Royal Seduction

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

"The day is beautiful." Lus commented as he strolled through their park with Helen. He had awoken with the desire to see her again.

He had gone to seek her out from her guest room and invited her. She had readily accepted much to his amusement.

"It is." She smiled into the slight breeze.

It ruffled her wavy brown hair. There was a sprinkle of highlights in it. They used to be grey mixed in but Hannah and Mary had taken her to get it colored yesterday afternoon.

He liked the small wrinkles she had around her eyes when she smiled.

He was fully aware of her past and of her reasons for what she had done. It should have kept him away but he could not.

The allure of her was her kindness, he could sense it. It was palpable like a soft object. She cared deeply for people.

She deserved a second chance and he wanted to be the man to do it.

"Helen." The way he spoke her name had shivers running down her spine.

"Yes, Lus?" He had the same affect.

"I know that my intentions may not be welcomed but I hope that is not the way. I understand that you will be going back to prison tomorrow."

She nodded sadly. "I need to finish my shortened sentence. It's only two months."

He stopped her and took her hands. They were small in comparison to his. She blushed deeply and tried to look up at him.

The older alien had a hint of gray at the temples. The dark blond hair made them more noticible. He may not have wrinkles but he had deep set eyes that showed age in a way.

Her heart beat steadily as she stared up into his golden eyes. They made her nervous and at the same time pulled her to him.

"I wish to call you my female. I wish for you to be a part of me."

Her mouth opened slightly in surprise. "Are you serious?"

His mouth crooked up into a genuine smile. "Yes."

"But...I killed my other husbands. What makes you think I won't try to kill you?" She asked. She knew she wouldn't. Lus was different in every way to the other men. She had to ask though. She didn't want him to regret any decision towards her.

"I know you won't do it. I can sense who you are Helen. That was your past and I am more than willing to forget it."

"Others may not approve."

He shrugged. "I only care if you approve. Do you feel the same way I feel about you?"

What she felt for him was undescribable. No man had made her speechless, baffled or nervous as he did. It was a good feeling too. "Why don't you tell me what you feel for me first and then we will see." She felt ridiculous teasing him at her age but he brought out something youthful in her.

He grinned. "I feel attraction." He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Desire." Her cheeks flushed as he rubbed his thumb over her cheek and he leaned closer. "Love." He whispered the last word and kissed her.

She melted against him. She felt like a teenager all over again with raging hormones.

Here she was at the age of 47 and she was kissing a man in a public park. Correction, an alien.

Love, yes, she felt love in her heart for a man that she had just met. It gave her hope for finally finding happiness. A sense of safety she hadn't felt before.

She didn't want the kiss to end but it had to at some point. She was just as breathless as him.

"Does this mean you accept?" He smiled down at her, his eyes were molten gold that made her tingle in places that hadn't for years.

She nodded like a fool and soon they were kissing again.


Hannah and the rest of the women nervously waited for the elevators to open. A reunion that had been long time coming would soon happen.

They opened and they couldn't hold back the tears.

Riley and the other three missing women were finally home.

They were hugged from all around, crying at the joy of seeing each other again. Rak held back along with the other women's males.

Hannah, Nadia, Susan and Amy at last had the opportunity to hug Riley and Lacie.

"My girls." Riley hugged them tightly with tears in her eyes. "Oh Nadia, you look beautiful."

"Thank you. I should, I feel like I have been pregnant forever." She giggled and cried at the same time.

"Lacie, I'm glad you're home." Hannah hugged her.

"Me too. I already had my reunion with Dru. He's so big and Xer told me how much you all took care of him."

"Of course. We're all family." Bea hugged her next. "How was your reunion with your bigger man?" She winked.

Lacie turned bright red. "We accidentally touched on the ship. Thank god there are rooms in there. That's why we were a little late arriving."

"We expected as much without anyone warning you." Hannah laughed knowingly. The first time she and Kit had touched after they had found them on Treks had been electric. Such intensity. She sighed. It was always good.

"You must meet Mary. She's the newest and only corg female at the moment." Nadia introduced.

Mary shyly hugged them. "It's nice to meet you. Hannah and Nadia always had great things to say about you two."

"That's good to know." Riley smiled warmly. "I hope you girls have been taking care of my kitchen."

"Of course we have. Always the best because there can't be anything less." Nadia laughed.

"You know it." Riley joined in.

There was food and mingling as everyone talked. A cake had even been made.

Nadia grew tired and she left with Kat. Mary stayed for a while longer until she wanted to go home and cuddle with her man.

Hannah and the rest of the girls helped with the party.

Lus arrived with Helen and gave the good news to Rak. He wasn't all that surprised since the older lakies didn't use the pairing system as much as the younger ones.

He was a little concerned about Helen's past but trusted Lus' judgement.

Everything was going fine until an alert on his wrist communicator told him that there was a call from Garzuk in the communications room.

He told Riley that he needed to take care of it and would be back for her. He took Kit with him since he wasn't occupied at the moment and asked Ror to join as well. It was always good to have witnesses to any conversation with another planet that was not in alliance as of yet.

He answered the call in the room and the large screen blinked on. King Zoteq, the sea king, was waiting for him.

"It appears you were busy." He was not always up for pleasantries.

"We were but I saw that I had a call from you. What may we help with?"

Zoteq smiled. "I like your question. What may you indeed help with?" He tapped his chin. "You are obviously aware that we are not allies for you did not put my son on the council."

"Yes but he has mated and as soon as he returns he will be put in place."

