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I have always loved the planet Pluto (and yes, it is a planet), and when the New Horizons spacecraft flew past it, I was very excited. The pictures were better that we could have hoped. I wrote this poem to commemorate the event.

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017





Mike Roberts


Far-flung outrider, icebound sentinel, lovely Pluto, we see you at last.

Half-lit by the Sun that shines so brightly on us,

you dance a wobbly waltz with Charon.

Were you here at the genesis?

Or were you adopted?

We share some things:  rivers of ice, craggy peaks, cold deserts.

But like a distant cousin or enigmatic uncle,

you’re hard to know.

Monarch of the dark, you’re not alone.

Your court attends you:  ferryman on dark river, goddess, faithful dog, sea monster.

We were a speck in your sky, a whisper from our world.

We gazed at you in awe, and swiftly passed by.

For just a moment, our union complete, we were a family.

Now we continue on our way, and you on yours.

Our watchman against the blackness.

Our Pluto.





© Copyright 2019 Mike Roberts. All rights reserved.

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