Royal Seduction

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

I tried not to stare in awe at the large throne room. There in the two seats was the king and queen, aka Zirk's parents.

They assessed me quietly. I wanted to fidget but didn't. Evelyn wasn't like that. No I wasn't. I was strong and hard headed. I stood on my own two feet for a long time and I wasn't going to let a couple of stuck ups unbalance me.

I straightened my spine and lifted my chin, giving them a defying look.

A flash of respect and approval flashed in the king's eyes. "Welcome Princess Xira. We have long awaited your arrival."

I arched a brow. "I heard you thought me dead."

Zirk snorted before he composed himself.

"Yes, well we didn't want to believe that child."

"You may call me Xira. I don't like other expressions toward my person."

"As you wish."

The door opened and Link stepped inside the room. "Father, mother, Zirk...Xira." He looked slightly annoyed by my presence. "Good to see you are alive and well."

"You already knew I was." I said a little tartly.

"Yes well I didn't know if you would survive the mating. Zirk is a little savage." He smirked. "All the females he's been with can assert that."

Oh I wanted to slap him and get rid of that knowing grin.

"Link, you are out of line." Zirk growled.

"Am I? I thought it was known. Even our father and mother know. It is no secret from anyone. Why should it bother Xira? She's lived on earth. I'm sure she wasn't pure either."

My cheeks flushed either from embarrassment for it being talked in front of my in laws or anger. It could be from both.

"Enough." The king calmy stopped this. "There are matters that will be discussed in regards to the offence you made to the princess, Link. We will address them tonight after dinner. For now I suggest we get along for the festivities. It is in your honor, Xira."

"I agree." I nodded but still kept an even look on Link. I didn't trust him at all. I would make sure to keep my eye on him.

The king and queen stood from their thrones and came down the short steps. He kissed my hand and she curtsied.

"Permit me to tell you what I have planned for the ceremony tomorrow." She told me.

"Of course. My mother told me I should."

"Rasez always was worrisome for naut." She shook her head and interwined her arm with mine. "We will be back men."

She led me out of the room and toward another large room after we passed the corridor.

"I must say that I love this color on you. You should wear gold. It is the color of status from every clan."

"I didn't know that."

"Now you do. Only royalty wears gold." She showed me her own bangles. "Silver is for the ones below us, like females that are connected to court. There are a counted few. The rest are peasants." She said peasants like it was a dirty word.

I didn't agree with that.

"For tomorrow the ceremony will take place in the grand hall. There will be a feast to cater to your kind and ours. No shifting will be allowed among guests. That is something best left out of the palace unless there is immediate danger."

I think she said that more to my benefit. Zirk had said that I was new to this and would probably not be able to control my changes.

"The best dress shall be for you. I already had some excellent cloths ordered to be made."

"That was not necessary."

"Nonsense, you are our princess Xira. You must look the part even if you haven't been here your whole life. Everyone must know that they shall respect you."

I had to agree to that. "If you insist."

"Any questions?"

"No. It looks like everything is being taken care of."

"Of course. We will only have the best to celebrate the union between you and my son. We should return to them and leave. I am sure the villages have arranged everything by now."

"Lead on."

Once we were back in front of the palace I let go of her arm and took Zirk's. He smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead.

I saw Link roll his eyes and head for the door after his parents.

We headed back the way Zirk had carried me. I saw a few of their own villagers make their way to the land clan side. Actually I imagined that there would no longer be any more clans or divisions.

There were tents with colorful covers. Food, activities and anything that happened in a festival. It really was unerving how it all seemed like earth. Except of course the clothing and people. It almost reminded me of another era.

I was greeted with bows and kneeling wherever I went.

There were small children that would openly stare at Zirk and I. What was weird was that none directly approached me.

It was almost like they were watching something happening from the crowd.

"Why will they not talk to us?" I asked Zirk after what seemed like the twentieth person lower their eyes when I met them with my own.

"We're royalty."


"They can't just approach us Xira. We don't know their intentions."

I frowned. "But they made all of this for us."

"They did it because they were told to not necessarily because they wanted to."

"They look happy though."

"I know."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Royalty and peasants do not mix."

I thought it was ridiculous. "You have got to be kidding me."

"I'm not. This is how it's always been. We can enjoy everything together, the food, the activities but we will not speak to one another. That is unless a royal has to speak to one of them, then they have to answer."

"Is this how it will always be?"

"Yes." That actually made me sad.

These were people that were celebrating us. I was sure of it because I could see the joy in their faces. The fact that they couldn't approach us seemed unfair in my opinion.

