Royal Seduction

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Chapter 30

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Submitted: March 13, 2017



Chapter 30

It was early morning. The white sun was bright. The waves crashed against the cliff. Both clans were all there to watch the execution of Crix. Not everyone would see but it was mandatory.

I stood with Zirk at the front, near the edge of the cliff.

"Confess your crimes." Zirk's father told Crix.

"There is nothing to confess."


"I, Crix, took Xira when she was five years old and put her on a ship. My intent was to have her vanish from our planet. I used a tonic from the village witch, which I got through lies, and gave it to her. It worked to make her forget anything that happened up until the moment she was to arrive on earth. She would never know that she was a princess and her eyes were changed thanks to it. That was all."

"For the crime of treason you will be executed. Any other last words." My father's voice rang out to all.

I stared at Crix wanting him to confess why he did it after hearing the how. It seemed that he had the same idea.

"I do not regret what I did. I do regret not killing her." He glared at me.

My mother gasped. "How could you? You were our dearest friend."

"Not dear enough. Xira was the only one between me and becoming king. I knew that if I got rid of her, Zirk would mate with Crez. The kingdom would be ours. She would do whatever I would ask and Zirk would meet his death in some accident. That's why I did it. It would have worked had Zirk never found you. I damn that day!"

My father had heard enough. He pushed him off the cliff. Crix's cry slowly faded until it stopped when he landed in the water.

Crez was a sobbing mess near my mother. I chose to ignore her. It had to be hard to witness her father's death but I knew she would still blame me for everything.

"Let it be known that we will not forgive treason." My father told everyone.

Zirk tightened his hold around me as we started walking down. It was time to go to the palace and make the arrangements for our departure tomorrow.

Link was silent as he walked behind us. I was sure that he was thinking of a way to get out of it.

"How do you feel?" Zirk interrupted my thoughts.

"Tired. Thinking about tomorrow."

"You can rest and I will take care of everything."

"No, I'll be fine. I'd rather we did all we could and then I'll rest. How long will we be staying?"

"Only a day or two. Then we will come back home, Link and Selene will stay for a few days until my father is satisfied. He will order whatever he wants Link to accomplish on earth and they will go back."

"You and I will stay to reign or rather prepare to."

"Yes. I will help teach you everything you needed to learn since you were gone."

"Great." I told him slightly sarcastic. I was not looking forward to that. It would be like going to school all over again I was sure.

"That didn't sound very motivated. Should I be worried?" He tried to tease me.

"Sorry. I didn't like school much as a child."

"I will be a different teacher. I promise."

I smiled up at him. I knew he would be different. It was all too much of what was going to happen. I was nervous at having to confront everyone on earth.

It was ridiculous. I was a princess, future queen and even before knowing that I had been fearless. Somehow knowing the truth of who I was had changed me.

I didn't want to be an evil queen. I wanted to help my people and planet the best way possible.

I wanted to help earth and for that to happen I would have to earn the trust of the women that were in the facility.

All of that wasn't necessary but deep in my heart I knew that I would not be able to live with myself if I continued down this path of destroying everything because I didn't want to hurt. Revenge was also something best left to god.

Karma could be a bitch as well. I knew that something would come back and bite me in the ass.

The question was, would I be prepared for it? I highly doubted it.

We reached the palace and I said goodbye to my parents.

"I will be back this time." I hugged my mother.

"I know. Take care and be back soon. We would stay but we have matters to adress with Crix's death."

"I understand." I hugged my father as well and they bid their goodbyes to the sea king and queen.

Link was already in the throne room which was also used as a meeting room since we we've used it for that many times.

He was off to the corner of the room by the window. His face was stone cold as he stared out.

I didn't say anything to him as we entered along with their father.

Their father spoke to Link. "You will take the same five guards that went with Zirk. I will be watching the ceremony from the view screen. Apparently you must marry on earth as well as your brother. It is only a signed document. You will come here and I will prepare you for what I want you to do on earth. After spending a few days you will go back with your mate and rule on the council."

"As you wish." Link's tone was hard. "Anything else, your majesty?"

"I don't expect you to love the female. I do expect you to be faithful. I do not want you having sex with anyone else. You will breed her and make sure she is with child soon. You know we mate for life and I want you to make sure you follow the rules of our planet."

"Just like Zirk then."

The king sighed. "Do as you are told by me. That is all. You are dismissed. I expect you bright and early tomorrow to leave for your trip."

"Sure." Link stomped out of the room.

"As for you, princess." The king turned to me. "You will be in charge of preparing the human in the ways of our people. The days she will be here, she will also be taught by Zirk. I hope that you both get along for the sake of humanity. Zirk do what you can to keep your brother in line the time you are down there. You may leave."

I gave him a nod and followed Zirk out to the stairs.

"Guess we have our instructions." I told him on the way up to our room.

"Yes. Do you think you could get along with Selene?"

"I certainly hope so. For the sake of me not killing her if she can control her feelings for you." I told him tartly.


"I know. I know I should be nice. I will for this is my fault. Don't worry." I entered our bedroom and sat on the bed.

"Are you just going to let me do all the packing?" He joked.

I giggled and sighed. "No, I only needed a moment to myself."

He came and kneeled in front of me taking my hands. "Do you want to know what is the most important thought here?"

"What is it?"

"That I love you will all my heart and that you are finally in your rightful place. Don't worry about the decisions we will be forced to make or the outcomes of such. Rule like your gut and heart tell you to. Decided what you truly want. Yes, you wanted to hurt Crez but I think deep inside you were worried of what type of person she could be for our people. I believe that Selene, although she won't be here ruling, will have great ideas for the council and how to make everything work for the better by uniting the rebels and humans. I think this might turn out to be a good thing if Link can see that and remember who he truly is."

"Do you really think that he can be the Link we knew as a child?"

He nodded. "Yes, away from our father he can be. Now, am I the only one that is going to be declaring my love?"

I saw the teasing glint in his eyes. "I love you too, Prince Zirk."

"Good. Before we start packing I would like to mate with you, princess."

My stomach flipped and my teeth grew. "What are you waiting for?"

That's all the incentive needed.

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