Royal Seduction

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

My mother called for one of the servants to bring rolls of different cloths.

"We must find something that will say 'This is your future queen.' It must be bold and beautiful, like you."

I smiled at the compliments. "I feel fine with what I'm wearing."

"While you do look flawless and I am sure entices your prince. You are a princess and will one day become queen."

She went over to an oak box. She opened it to reveal jewelry. It was all gold.

"I know I have it somewhere..." She frowned as she put out various pieces.

"What are you looking for?"

"Something that will look great with your hair. Here it is." She pulled out a thin circle of gold. It was about a fourth of an inch wide and large enough to fit around the crown of my head.

Long gold chains dangled around it.

"You will wear this. It is a crown of sorts. A bath has been ordered for you. Don't fight the girls when they wash you." She narrowed her eyes at me knowingly. I would have fought them.

"I promise to let them do what they want."


The servants came in with rolls of cloth in different shades of color.

"The bath is ready my queen." One of them approached us.

"Go to the bathroom." My mother ordered me. "I will choose the dress for you."

I wasn't sure how she was going to make a dress while I bathed but I would leave it in her capable hands. There was a lavish bath tub to one wall of the bathroom.

With trepidation I started taking off my clothes in front of the girls that were to help me bathe.

I got into the hot water and moaned. It felt deliciously good.

They quickly got to work on me. One washed my hair while another scrubbed my hands. I let them do everything.

The room quickly smelled of floral fragrances.

I had to say that being worked on felt great. One of the girls even massaged my shoulders.

I was helped out of the water and dried off with soft leaves that seemed to absorb the water from my skin.

A girl neared me with a bottle that held a clear liquid. She poured some in another's hands and it was put in my hair.

The smell was nice and smooth. After she was done I ran a hand through my hair. The soft ringlet of curl that wrapped around my finger wasn't frizzy at all.

I walked out into the bedroom where my mother was having the servants take the cloths she didn't need. On the bed there was a shimmering gold one.

With a smile she brought it up to me and started wrapping it around my body. A servant handed her gold pins that she put on each shoulder to hold up the material.

I felt that my back was exposed as low as could be.

My mother placed the thin band of gold over my head. She threaded the thin chains around my curls to hold them in place.

I was showed other bangles of gold.

"You put them on your arm. Choose whichever you like."

I looked at the different shapes and designs. I chose two that I really liked and they were placed through my arms. They fit right at each of my biceps.

Gold slippers appeared and were put on my feet.

My mother stepped back as did the servant girls. They all had looks of wonder and happiness.

"You look like a queen." My mother smiled and clasped her hands in glee. "Let's show your prince."


Zirk had spoken to Xinas extensively about what they should do. They were now waiting for their women to come down the stairs. One of the servants had told them that they were ready.

The queen showed up first after having changed into a red dress.

What Zirk couldn't do after he saw Xira at the top of the stairs was close his mouth. She was an image of beauty and near grace if she hadn't stumbled on the last step. He didn't care about that though.

She had on a beautiful gold gown that had been wrapped around well enough that accentuated her womanly curves.

Her hair was in delicate coils. She wore a thin crown around her head as jewelry that had gold links threaded through her hair.

"You know, it's not polite to drool." Her smirk reminded him that she was the same old Evelyn.

"You are..."

"Exquisite? Beautiful? The most gorgeous woman on Garzuk?" She teased.

"All of the above." He grinned and offered her his arm. She took it with a pleased expression.

"We should go around the village and see the preparations that have been made." Xinas suggested.

"I would actually like to go meet Zirk's parents. He has yet to introduce me and I don't want to be rude." Xira told them. "If that isn't a problem."

"It isn't. You are right. You must present yourself to them." Rasez, her mother agreed. "They were also invited to the festivities. The mating ceremony will take place tomorrow in their palace. Zamar should show you how that will be and to your liking."

"Zamar is my mother." Zirk explained to her.

"Alright. We will be back soon." Xira did an awkward curtsy.

"That isn't necessary dear. You are a princess." Xinas chuckled.

"Right. I am." Xira shook her head and turned red. "Come on Zirk, take me to my in laws."

"As you like, my princess." He winked at her and led her to the door of the castle.

