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Impatient patient dude!

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017





"I'm the bony bastard who'll get you in the end, America,

but it's happening much faster than I planned; I foresaw


it taking awhile, and despite the fact I'm a patient non-man,

I haven't erected enough soul slaughtering pens yet; my plan


went tits-up, but I solutioned, and now I'm back on track, baby!

And my pens will hold you all, about that, there is no maybe.


When I came up with this answer, little did I know

that y'all would play Russian Roulette, quite literally, and so


destroy yourselves with very little help from me, you stuck your heads

in the noose all buy yourselves, with a huge assist from the Feds.


You voted them into power, and now you act surprised,

they're doing what the said, and making decisions that are less-than-wise.


Although, to be fair, I did put them in position, right in your face,

so I guess I did affect what's coming: it was my idea to repeal and not replace


Obamacare, for instance, which should have been kept as a no brainer,

but millions voted for the unreal reality entertainer.


What did you think would happen, that chaos wouldn't ensue?

Hey, if you believed that shit, then shame on you!


Well, it looks as if my America-destroying work here is done.

They're destroying themselves, and I didn't even have to hold the gun!

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