Royal Seduction

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The loud banging against the door woke us up. It took me a minute to realize where we were and what was going on.

"Shit!" I stood up fast and kicked Zirk although he was waking up as well.

"Ow! I'm awake." He hissed nursing his side.

I shrugged. "I wasn't sure."

"Who's in there?! Open the door!"

"Crap. Crap. Crap." I looked around the room to see where he could hide. I ran to one of the dryers. If he was shorter maybe he could have fit in the large compartment.

There were two large rolling wagons that held dirty sheets.

"Oh no." He saw where my eyes landed. "I am not getting in there."

"Okay." I clicked my tongue. "Which do you prefer? Hiding in dirty clothes or fucking death? It won't be merciful either."

He growled but headed for one of them. I helped by taking out the sheets and making room for him to get in.

He was very big and barely managed to curl up in it. I threw the sheets over him and pushed the bin towards the washing machines.

"Open the freaking door!" Someone banged again.

"I'm coming!" I put a 'don't mess with me' expression on my face and went to unlock the door.

I was pushed out of the way by two women.

"Can I welcome you to my humble abode?" I crossed my arms.

"Why did you take too long to open the door?" The tallest of the two narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously.

"I was sleeping in here. Didn't think anyone would bother me."

"We want sheets and thought this room should stay unlocked." She stepped up to me. "What do you have to say about that?"

I leaned back on my heel and pretended to look at my nails. "I'll make you a deal and I want you to spread it around. I will wash the sheets for everyone and hand out clean ones if I'm allowed to keep this place as my own."

She looked back at her companion.

"If you don't agree then all of you wash your own sheets." I smacked my lips and walked around her with my chin held high. I hoped to hell this worked.

"I agree to it. Nobody wants to do any more duties. Do you have any clean sheets?" She went towards the bin Zirk was hiding in.

"Yes." I caught her attention to the folded ones away from it. "Take all of these. I'll go around picking up the ones at Block B, spread the word.

She nodded and took the sheets I gave her.

As soon as they were out of the door I locked it and leaned against it. At least that worked.

Zirk shuffled out of the bin then. "Thank god I don't have the keen sense of smell corgies have." He glared with disgust at the dirty sheets.

"Let's get to working prince jerk. We need to deliver and pick up dirty sheets."

"You're the one that agreed to that."

"Do you want to get your ass saved or would you rather die here? I told you those are your only options."

"Fine. How do you wash?"

I smirked. "I'll show you."

I had to agree that it was kind of funny to see a man and an alien at that washing and drying with me. He looked bored out of his mind but it was our only escape.

Once we had quite a few sheets folded I told him to get back in the dirty bin.

He grunted and said a few choice words in english. He crammed himself inside and I threw in a couple of sheets just to cover him.

I pushed the wheeling cart. The guy was heavy.

I unlocked both connected doors and opened them wide to get the bin out. We fit through the corridor. I went around and apparently the word had spread.

The inmates were throwing their sheets into the bin without me having to ask for them. I exited our block and went to block B.

There were a few women there, even Big Mama.

"Hey Evie. Do you like your freedom?" She leaned against the doorway of her cell.

I shrugged. "We're still in jail. Not much of a difference."

"I agree. I don't know what possessed Leti to attack the guards and get into the control room."

"She's the one that did it?" I crossed my arms. I didn't expect her to be the one, she was the most quiet of the women. Although she did have her muscle girls to keep order here.

"Yep. Her and her group. She found out yesterday that her ex-husband is getting married and moving to another country with her son."

"Fuck. That got to have hurt."

"Indeed and that's how we find ourselves in this situation. Now we're going to have added years. I'm never going to get out of this place."

I felt for her. She thought she would leave someday even though we all knew it would never happen. She did make sense that we would all get added years because of Leti's stupidity.

Hell, I was supposed to leave in a few years. Now I would have a longer sentence.

"We have to do something. Would you help get inside the control room?"

Big Mama looked taken aback. "What do you plan on doing?"

"Opening the doors to the police. Do you think it possible?"

"I don't know. Leti has her girls stationed there in block C." She sighed and clicked her tongue. "I don't think we could do it alone."

I glanced at the laundry bin. "I'll think of something and if I think it will work, I'll come find you. Maybe if we help they'll shorten our sentence."

"If it can work, I'm in to whatever will help me." She smiled warmly at me.

