Royal Seduction

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I was bored out of my mind. I missed Zirk almost as soon as he left. Something was seriously off with me.

I hated him 24 hours ago and now I was wanting him to get here and keep me company. Could just a few kisses and intimate things change my mind?

'We love him.' Ugh, that annoying voice again.

"I don't love him."

'We do.' It assured.

I rolled my eyes. I was getting restless. I stood up and walked around the cave. I was tired of being on the bed. There was nothing here for me to entertain myself.

How could he leave me like this?

He's an alien what could I have expected.

I heard someone outside and then Link came inside the cave. His eyes gave nothing away as he assessed me.

"Restless?" He questioned.

"Yes." I crossed my arms. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to offer you a walk outside." He waited for a response.

"I thought Zirk didn't want me going outside."

"He didn't if you were going to be alone. Which you won't be because I am going to be with you. Do you want a walk to see this planet or not?"

'Don't trust him.' I agreed but I did want to go outside. Something about this place called to me and I wanted to see it in it's entirety. "Where's Zirk?"

"At the palace. He's to wait there until we have dinner with the land king and queen."

"Oh." Dinner seemed like hours away. I made up my mind. "Fine. I'll join you on a walk."

He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "Let's go then."

I followed him out of the cave. The sun was high in the sky. There was a light wind that blew the leaves on the trees.

If I didn't know that I was on another planet I could almost believe that we were on earth. Only we would be living in the country. There was tall grass and rocky mountains.

The ocean was to one side. I breathed in deeply. I knew that because I could smell it. My senses seemed to be heightened here.

I could hear flapping in the air. I turned up and saw what looked like two people with large wings. They glided in the sky and lowered a distance in front of us.

I smiled. It was amazing that they could half shift. I looked over at Link who had been quiet for the walk.

"Are you a shark as well?" I asked.

He nodded. "I am as is my father and mother. Sharks are royalty for the sea clan."

"Oh, what about land clan?"

"They would be saber tooth tigers."

My brows raised in surprise. "Those are extinct."

"On your planet they are thanks to humans. Not here." He ground out roughly.

"How is it that you know english so well?" I moved to a different topic.

He sighed. "You are not the ones to invent the language. It was the first here on Garzuk. It was spread to different planets as languages do. Earth was one of those planets."

"There are a lot of languages on earth."

"I know."

He wasn't very nice. A little shut down and I could relate. Was this how the women had felt at the alien facility? I approached them with insults and harsh words. At least he didn't curse at me.

I heard people and then we approached what looked like a large arena.

"What is going on?" I was curious as the groups of people. They all looked very human. Their clothes were made of the same type of leather that Zirk and Link wore only in varying shades of gray, brown and tan. "Why do they wear different color of clothes but specific somehow?"

"The shade of color shows status and clans. Black is for royalty of the sea clan, dark grey are for the guards and others in authority. With each lighter shade it is lower class. As for what is going on, there will be a mating match."

"Hmm. A mating match for what?"

"To see who is worthy of the male."

I looked at the crowd. A few noticed me and started to bow their heads. Okay, maybe it was because they noticed Link.

They opened a pathway as we neared. I didn't think we would actually be heading to them but Link proved me wrong.

There was a large clearing in which Link stopped. The pathway that had been opened was closed once again.

He turned to me. "Since you are Zirk's mate it is only fair that you are challenged by his former would be mate. A fight will ensue between you and the one left victorious is the real mate. There are no rules. There is no mercy. Death or life are your only options."

My veins turned ice cold at his words.

He smirked. "Welcome to our planet. Although I'm sorry that this was a short visit." He stepped back and into the crowed. He turned his eyes to my right.

I swallowed nervously and turned. There stood a woman slightly taller than me. She was wearing what looked like a long toga dress made of the lightest blue. Her eyes were yellow and she had a smirk on her lips.

By Link's words this had to be the woman Zirk was supposed to marry.