She kept quiet until they were outside and alone. "Are you going to mock me, your highness?" She tried to keep a straight face.

"Was my tone mocking? I did not realize." He acted surprised. "Forgive me...princess." He made sure to say it sarcasticly.

"I will do you bodily harm if you mock me again." She glared at him.

He suddenly twirled her into a circle. While she was still dazed he swung her into his arms and kept walking like nothing happened.

"Zirk!" She managed to catch her breath. "I am going to kill you for that!" She punched him on the chest but otherwise stayed in his arms.

"You can try killing me later darling."

"What is up with you? Why are you lovable all of a sudden?"

"It isn't all of a sudden. I just realized how happy I am." He smiled tenderly at her. "Aren't you?"

"Well yes." She looked at her hand on his chest. "I'm actually enjoying myself here."

"You do realize that we might not return to earth right?"

She bit her lip. "I hadn't thought about that."

"Your parents are not going to want to let you go anytime soon. Do you have anyone you are going to miss?"

"Not really. Probably just Helen. The kids I grew up taking care off have their own lives now. Guess I won't miss earth."

"We can go visit if you'd like. Besides, there's still the council to think of. I don't know what my father is going to want to do about that. Hell, he might not want to have the alliance anymore."


"None of this bothers you?"

She shook her head. "Surprisingly no. It's kind of like I wouldn't care if we went back or not. I feel like I will be happy here."

He kept walking towards the sea clan's territory. He knew when they would enter it. Even the terrain changed.

There was more rock than grass. He could even smell the sea air.

"When will I be able to transform fully and how will it happen?" Xira suddenly asked him.

"It will take some time. Right now you are young in that and you will have to practice to control your half shifts."

"Will I really turn into a full on saber tooth?"


"So when you're a real shark?"

"Yes. I have to make sure to turn in water. The lack of oxygen is horrible if I do it on land."

"How is this exactly going to work? I mean, you are sea and I am land. We won't ever shift together will we?" There was a sad note in her voice.

"We won't but that's not bad."

"I wish I could share that with you."

His heart thumped a little hard at her words. "I wish for that too but we have a strong enough bond not to let that affect us." He changed the subject by motioning with his head for her to look forward. "That's my home."

She turned her head and gasped. The rock structure amazed her. "It's almost fairytale like."

"I can see the appeal."

"Will your parents approve of me?" She looked back at him.

"You are the land princess, yes."

"Not because of that but I meant my personality. Do you think they'll like me?"

"My parents rarely like anyone so don't feel bad if they aren't excited about meeting and knowing you."

"That doesn't give me much consolation." She shifted in his arms. "You can put me down now. I'd rather walk then let them think I'm some kind of invalid."

"I like having you in my arms." He tightened his hold on her.

She grinned. "As much as I like it as well let me walk. Please."

"Did you just say please? I say, I am amazed." He laughed and let her stand on her feet.

"I'll have you know that I have impeccable manners only I chose not to use them. I wanted to hurt everyone before they could hurt me. I don't think I need that shield anymore. I'm the motherfucking princess now."

"And future queen of Garzuk." He reminded her. "We will reign the complete planet."

Her eyes widened. "What? I thought only one of the clans."

"Xira, you are princess of the land clan, I am prince of the sea clan. With our marriage and mating we have united both clans making this into one clan. The whole planet will be at our mercy when we are crowned king and queen."

"That's...that's...oh my god."

"Unbelievable, I know." He could not believe it but it would be happening. As soon as his father and hers stepped down, which would still be another decade or so, they would rule everyone.

"I'm going to be the evil queen." She took in a big gulp of air. "I've been so mean everyone is going to think I will be horrible."

"You forget that it only was earth or rather the few people that knew you down there that you were mean. Here it's like you have a clean slate. All they remember is the cute little girl that everyone adored."

"I was cute?" She giggled.

"I thought so, yes." He smiled widely. "I thought you were going to be trouble as well. Guess I wasn't that far off."

She put her arms around his neck. "Guess you weren't. Kiss me, my prince."

"Should we really start something we can't finish?" He arched his brow but he was already leaning towards her.

"We're the freaking future king and queen. Let them wait." She locked lips with him.

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