Royal Seduction

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"What now?" He asked Evelyn. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

She had a curious expression on her face as she looked at his cape. Her slender shoulders shrugged in answer.

He wanted to touch her. Knowing that she was naked under that sheet made him harden.

He didn't understand what was happening to his body. He specifically knew he didn't like human females. Hadn't been attracted to one since his arrival but something about her called to him.

All he wanted was one touch. One taste. It would be enough with that.

He stepped up behind her. She didn't even move.

He pushed her black curls to her back, leaving her neck and shoulder bare.

"What are you doing?" She whispered but didn't move.

"Give me a minute." He towered over her. He leaned down to reach her skin and pressed a kiss to it.

A gasp came out of her. He kept his lips firmly on her neck and continued to kiss the column of it. She sighed and leaned back against him.

Her skin was velvety soft. Would her lips be like this? He needed to find out.

He turned her around suddenly and claimed her mouth. Her small lithe arms wound around his neck as she returned his kiss.

She tasted of honey and earth. It was an odd mixture but intoxicating.

He skimmed his hands down her side to her bottom and grabbed it. He picked her up and placed her on top on the rest of his clothes.

The sheet she was wearing slowly fell down around her, leaving her top half bare for his touch.

He caressed her back and softly dragged his fingers down it. It almost sounded like she purred in response.

He pressed against her. He wanted her, needed her with every fiber of his being. Never had he wanted another female as much as he wanted her.

'She's trouble.' His subconscious warned him. 'She's human and will never be accepted as your mate.'

He pulled away from her suddenly. She was left gasping and a glazed look in her eyes.

Her face was flushed, red lips from kissing, light green eyes sparkling. She looked like the true image of beauty.

He couldn't do it. Shouldn't was a better word. He had made a vow to mate with Crez. A human female couldn't get between that.

'Then why do I want her so bad?' He growled inside. 'Why do I desire her like no other?' 'Because you can't have her.' He answered himself.

She realized what she had been doing and quickly pulled up the sheet around her. Gone was the look of lust in her eyes.

"Good god. What the fuck is the matter with me? It's almost like I've never been with a guy before." She jumped off the table and went to the furthest corner of the room. "You stay away from me, you pervert. Can't hold yourself back." She glared at him with an intense anger.

He couldn't blame her. He had been the one to start it. "I'm sorry."

"Whatever just stay the hell away from me."

Great. Now she was going to use anger to keep him away. He could work with that actually. He needed to stay away from her.

He put his shirt back on and clipped on the cape.

He hadn't even told her what Rak had said.

He surveyed the laundry room and found the vent that the lakie had mentioned. It was supposed to help them go upwards and exit the building. That was of course after they managed to get into the control room because he still thought they should do that to get them inside.

He had thought about it and hearing Evelyn talk with that other women about how it was someone else's fault, they shouldn't all get punished for it.

"That woman you spoke to when we were collecting sheets. What is she in here for?" He dared to ask her.

She continued to glare at him but answered. "She's in here for triple murder. She's killed off her husbands."

He raised his brows. He was not expecting that.

"The first one deserved it. The other two, maybe. She got caught trying to poison the fourth. She's serving a life sentence."

"Does she have family?"

"Only her son and his wife. They just had a baby."

He noticed the look of sympathy on Evelyn's face as she talked about her. "You care for her."

She nodded. "She's like a mother to me, to a lot of us here. I think she deserves a second chance you know."

"Do you think she will help us?"

"Maybe if we have a good plan."

"I can try to get her sentence reduced. I'm actually positive if she helps. I would owe her a great favor for helping save my life."

It looked like she was thinking it over. "What about me?"

"What about you?"

"What do I get?"

"I can also maybe get your sentence reduced." He stared at his feet. He could do more than that. He could get her out of jail but it was best not to tell her yet.

She chewed her lip. "Great."

"Rak told me about the vent." He motioned to it with his head. "I'm sure she can get the goons protecting the control room to leave their post. She lets us in and then she can start her escape through the vent. We'll come after her as soon as we do what we have to."

"Sounds like a good plan." She smacked her lips.

They were silent once again. The whirring of the washing machines and dryer the only sound in the room.

He wanted to talk to her. He had the urge to after what had happened between them.

'You should stay away from her.' His conscious warned.

"What made you think that dream catchers was a good idea for a tattoo?" He asked out of nowhere.

She looked at him in surprise then realized how he saw her back tattoo. "Everyone has dreams, even I did. I thought it was a good one. I liked the design." She shrugged.

"That's it?"

"Yep. The other one I have is more meaningful though."

He arched a brow. "Where is it?"

"A place you will never see again." She sent him another glare.

He sighed. He wanted to know more about her. He hated not being able to get in her head. "You know, I haven't eaten since yesterday morning."

"I had lunch yesterday but you're right. As soon as I get my clothes dry I'll go looking for food. You'll have to hide in the laundry bin again though."

"It's fine."



Like that they were silent once again. Zirk tried to think of anything else except her body under the sheet. He started aching again.

Her clothes finished washing and they went to the dryer.

He stared at her back as she tried to keep the sheet around herself. It was smooth and looked soft to touch.

He agreed that human females were trouble. They had the power to change ones thoughts and ideals. They had the power to make you succumb to their wiles, to entice you and seduce you.

It was all correct for he was feeling very seduced. Although he should remember that he couldn't even mate with her then.

Mating took hours since he would not be able to extract himself from her until his body thought they had breeded enough.

As soon as the dryer turned off she took out her clothes and glanced at him.

"Turn around while I change."

He rolled his eyes and moved so that his back was to her. He wanted to peek but she would probably yell more obscenities at him.

Now that he thought about it, she hadn't said a single bad word.


Okay, nevermind. "What is it?"

"Nothing. I'm done."

He turned around and noticed that her uniform fit her more tightly than before. "Something's different."

"No shit, Sherlock. Apparently I can wash sheets but not clothes." She scowled. "Now get in the freaking bin so I can get us something to eat."

"If you guys have anything cold and fishy, I would appreciate it." He told her as he stepped inside the bin once again.

"I'll see what I can do." She threw the sheets over his head and body. "Now stay quiet until I come back."

He stayed quiet to show her that he could do it.

He heard the click of the door as she left him alone.

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