She shook her head and her face started changing. Whiskers sprouted on both cheeks. Her teeth sharpened into lethal weapons. Her ears pointed slightly and the pupil in her eyes slit to cat eyes. Her hands I now noticed looked different. Her nails had gotten long and resembled claws.

"Zirk is mine." She hissed. "I will kill you and I will claim him as my mate. I will fuck him." She sneered.

I breathed rapidly. This bitch.


"Prince Zirk." A guard interrupted him as he was going down the stairs. He couldn't stay still in his room. He needed to see Evelyn.


"I was to inform you of a mating match to occur between your mate and the land clan heir."

"What?" Zirk growled.

"That is all." The guard bowed and headed back to his station.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Zirk's father thundered from the door of the throne room. "What mate?"

Zirk paid no mind to his father. He needed to get to Evelyn before she was killed.


'We will not take this blasphemy and taunt!' My inner voice screamed. 'She dares to try and take our mate?!'

I agreed wholly with her. I heard the shouts of the aliens. They all screamed 'Crez' which meant that was the name of my enemy.

She slowly started coming to me. Enjoying the calls of her name.

'We will have no mercy.'

A noise errupted from within me. I realized it was coming from my mouth. It sounded like a screech of an animal.

I snarled as I felt pressure in my teeth.

'He's ours!'

My hands shook and popped.

"No one will take him away from me!" My voice came out strong and defiant. There was no longer that inside voice for I knew it was the one that was meant to say the words.

My eyes burned in their sockets and I could see everything differently.

Crez stood before me, her eyes widening. Her skin paled.

"!" I took a step towards her. "!"

The noise of the people or aliens, however you wanted to think of them, ceased.

"Try to take him bitch!" I growled and slashed at her hard when she was within distance. It was meant as a slap but when I brought my hand back I saw blood dripping from my extremely long nails.

She gave out an animalistic scream as she clutched her face. Four deep red lines were on her cheek.

"Get out of my way!"

I turned my head to Zirk's voice. He pushed through the crowd of surprised spectators and stared at me in shock.


"Stay out of this Zirk. I am going to kill her." I glared back at Crez as she stumbled backwards.

"Don't. You will regret this."

I ignored him.

"You will regret this...Xira."

The name stopped me in my tracks. At the declaration of my true name, one by one the people kneeled down and bowed their heads.

Crez snarled in annoyance but she too followed the rest. "I am sorry my princess. I did not know." She forced the words out of her mouth. I could see the hate in her eyes. "Forgive me and have mercy."

I didn't want to give mercy. I wanted to finish her but I was confused over what was happening. Xira, I am her. I was sure of it even when I knew I was called Evelyn.

'It is us.' The voice was back. 'Forget her and mate with Zirk. Remember everything that was taken from us.'

With a growl I turned to Zirk.

"All of you leave." I ordered the people. "You as well." I merely glanced at Crez and Link who was now by her side.

He helped her stand and took her away. I didn't bother with watching them leave, my main focus was Zirk.

Once we were completely alone I knew what I had to do.

I went to him, watching him. He was still slightly shocked but I didn't care. I gripped his shirt and ripped it to shreds with my nails.

"Fuck me." I growled before clashing my mouth with his.

I had long teeth, they surpassed my lip and rubbed against his own lips. I felt him half shift and grip me hard to him.

He pulled at my clothes. I helped by tearing almost every bit of clothing off our bodies.

We lowered to the ground where I pushed him onto his back. I was his mate. I was the one that would be claiming him.

I straddled his lap.

"We should go to the cave." He gasped and cried out when I dug my nails into his chest. I dragged them down, slicing his skin.

"We do it here. Now." I swiftly sat on his member.

The breath left my lungs as he sheathed completely into me. He arched and held onto my hips. I tried lifting upwards but it felt like he was stuck inside me.

Small tendrils of pleasure exploded against my walls making me have another of those amazing orgasms he had been giving me since we got married.

I circled my hips and moved forward to back. The feeling was exquisite as we mated.

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