warden used an access key to enter into the main room.

"What is this place?"

"Where the convicts eat, have recreation time and just want to lazy around." The warden said in disgust.

There were a few women around. They stopped what they were doing to look at him. A few made catcalls at him.

He thought it obnoxious and delightful.

"Don't be tricked by their words. They may seem nice but these women are mainly killers."

"I find it amusing to think that these women are capable of it." Indeed it was that they looked frail, some of them were. Others he could think that perhaps because of their face expressions. "Would they be able to kill someone like me?"

"I don't honestly know. Perhaps not one alone, they do group up though."


"Each one has her own cell. We tried having them two in each but there were too many fights and territorial nonsense. We also have the solitary confinement cells."

"What are those for?"

"In case they act up. It happens. These are women we're talking about. Restrooms are over there."

During the tour Zirk was on high alert, listening to what the women were thinking. It didn't seem to be like a krazer or gonoc could have hidden there. The thing would have come out by now, it had been two weeks since the attack.

A woman with curly hair came huffing out of one of the bathrooms as they were going by. She pushed the small tub of dirty water and sloshed over the sides. It splashed over the warden's shoes.

"Oh this is disgusting. Pay attention will you." The man shook his foot.

She flipped her hair out of her face and arched her brow.

Zirk stared at her. The curly black hair, the plump bow shaped lips and the nonconsequencial look reminded him of his beloved. At least how she used to be as a little girl.

The eyes were all wrong though. This one had light green ones.

"Sorry warden, didn't see you there." She didn't look sorry at all.

"We have a guest. The right attitude would be nice."

"Who him?" She turned her eyes to Zirk and looked him over quickly. "Don't look anything special to me. I can smell the testosterone though." She smacked her lips. "I really need to get to working so if you could..." She motioned with her hand for them to give her room and roll the tub away.

"That's one strike Evelyn."

"Right, it's been one strike since the day I got here. Why don't you just stuff me in a solitary room and be done with it. All you have are threats, that's why no one respects you."

"That's it. Take her to confinement." The warden ordered a guard.

"No." Zirk took a step forward. Why he was defending her, he had no idea. It could be that yes, she had a bad mouth, but she hadn't physically done anything wrong. "Leave her be. I think this place is punishment enough."

The warden glared at her but did not defy Zirk. "Fine but no dinner."

She shrugged. "As if I care." She started pushing the bucket.

"Come Zirk, we should go to my office and talk. I think this small tour proves that there are no aliens here." The warden started walking in the opposite direction.

Zirk gave one last look at Evelyn and followed the warden.

He couldn't stop thinking about her. She was funny talking back at the warden but he couldn't help thinking that the man was going to get even with her once he left.

There was a mess in the warden's office. He moved away some papers from a chair and motioned for Zirk to sit.

"As you can see I'm a very busy man."

"I see."

"Are you satisfied with the inspection?"



"What is going to happen to her?"


"The one you call Evelyn."

"Oh, Evie." He shook his head. "She's a troublesome that one. Doesn't pick fights though or hasn't tried to kill anyone yet but she can't keep her mouth shut. Always has to say something back."

"What is she here for?"

"She killed a man in cold blood. It was a, what do they call it? Premeditated murder. Poor bastard never saw it coming. Just a slit across the throat. Tragic."

"She slit the man's throat?"

"Yes." The warden moved his finger across his neck. "She's lethal."

To Zirk she didn't look like she could hurt a fly. Yet what could he think other than reading...He realized that the whole time they had been talking he hadn't heard her mind.

He had scanned everyone, it was something he did without much thought but it hadn't worked on her.

"What is it?" The warden asked.

"Is there some way for me to find her?"

"I don't suggest you going out there without me."

"Then get her to come here."

"Is there a reason?"

"Yes but it's only mine. Do it."

The warden raised his brows but didn't hesitate on picking up his phone and getting someone to find her.

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