Sometimes I could forget that she was a murderer. "I'll see you. I have more sheets to pick up."

"Why are you doing that Evie?"

"I'm coming up with a plan and I think this is helpful towards it."

She looked confused but didn't question me further.

I kept rolling until the end of block B. At the door I could clearly see Leti's two girls stationed at the control room.

We would have to get past them to get inside. I didn't know how far Zirk's mind control ranged.

"Can you feel them?" I whispered into the large pile.

"Yes." His voice came out muffled. "Barely, there's a block of something. Metal is my guess."

"Yes, there is only a door separating them from us."

"Okay. We would have to get through that door for me to be able and control them."

"Alright. We'll see what we can do. For now this thing is full and I think you should call the other aliens to tell them what we're planning."


"Now shut up. I'm wheeling you out."

He made a noise of discontent that made me smile. I felt a little naughty and dangerous knowing that I had an alien in my laundry basket. Only I knew he was in there and it was a secret between him and me.

Something stretched inside of me as if it had been sleeping. It was an odd feeling and I didn't know what to think of it.

It had started since yesterday when he touched me.

My heart started raising as I thought about his skin on mine.


"What?" I asked. I thought I had clearly heard something. I shook my head and went back towards the laundry room.

The sheets we had washed and folded were gone. I wheeled in the bin and shut the doors once more, locking them.

"You can get out now?" I told him as I started taking sheets out.

He broke through them. He helped me put them in the two washing machines and sat down on the floor.

While he spoke to his associates on his watch I went to sit on one of the tables. I was bored being stuck there.

The laundry room also got hot from the machines.

I could use with a shower.

I glanced over to the sink in the room. I could probably wash myself and my clothes here. I looked over my shoulder at Zirk. He kind of made it impossible.

Since when did I care what the opposite sex thought of me? Sheesh, I was my own woman.

I jumped down and pulled at the buttons on my orange jumper. None of the women would bother me for now. I had given them fresh sheets and taken all the dirty ones. If they wanted clean uniforms the laundry room on block C was for that. Maybe since I would be taking care of the sheets someone would do the uniforms.

I salvaged one of the clean sheets by hiding it in the dryer. It would work while my clothes got washed and dried.

I pushed off the sleeves and slipped out of the jumper. I left my black flat shoes on the floor and peeled off my socks.

There was no luxury underwear or bras here so we wore the standard whitie tighties.

I turned on the water and washed my face. There was hand soap I could use to clean my underarms. As soon as we got out of here I would have a proper shower.

The infinite silence made me aware that Zirk was no longer talking on his watch.

I swallowed and kept doing what I did. I didn't dare wet my hair. The thing would turn into an ugly monster that wouldn't be tamed until I could get my hands on a brush or comb.

Zirk nearly gave me a start when his bare arms came from around me. Bare, they were bare.

That meant...

I turned around quickly and came face to face with his naked chest.

My eyes trailed painfully slow upward. His chiseled chest led to a strong neck. Upwards to a well formed jaw and a smirk on his lips.

"You had a great idea." His lips moved. "It's hot in here."

I moved my eyes to land on his. They were shining in amusement. He knew he was making me uncomfortable and he relished in it.

I set my jaw and lifted my hands to push him away. Instead they stayed on the planes of his chest.

I felt warmth fill me.

'Yes. Touch him.'

"What?" Once again I heard that voice. Was it him? "What did you say?"

He frowned. "Nothing."

'Touch him. Kiss him. Claim him.' It was soft, almost a whisper in my head. Wait, it was in my head.

"Are you alright Evelyn?"

I nodded, a little bewild by the voice. I chose not to tell him. I could be going crazy for all I knew.

'Not crazy.' The voice sounded insulted. 'I am you but you don't know that yet. I have awoken to put you in your rightful place. Follow my instructions and you will find what you most desire.'

"I'm going to, um, cover myself." I pushed him this time and he moved because he wanted to. I knew he could have kept me in place but he didn't.

I went to grab the sheet and put it around me. I took off my undergarments and picked up the orange uniform.

The sheets were done washing and I could put them in.

Zirk, as I noticed, was still somewhat decent. He had only taken off the cape off his uniform and the leather shirt.

I went to it and touched it. The leather was smooth but hard. His cape looked to be made of cotton but it slid out of my hand like silk.

"Do you like it?" He said from behind me.

"It's nice." I stared at it. It reminded me of something but I didn't know what.

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