Royal Seduction

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Now that I was more relaxed my teeth shrunk back to normal as did my nails. The small wounds on my palm started healing themselves.

How did I never notice that any cut or bruise I got disappeared faster than how a normal person should heal?

"Xira?" Zirk called to me from around the front of the tent.

He had been following me and probably lost me when I ducked back here. Satisfied that there was no more evidence of my distress I came out to face him.

I crossed my arms and gave him a dirty look.

He sighed relieved. "I thought I lost you."

"Why didn't you tell me you've slept with Crez before?"

He shifted guiltily. "Who told you?"

"Link, who else. Fucking bastard wants to make me as unhappy as he can. So, why didn't you tell me?"

"It wasn't important."

"That's not a good answer."

"Xira, I don't want to fight about this. I'm with you now." He came near me and cupped my face. "I love you and only you. She meant nothing. I mated with a lot of females in case you didn't get the hint from Link earlier. She was just another."

"Yeah but she wasn't just anyone. She was the one you were to be mated with for life."

"I know."

"Was she good?"


I pouted. "She better not have been better than me."

The corner of his mouth lifted up. "No one has been better than you. Can we stop talking about this? It's making me uncomfortable."

I blew a raspberry. "I guess."

"That's my genteel princess." He joked. "Such manners."

I rolled my eyes. "I may look like a princess but I doubt I will ever act like one. I told Crez that she should be fed to the sharks and everyone gasped as if I had said a curse word."

"Well, being fed to the sharks is a pretty big offense. It's like telling someone from the sea clan that they will be fed to the lions. Very bad and mean."

I giggled. "I get it. I don't regret it though."

"Of course you don't." He grinned. "When have you ever regretted anything coming out of that pretty mouth?"

"I do regret telling you that I hated you back when you told me to mate with you."

"I knew you didn't mean it. Actually there is something I must confess about that."

"What is it?"

"You were never going back to jail. I lied."

I blinked. "You lied?"

"Yes. I wanted you to be my mate. I had to convince you somehow. I thought that was the best way."

I wanted to be angry at him. He had lied to me and forced me to marry him. I couldn't bring myself to have that feeling though.

If he hadn't lied I would probably be alone in the city at the moment without him. I wouldn't feel this happiness at seeing my parents again. I never would have found out that I was really Xira.

"Do you hate me now?" His eyes were questioning.

I shook my head. "I don't."

He was relieved. "Thank you for not being angry."

"Just promise that there will be no more lies."

"I promise."

I hugged him and rested my head on his chest. He rubbed my back and held me close.

"Are you wearing undergarments?" He whispered.

I grinned. "Can you feel if I do or don't?"

"I feel nothing and you were sure to wear them. Remember?"

"I do but it's not a custom here. You could literally take out the pins and this dress will leave me buck naked."

"I like the sound of that."

"Let's go to our cave." I licked my lips and looked up at him. "Let's disappear and be together."

He lowered his forehead to mine. "As much as I wish to do that we shouldn't. The villagers worked hard for this festival."

He did have a point as much as I didn't want to admit it.

"Later though, tonight after dinner I promise to take you to our cave and have my way with you."

"Hmm, then we wouldn't have to return until morning for our mating ceremony."

"That was my thought exactly."

"Alright. We can enjoy the rest of today but don't leave my side. Also, don't let Crez near me. I might not be able to stop myself from scratching her eyes out if I see you two talking."

"I only want you and I will stay by your side, wife."

"What happened to princess?" I pouted as we walked back to the crowds.

"You are my princess, my wife and my mate. I plan on using every single one to describe you to me."

"I do like the sound of you calling me wife. Princess too. Mate is for when we're fucking." I lowered my voice when I said the last part.

"I don't think fucking is all we do."

I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. "No?"

He shook his head. "Nope. We make love as well."

My stomach flipped.

"Do you disagree, my princess?"

I blushed but didn't look away. "I don't, my prince."

"Good. Oh look, fish." He led me a cold stand. They had an array of fish and meat.

I wondered something. "Do none of your clan turn into fish?"

"Not this little. The ones that do turn are as big as me."

"Oh and where does the meat and leather come from?"

His eyes sparkled in amusement. "You don't eat your villagers Xira. This meat comes from a specific breed of animal. They are strictly non shifters. They are just animals farmed to eat. The leather comes from something completely different. No animals."

That kind of surprised me but it did answer my questions correctly. Without guilt I asked for a piece of meat.

