Royal Seduction

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Zirk could only feel as Xira claimed him. Xira, not Evelyn any longer. He didn't know how it happened nor did he care in that moment.

She was here and she was his forever.

He emptied himself in her once again. He flipped her over to be under him. She growled and now dug her nails into his back.

He knew he bled but it didn't matter. Mating was savage, he knew that.

His sharp teeth bit into her shoulder as he followed the rocking movement. She screamed in pleasure.

They were out in the arena mating, anyone that neared would hear their cries of pleasure and know not to approach that section.

They would go on for hours and he didn't care. He could go for as long as he had breath in him.

There were snarls mixed with the groans. Biting, scratching, pain and pleasure for both.

It would be a long afternoon.


"How could you not tell me that she was the long lost princess?" Crez touched her cheek. It was still tender but her wound was still mending itself.

Link shrugged. "I didn't know."

"This isn't good."


"Because she's supposed to be dead!" She yelled at him. "She disappeared years ago. How did Zirk find her?"

"I don't know and I don't care. I thought she was human and we needed her out of the way. Turns out she's the rightful princess which means she is the rightful mate for him. It's fine now."

"I hate you. Leave!"

"With pleasure." He rolled his eyes and left her. He had to go to the palace and see his father anyway. With the real princess back there was a lot of explaining. Explaining that Zirk should do but was probably right in the middle of mating.

They wouldn't be able to talk to him until tomorrow.

It didn't matter anymore that Crez hadn't mated with Zirk. Link didn't care since there wouldn't be war any longer.

The land king and queen would actually be grateful for the return of their princess at the hands of Zirk. Everything would be fine on their planet.

Zirk always managed to do the right thing somehow. That's what Link hated.

When he arrived at the palace his father had just been informed of what had happened.

"Are you sure it was her?" He asked the guards that had told him.

"Yes your majesty. She had the long teeth, longer than any predator other than the king and queen. Her green eyes took to the yellow ones. She half shifted right in front of us. She was no human, she was the princess."

"They are correct father." Link approached. "She is Xira. Her hair gives her away as well. No one has that hair other than her mother."

"This means that Zirk didn't err at all. He mated with the right female. Why didn't he tell us?"

"He didn't know she was Xira. He thought he had mated with a human female. He arrived with her in secret to tell you first before showing her to you. Seems that all of that didn't end up being necessary."

"I am sure that Xinas and Rasez are to be learning of the return of their daughter. Where is she and Zirk?"

"Mating I'm sure."

"Then tomorrow we shall deliver her. This more than accomplishes the alliance we wanted. Zirk never lets me down."

"Of course not." Link rolled his neck. Did he have to be reminded of that every time?

"I was told that Crez was hurt during the altercation. Is she well?"

"Not that it matters but yes, she was healing when I left her."

"She will no longer be royalty after this. Too bad."

"Yes. I am leaving now. Since there is no dinner to attend I shall enjoy my rest. I am sure there will be festivities for the returned princess in the following days."

"You are correct. We ourselves will make a large celebration for their mating."

"I will see you at dinner."

His father waved him off. He was much too occupied with the wonderful happenings.


"It will be a short trip. Only a few minutes and nothing will happen to you." The voice was trustworthy. "It will be fun."

I had my doubts but the shiny buttons on the ship drove my insecurities away. They would bring my imagination forth, I was sure of it.

I startled awake by the sound of the ship's door being shut behind me but not before I stared into those hypnotizing yellow eyes.

The stars sparkled above me in the night sky. My limbs hurt along with every single part of my body. I ached in places I shouldn't. That included my gums.

I ran my tongue over my teeth and it soothed slightly.

"God." I sat up. "Zirk?" I whispered in the darkness.

He shifted from beside me. "I'm awake."

"I had a horrible nightmare. I dreamt that Link was trying to get me to fight this woman that liked you. Then I grew long nails and teeth. I wanted to kill her so bad and I think I scratched her. Then I had crazy sex with you." I rubbed my face. "It was fucking weird."

"Xira, it happened."

Xira? I was Xira. My mind went back.

The caves, running as children to them. Zirk, a young boy who I crushed on. I cut his hand and we blood bonded.

He was my mate, my prince.

"Holy shit." I looked down at myself. I was completely naked with bites that were healing. "Did you fucking bite me?" I snapped at him.

"Oh you complain about that? How do you think I feel?" He sat up and showed me his chest. There were long thin scratches with dried blood all over.

"It's real? I'm some kind of freaking mutant?" No, I wasn't. I was an alien, a shifter like him. I belonged on this planet. This was my home. "Where are you, you stupid voice? I need you." I called into the night air. Great, now it was gone when I needed to talk to it.

