Royal Seduction

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Submitted: February 27, 2017



Chapter 3

I was escorted towards the warden's office by one of the guards, actually Steven, the one that always bugged me.

"Apparently the alien asked for you especially. Do you know why?"

"No and I don't care either."

"Maybe he wants some special kind of loving."

"Gross." I was so not into anything kinky. Having sex with an alien was pretty high up on that list. I actually didn't even miss sex, it was always boring.

God, why was I even thinking about that now.

He knocked on the door and it opened. Before I could step inside the large alien pushed Steven out of the way.

"I will speak to her outside. I need privacy and I doubt you will leave me alone with her in the office."

"You got that right." The warden said as the alien shut the door.

He was impressively tall, I had to say that. He was the first alien I had met. I had been sent to prison right before they arrived.

I crossed my arms and gave him a dirty look.

"If you are here to ask for any favors because you 'saved' me, you got another thing coming. I am not that kind of woman."

"Favors? No. What kind are you talking about?" He was staring into my eyes intensely. Even slightly leaning into me.

"The kind that every guard in this place expects in a darkened storage room."

"A darkened storage room? Explain please."

He was very weird. "First, back the hell up." I raised my hand and pushed his chest. He had gotten closer to me in the last couple of seconds. "Second, ew. I am not explaining a blowjob to you, pervert."

He arched a brow. "I'm a pervert? I never asked you to explain what a blowjob is. I happened to know from experience exactly how that works."

"Those are the favors I was talking about."

He made a face. "That's it. All human men are disgusting and a disgrace."

"I completely agree." I sighed. "Now, what do you want?"

"I'm trying to figure you out. I can't read you or know what you are thinking about."

"Oh, you're not only a pervert but also a psycho. Get the fuck away from me and leave me alone." I turned to leave and he grabbed my arm.

The instant his skin touched mine I felt something tingly course through my body. It wasn't intense, it was mostly awareness.

The hairs on my arm raised. I stared at where his hand was. I slowly raised my eyes to his. I could feel the pounding of my heart and the heat crawl up my neck.

I pulled away harshly and rubbed my arm.

"I'm sorry for grabbing you. It's necessary for me to read your mind."

"Why?" I didn't understand what he meant. This all felt like some kind of twilight zone shit.


"Because why?"

"I don't know alright." He growled in frustration. "All I know is that I can't see inside and I would like to know what there is to see."

"Well sorry but that ain't happening. I wouldn't even know how to do it in the first place. Guess my time got wasted for nothing. I have to go, I don't want to miss dinner."

"Will I see you again?"

"I don't know." I really turned this time and walked a few steps. "Freak." I muttered under my breath.

I heard him chuckle. It was interrupted by the prison alarm. The mechanical lock clicked on the warden's door.

"What is that?" He frowned and glared at the large red lights running down the hall.

"It means you're fucked!" I yelled back at him.

I went toward the cells, all of them were open. There was screaming from the women as they were running around like crazy.

I ran towards the main dining/recreational area. From the top I could see how uncontrollable everything was.

Somehow one of the inmates had gotten into the control room. They were rounding up the prison guards. Only lord knew what they would do to them. I had a pretty good idea though.

"Shit." I wanted to run and hide in the library but that would mean that I would leave the big alien alone.

Eh, he could protect himself.

"Let's kill them!" Jenny, known as Jenny from block C the infamous serial killer, yelled. She had what looked like a sharpened toothbrush in her hand.

With a quick jab she stabbed one of the guards. There was a roar of laughter as a few others got into it and started beating them.

"Damnit." They would kill the alien if they got their hands on him.

I made my way back to the warden's office. He was stupidly trying to get back into the room.

"That thing is built like Fort Knox. We need to find another place for you. Getting out of this prison is going to be next to impossible until swat or whatever government group comes to help."

He glanced at me from over his shoulder. "I happen to be a very powerful zuko."

I smacked my lips. "Alright pretty boy, let's see what you've got. My guess is that you've been trying to get into that room since I left. Am I wrong?"

He sighed in annoyance and turned fully to me, crossing his arms. "What's your plan?"

I smirked. "I thought you were a powerful zuko. Actually 'very' powerful."

He narrowed his eyes. "I'll give you a chance."

"For the moment I don't know exactly where I can hide a giant but I do know that we have large baskets in the laundry room. There's one problem. Laundry room is all the way down the hall and in front of the riot of women."

"Any other suggestions?" He arched a brow.

"Ironically, a storage closet until night comes and hopefully they tire out and fall asleep."

"Fine. Hopefully I can call the facility and let them know what terror happened here."

"Follow me, zuko." I turned my heel and headed back the way I had come. There was a storage closet a few doors down. It would be stuffy but it could work. We'd have to put something in front of the door though to keep anyone out.

"It's Zirk."

"What?" I called over my shoulder as I looked for the room.

"My name is Zirk. Prince Zirk to be exact but you can drop the prince."

"Uh-huh. Here it is." I jiggled the knob and opened the door.

It was like every other storage room looked like. There were cleaning supplies, a sink, shelves and a very small extra space.

I let him go in first and then I followed. I shut the door behind me and started putting things in front of it.

"I think this would be better." He got a hold of one of the movable shelves and picked it up without any trouble. He put it against the door and that was that.

"Guess you are very powerful." I teased.

"I told you. Why would I lie?"

"Really? A lot of men lie to get what they want. You are not the first guy to tell he's freaking powerful." I blew a raspberry and looked around the small room. "We'll sit here and wait. Actually call whoever you said you would. I'm guessing you have a phone."

"I have something better." He turned on what looked like a watch on his wrist.

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