"What would you like to do?" He asked me.

"I want to find my parents."

He led me through the crowds of people. His parents and Link had long gone disappeared through the people.

I kept my hold on his arm for fear that I would lose myself in the midst.

We approached a group clad in similar attire as the one I was wearing and Zirk. The men were the distinct black or dark brown. For women there were diffent colors of togas.

I saw my mother and let go of Zirk.

"Mother." I caught her attention.

She smiled. "I've been waiting years to hear you call me that again." She put her arm around me and pulled me into the group.

The first person I saw was Crez. I felt my teeth grow as I growled very animal like.

She stepped back in fear.

"Xira, calm down dear. She is not here to hurt you or challenge you." My mother rubbed my back.

"I would never dream of it." Crez's words rang false to my ears. That could be why my teeth did not retract. I could feel them pressing against my chin even with my lips closed firmly together.

I could see the hate in her eyes. Very much like how Link looked at me. My skin prickled. She was another I would never trust.

"Crez took your spot as heir of the throne while you were gone. Her father, Crix is your father's trustworthy friend. She has now been demoted as part of the court females."

I looked over Crez as my mother explained. I noticed that she was now wearing silver bangles instead of the gold ones she had worn the day before.

"I'm hoping to be mated with Link now. It is what I deserve after what happened." Crez's mouth curved up into a snotty smile. I was sure it was only to my benefit.

"You deserve to be fed to the sharks." I told her calmly.

"Xira!" My mother exclaimed. A few women gasped.

Apparently I had said something in offence.

"It is fine, my queen." Crez's voice dripped of false honey. "She is a wild one. Can you imagine being raise by...humans?" She said in disgust. "Filthy, low, bottom feeding humans."

My blood boiled.

"It's expected that she not have any class but don't worry I shall teach her. I will humbly act as her servant."

"Crez, that is not necessary. You are part of court and you were royalty. Xira will learn our ways soon enough." My mother gave me an encouraging smile. Could she not see what a snake Crez was?

I glared at my enemy. She smiled smugly and made her way towards where Zirk was standing with a few men.

My mother's attention was directed elsewhere by someone so she didn't see Crez rest her hand on Zirk's arm.

She licked her lips and whispered something to him. He lowered and inclined his head to hear her better.

She neared it and spoke again only this time she made sure to caress her lips on his skin.

My hands fisted and sharp pain sprouted from my palms.

"Jealousy doesn't look good on you." Link's breath blew against my ear. "You see what she does? It's worked a hundred times on Zirk. Crez is irresistable."

"He's been with her." I wasn't asking.

"Who hasn't?"

At that moment Zirk turned his head and saw me. Our eyes locked and I made sure to give him a look that would burn him worse than hell.

I turned with a swish of my skirts and escaped through the multitude of people. Link had left me and I wasn't sure exactly when. The man was as silent as, well, silence.

I was very aware that my sharp teeth were still out as my nails were long. I ignored the people that gave me curious looks. Besides, they wouldn't talk to me.

Was this what my new life would be like? With Crez always around trying to seduce my male? Would Zirk fold someday?

'Yes.' The voice, it was back.

'Where have you been?' I asked inside my hair. The last thing I needed was for the people to think me weird. I was sure they already did though.

'Inside. Actually, I'm your conscience.'

'Please tell me I'm going crazy. Zirk said you should be gone.'

'I should but you have asked for me. I was supposed to be your guidance through your teenage years but since I wasn't there I should be here now. Hence since I am your conscience and I am you, don't you think you are imagining this voice?'

'Could be.' I agreed.

'Now, you love Zirk but Crez will never leave you alone. Will you give her the satisfaction by pulling away from our mate?'


'Then why are you running away?'

'I need to think.'


'About how I'm going to murder the bitch without getting in trouble.'

'Oh.' It sounded surprised.

'Yes, she deserves it. Shouldn't you know that since you are supposedly me?'

'Well yes but we're no murderer. Are we?'

'No...' I answered slowly.

'Then why kill her instead of showing her that she will never beat you. You will be queen someday and you will banish her but for the time being make her miserable.'

Hmm, the voice wasn't half bad. I could make Crez's life a living hell. I didn't know how I would do that though.

'Start by making sure that Zirk's parents don't mate Link with her. He is the only other prince and she does not deserve to be royalty.'

I stepped behind one of the tents and smiled at that. I was finally alone and wouldn't look like a fool. 'I think I like this.'

'Of course you do. We are alike.'

'I'll do it just to hurt her.'


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