He waved his hand. "No need. I will need for my other son, Prince Link, to replace Prince Zirk."

"Is he mated?" Rak asked.

"Not yet. This is why I am calling. I need a human to mate with him as punishment for his actions here on Garzuk. Princess Xira agrees and came up with the idea."

"Princess Xira?" Rak was not aware of there being a princess.

"Yes. She is Zirk's mate. It is a long story and I do not feel like explaining it at the moment. I am aware of your current enemy on earth. The rebels."

"They are not exactly..."

"I am not finished. They are the enemy if they are not yet in agreement with you being on earth. To fix that problem and my current one. I will have one of the rebel females, the most important rebel female, to mate with Link."

Rak's jaw clenched. "You cannot be serious."

"I am. I don't want you to pick one from the crowd of them. No." Zoteq shook his head. "I want one of the daughters or the daughter of the man that started it all."

Ror growled. He knew exactly who they wanted.

"It is only fair as I will be giving up one of my princes. He is valuable even if he does defy me."

"He won't accept." Rak already knew what Mason would say.

"He will have to if he doesn't want humanity to be extinguished. I am prepared to go to earth with all my alliances and be rid of every single being down there. I will take over and I will make sure that everyone forgets humans ever existed." Zoteq glared at them. "You know we are more powerful than the measly alliance you have with Corg. You are no match to us."

Rak looked at Kit and Ror. Zoteq spoke the truth. Garzuk was not only powerful because of what they could force other aliens to do but they had alliances that ran for generations. Alliances that would not doubt in helping them.

"Have I made myself clear?" Zoteq patiently waited.

"I will speak to the rebel leader. His decision will be your answer." Rak forced out.

"I will give him 24 hours to make a decision. If he hasn't or says no. Be prepared to battle in 36 hours. My men are more than ready and it's only a quick call to friends. Good day."

The screen went blank and the room was silent for a moment.

Rak could be in shock or simply not know what to say in that moment. Garzuk could very well wipe them all in a few days.

"What are we going to do?" Kit asked.

"I need to contact Mason Green and have him come. Selene as well. I think she should know what is going on and have a say." He sighed.

Ror agreed. "She doesn't have to do it if she doesn't want to. I believe that we could put up a good fight."

They could but they wouldn't win and that hung heavily in the air.

Rak looked for Mason's number and dialed it on the communicator. A secretary answered the call.

"I would like to speak to congressman Mason Green. I am Chief Rak and I have an important message that requires his attention."

"One moment please."

"Call Selene please." Rak told Ror. "She knows you better."

Ror nodded and turned away to use his own communicator.

"Mason Green." Her father answered. "What do you need Chief Rak?"

"I am sorry to bother you but I have recieved news from a planet and I would like to discuss them with you. I'd rather it be in person if possible."

"What could I possibly have to talk with your kind? We helped each other repair the city but that is all. We are not friends."

"I understand." Rak tried to reason. "This matter involves your daughter. I cannot tell you over the phone. Please make arrangements to come to our facility."

"Is Selene well?"

"That we know of, yes."

"I will be there later today if it is truly important."

"It is."

"I will call you when I know what time I will be at the facility."

"See you then Mr. Green."

The line clicked.

"Selene is on her way." Ror told Rak. "I told her it was an emergency and she may or may not think that something happened to Mary. I am going to go talk to my female to tell her to greet Selene first."

"Go. We will wait for her here."

Ror stepped out of the room.

"Do you think she will accept?" Kit asked.

"I doubt it but if the lives of humans are in danger she might." Rak rubbed his forehead in frustration. "Why would Zirk's female come up with this? She doesn't even know Selene."

"She actually did meet her. Hannah told me there was a disagreement at dinner a couple of nights ago. It was between Selene and Xira, although her name used to Evelyn. Anyway, they insulted each other and Selene left."

"Then Xira is doing this for revenge?"

"She was a criminal. Do you want me to stay while you tell Selene what is going on?"

"You can leave. I will ask Ror to be here, maybe even Mary. She could be the calm in this storm."

"Sure. It will all turn out well Rak." The lakie told him and then left Rak with his thoughts.

When would they have peace? They had thought that an alliance with Garzuk would be beneficial. They should have known that they were not easy, their kind wasn't easy.

He knew how Zirk was and although he annoyed the other aliens he was a good alien. He had helped in many things but he did not know his brother.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. His only hope was that he was similar to Zirk or better but the way their father was he doubted it.

An hour passed slowly and then the door slid open. Selene and Ror stepped into the room.

Selene looked the most wary with not knowing what was happening.

"Your father will be arriving in a few hours. Could we get you anything? Coffee? Water?" Rak offered.

She crossed her arms. "I didn't come to socialite. Ror called to say there was an emergency. I thought something bad happened to Mary and it turns out she's fine. What is it that is so important for me to be here with you?"

"Do you know the planet Garzuk?"

She nodded. "Zirk's planet." There was a flash of sadness but that was it.

"His father, the king, wants an alliance with earth."

"Okay. I still don't know what that has anything to do with me."

Rak decided to be blunt. "He has requested that his youngest son marry the rebel founder's daughter."

She stared at him processing what had just been said. "What?"

"I am sorry but I had to inform you. If you say no he plans on attacking earth and killing all of humanity. Us as well. It is still your decision though."

She slowly took in a breath and let it out the same. "Why would he suggest such a thing? How would he even get the idea? He doesn't know me. At least not that I know."

"Zirk's female told him to do it."

Pure fury burned in the depths of her brown eyes. "That...bitch..."

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