"Voice? Was it an inner voice?" Zirk questioned.

"Yes. I thought I was going crazy hearing it. That's why I didn't tell you." I looked all around me, waiting as if it would literally come out of hiding.

"That inner voice is what we hear before our first shift and mating. After that it's gone. It is our other side, our other being if you wish to think of it that way."

"This is unbelievable." I felt shock, fear, deliciously pained. Oh my god I had sex out on an open field. I stood up shaking, my legs keeping me up by sheer miracle.

My clothes were in tatters as I picked them up. Zirk also stood to help me I guess.

"You tore my things?" I glared at him.

He sighed. "No, that was you."

I looked at my hands. I realized that it was supposed to be dark but I could see myself almost clearly. I always had good night vision but this was better.

My head started to pound at everything. I wasn't Evelyn. I never was but how did I forget this part of my life?

I remember the strange ship. Then getting out of it and wandering streets until I was found. They all lied to me. They didn't find me in a garbage bin.

I rubbed my face. Someone put me in that ship. I trusted them. Who?

"Evelyn? Xira?" Zirk took my hands and made me focus on him. "I don't know what to call you."

"I've been known as Evelyn for years but it's not really my name is it? You should call me Xira. This is all confusing and I don't know what to think."

My mind was also reeling with the fact that I had sex with him. It had also been freaking amazing. I shivered.

Those small charges inside me. Wow.

"Are you cold?" He asked me.

I shook my head. "I was thinking of what we did. It's all surreal."

"I understand. My mind is trying to wrap around it. You are really here. We all thought you were dead by now."

"Oh thanks." I rolled my eyes.

He cupped my cheek and brought my face upward. I noticed that he was slightly closer than before. Did I grow as well?

I stared into his dark eyes. My heart soared in my chest and suddenly I knew everything was alright because this was supposed to happen.

The Xira in me, the zuko, knew he was always supposed to be my mate. That I loved him since I was a young girl. The Evelyn in me wanted to say no, this was all a dream and not to open my heart because I could get hurt, yet, how could I when he looked at me that way.

"I never forgot you. I always loved you Xira and I never let myself forget that."

"Zirk." I lifted a hand and rubbed my thumb over his lips. He leaned into it. "I love you too." Inside I knew it was true, whether it was Xira or Evelyn. I loved him.

He kissed me with abandon. Heat flared in me even though we already had a steamy mating session.

"Let's go back to the cave." I said when I pullled away. "I think I've had enough public sex."

He chuckled and surprised me by picking me up bridal style. "I wouldn't mind anymore but I will comply with my princess' wishes."

I giggled. I was a princess even before I had married him. A thought startled me. "I have a family."

He nodded. "A mother and father who have missed you. We will go to their home in the morning. I am sure they have received the news by now."

"Why can't we leave now?"

He grinned. "There was a mating match. You were victorious meaning we would be mating for hours, which we did. It is late and they know what we have been up to."

I flushed. "Oh god, I've only had parents for a few hours and they already know I'm getting nooky."

He laughed loudly. It was a wonderful noise to hear. I couldn't help laughing along with him. How could I have thought that I hated him before? Because I didn't know he was always mine.

He carried me all the way to our cave and set me down on the bed.

I dragged him down before he could straighten up. I kissed him with want and need. Mating was what I wanted if everyone already knew we were doing it.

His cool body got over my warm one.

This was my mate and no one was taking him from me.

I felt my teeth grow. I pulled away and touched the canines that extended out of my mouth.

"I don't think I can get used to this." They were sharp at the ends. "What am I supposed to be?"

"You are a saber tooth tiger." He smirked.

"Jesus." I was an extinct animal?

He molded into his half form. "Oh, now I understand why I thought you were fucking handsome like you are at the moment. I swear I wanted to jump in the in laundry room." I giggled.

"Now we know." He kissed me carefully now as to not get hurt by my teeth.

"Do you know how uncomfortable this is?" I pulled away again.

He sighed. "You weren't complaining a few hours ago."

"Of course not. I was all up in the whirlwind of finding out that I was powerful and needed everyone to know that you were mine." I licked my bottom lip. "Really though, how are we supposed to do this withoug getting hurt."

"We're not. Our sex is this way."

"You're a sadist?" I frowned.

He nodded. "As are you and every single person on this planet." To demonstrate he lifted my arm and bit into it.

Blood dripped out of the wound. As I stared a small tingle went down to between my legs. It was freaking hot.

His lips were smeared with it as he kissed me again.

I tasted the copper and moaned. I couldn't get enough of him. He groaned in pain as my now long nails again tore into the skin of his back.

I shuddered in pure ecstasy.

This was going to be a very sexual night.

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