The Crow

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The crow comes to visit me. He brings with him misery and fear.

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



Sometimes if I'm not careful

If I leave a window open

Or let my mind wander too far

The crow comes to call on me

Whispering sad news horror

And dark midnight secrets.


The forever of a sunny afternoon

Is shattered as dread I hear

The flutter of his dark wings

Bringing with it storm clouds

Forever gone, only now

His shadow touches my skin.


I feel the panic frost grip me

My smile fades to tears

The crow confirms my worries

He tells me of new fears

Everything is black decay

He reminds that everybody dies.


Why can no one else see

The bird or hear his words?

Why does he only come to visit

Me and leave the rest of the world

To be laugh in their happy life bliss

While despair falls like rain.


I can take no more of this

The crow speaks his bleak tidings

My heart quickens with the beat

Flapping of his coal black wings

I shoo him and ignore his chatter

But he remains dark eyes staring.


The crow hops and turns away

With one last graveyard glare

He is gone, the storm passed

Once again I see blue skies

Hope and sunshine and smiles

But I know the crow will return.

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