I had never eaten raw meat before but I remembered craving it at the facility. I bit into it and thought it was the most delicious thing I had ever put in my mouth.

"This is delicious." I told him after I swallowed.

"I personally prefer fish." He chuckled and led me away.

We mostly walked and talked after eating. We held hands and he presented me to a few members of the court.

I did see Crez a few times in the crowd. Link was by her side. He looked as indifferent as if he was with any other person. She on the other hand tried to get his attention and often linked their arms together.

I hadn't forgotten that I could not allow them to mate together. I would speak of the matter with Zirk's father later. He had said that there would be a discussion after dinner.

I found my parents and we talked with them for a while. I leaned into Zirk looking for his comfort. He was always there.

The day passed quickly and soon the sun would be setting.

"We are invited for dinner." My mother told me.

"Great. I didn't want to have to decide between you two." I smiled as we walked to Zirk's home.

"You look truly happy with Zirk." She mentioned casually.

"I am. He's the perfect mate."

"I'm glad. I always worried that he wouldn't be the right one because of our differences. It works well though for the moment."

"It will always work. Together we are stronger."

"I didn't even get the chance to introduce you to Crix. Your father spoke to him about wanting to find the traitor. He said he would be at your disposal shall you come to remember who he is."

"I will meet him tomorrow then. Is he coming to the ceremony?"


While we were gone the dining hall of the palace had been decorated and prepared for dinner. I could detect the smells of meat and seafood.

I sat with Zirk and everyone else took a seat around the table.

My parents and his chatted about the ceremony preparations. I focused on my food and my mate.

It felt as if a long time had passed since we had met when in reality it hadn't even been a week.

"You look like you have a lot on your mind." He whispered to me.

"I don't. At least not too much."

"May I know what it is that you are thinking about?"

"How everything is different compared to how it was a week ago. I was in a prison thinking I had quite a few years left on my sentence. Never thought of ever actually meeting a real alien. What about you? What were you doing a week ago?"

"Annoying without mercy Mary and Ror. They are my favorite couple and dare I say the only real friends I have."

I giggled. "Really?"

"Yes, they are the only ones that tolerate me. It could also be because I saved Ror a couple of weeks ago or because Mary has a big heart."

"They do care for you even if you annoy them."

"I know."

We finished dinner and then it was time to say goodbye to my parents. My mother promised to arrive early to help me prepare for the ceremony.

Zirk's father told us that he wanted a meeting along with Link in the throne room. The queen left us alone to go rest.

Link leaned against the wall of the room waiting to see what his father would say.

I crossed my arms and Zirk stood beside me.

"Link, what you did was put the princess in danger. Your intent was to have her killed and that is easily treason."

When Link was about to say something the king raised his hand.

"I am not finished. As punishment you will be mated with Crez."

Although that would be a good punishment for Link by the look of horror on his face I did not want that.

"No." I told the king.

All three men looked at me in shock.

"I do not want him mated to Crez. I have plans for her as soon as I am queen. Being made royalty is not part of it."

I ignored the look of relief on Link's face and Zirk's confused one.

"I suggest you mate him with another species. A species you despise as does he to make him learn his lesson not to cross me." I glared at Link. His jaw set in anger.

The king grinned. "There's hope for you yet princess. I agree with your proposition." He looked at Link. "You will be mated to a human."

My eyes flashed to him. "Wait, what?"

"Humans are the most despised species to us. There is nothing lower than that. Link may be a prince but he will never be king unless something happens to Zirk which of course won't. We need earth and since we have not been able to get a seat on council, Link will be the unity. I will speak to Chief Rak. I am aware of the differences in opinions between humans. I want that ridiculous rebel revolution to stop. What better way than mating my son to one of their own."

This was not what I wanted. I thought there would be another place, another type of alien but not a human. At the hands of Link...I looked to him.

He was furious. He glared at us with such anger in his gaze. I was surprised I didn't melt on the spot.

"Earth is not what I meant." I said softly.

"Father, you cannot be serious. They will never allow it." Zirk intercepted.

"I'll convince them. I have my ways. This is done and my decision has been made. You will be a great queen one day my dear."

I held my breath as he left the room. I felt the tension and the inminent doom.


"This is all your fault. If you had never come this would not have happened." He growled. "I swear that I will make that pathetic human's life a living hell. Her days will be filled with misery, as much or more than what I will feel being mated with her. She will have you to thank." His words were full of venom.

He turned on his heel and stomped out.

If Zirk hadn't been there I probably would have crumbled to the floor. He held me by the waist as I stared up at him.

"What have I done?"

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