the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Introduction, The Supranos meets The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017




Big City Characters
Jerome Guerra 29 aka Phoenix 
Leader/main character
Marlon Guerra 25 aka Mongo
Brother of Jerome
Ravi Vishnu 50 yrs
 Mario Colangelo,
Chief of Police 
Tallest 30 yrs
Gun Runner
Claire Guerra 46 
Mother of Jerome and Marlon
Fid 29yrs
Girlfriend of Jerome Guerra
Mr Black 41 yrs
Jerome’s Mentor
Rope 31 yrs
Jamaican Gang Leader
Tommy Cho 27 yrs
Asian Syndicate Leader
Nino Strata
Mafia Don
Kofi Jabari  36 yrs
African Syndicate Leader
Rosa Bagnasco 38 yrs
Columbian Cartel
Stevie Chambers 30 yrs
Bad Choice Bikers Soldier
Jerome’s Street Crew
Polo 30 yrs 
Crew Shooter
Jojo 25 yrs
Jerome’s 2nd in command/business Partner and shooter
Randolf  32 yrs and Dave 30 yrs
Jerome’s Captains
Old Man smith 65 yrs
Hood elder

Character Descriptions
Jerome Guerra aka Phenoix
Strong, well dressed, Paranoid, loyal, honest, caring, smart, kind, spiritual, good looking, organised, Born Leader, bad temper, patient, loves family, womanizer, Athletic, funny
Line of Business: Drugs, murder, gambling, city bribery
Marlon Guerra aka Mongo
Adopted, faithful, honest, tuff, caring, gentle, psychopath, womanizer, takes drugs, doesn’t care about his life, Soldier
Mayor Ravi Vishnu
Smart, well spoken, educated, well dressed, corrupted, ruthless, kind, cunning, resourceful, loves family, manipulator, womanizer, loves money

Chief Mario Colangelo
Police Chief, tuff, intelligent, resourceful, loves family, womanizer, drinker, sarcastic, loves money
Claire Guerra
Loyal, loving, kind, protective of family, spiritual, classy, soft spoken, nurse, generous

Loyal, honest, caring soft spoken, good looking, loves family, works as a sports and actor agent
Want Jerome out of the street business, never gets involved in street activities
Mr Black
Loyal, kind, ruthless, killer, patient, soft spoken, loves family, bad temper, owns a west indian food chain, loves money
Rope (Jamaican Syndicate leader)
Ruthless, smart, organized, killer, loyal, womanizer, drug dealer, extortionist, murder for hire, loves money
Tommy chow (Asian Syndicate leader)
Intelligent, ruthless, killer, soft spoken, bad temper, extortionist, pimp, gambling, banking scams
Nino Strata (Italian Mafia Leader)
Ruthless, killer, intelligent, classy, well spoken, dresses well, loves family, deals in: bribes, construction, bank scams, pizzeria, Fruit, illegal gambling, extortion
Kofi Jabari (African Syndicate Leader)
Educated, ruthless, well spoken, well dressed, killer, understanding, deals in :prostitution, illegal passports, bank fraud, drugs, stolen cars
Rosa Bagnasco
Pretty, intelligent, survivor, gritty, well dressed, lesbian, killer, deal in Drugs, killing, money
Stevie chambers (Bad Choice Bikers)
Crazy,nasty, tuff, funny, loyal, killer, loves friends, drug dealer, loves bikes,soldier, drugie, womanizer, alcoholic, loves heavy metal music

Soldier, witty, cold, funny, killer, womanizer, loyal, true gangster
Jojo (Assistant)
Loyal, tuff, intelligent, sexy, patient, killer, sees through peoples lies
Soldier, loyal, funny, older brother, tuff, killer, Smooth, ladies man, gambler
Dave (Randolphs younger brother)
Loyal, funny, tuff, killer, enjoys strip clubs, a synic,bi sexual on the down low,
Loyal, intelligent, big, strong, attitude, funny, dresses well, charisma, handles gun business well

Script Outline for TV Show  Big City

I was named Jerome Ian Guerra. My mother Claire Guerra had two children, My brother Sampson Guerra died under suspious circumstances in a hospital during the great jane finch war in the late 80’s early 90’s
My mother decided that his passing was to great to bare and she decided to adopt my younger brother Marlon Guerra
My biological Pops died of liver cancer.  Docs say too much drinking.  I guess that’s what most west indian do back home in Trinidad
Mom was from trindadand Tobago, 8th of 8 children a very proud and big family.
She moved to Toronto by accident.  Her intended spot was to go to England first but my grandmother sent her to New York to help as a Nurse.
She hated the noisy new York streets and came north to help a nice lady named Miss Rose as a nurses aid.  She always said Canada took better care of herself than America.
Mom moved close to Miss Rose only ot find out that it was the toughest hood in Toronto.
Metro Toronto housing as it was call in the early days was nice, poor but fun and energetic and bad
I spent most of my time following my brother and playing sports.  I was good at all sports.

I loved girls too, had a lot of them and good friends too.
But the other side of jane and Finch would soon come upon me
In the night, flashy guys with nice cars clothes and girls, all the things you would see in any typical hood.
I loved the power they had and wanted it secretly but I was good at sports and wanted to be a 100 meter runner or hockey player.  Ya me a black hockey player in those days it was funny. Today blacks are even playing golf (lol)
Growing up on the south side of finch (Lane Side). I learned quickly the order of things.  The Yawdies controlled most of Finch due to the share numbers of Jamaicans in finch.  
But that meant nothing as Jane and Finch was about the 6 families and depending on what family or hood in finch that was your crew.
The 6 families would be like the 5 mafia families of new York
1.Lane Crew-Big in size and numbers.  One of the oldest and toughest hood backed by old country fo Jamaica and Trinindad
2. Top Driftwood big in size and number.  Biggest rivals of The Lane.  These 2 power hoods share a bitter history and are backed by Jamaicans back home
3. Connection-A hood that connects hense connections.  Located south side Jane and Finch, good friends with Lane Side.  Wekl connected hood and Enimies to Top Driftwood
4. Shoreham- large hood connect with Top Driftwood Crew.  Well connected and ruthless.  Friends with Top Driftwood
5. Pallisades-3 large apartment buildings in the heart of jane and finch.  Not as powerful as the Lane and Driftwood.  Allegence is to no one.  Their neutral friends on both sides
6. Tobermory-large apartment building on the east side of finch.  Old building always wanting to get respect. Their allegence is anyone who helps them get what they want.  Too Small to ever make an impact on the other Finch Crews

My brother Sampson who kept things away from my mom was a top guy in the Lane Crew, second in command only to the head of the Lane Crew to Farrah khan.  That was it.  People called him Farah Khan because he was always spiting out Minister Farah Khans knowledge when you spoke to him.
Farah Khan was killed by scared cops who knew he don’t take shit and would wack any of them crocked bastards if they got in his business ventures. Police weren’t having that so they set him up
My brother took over for a while until he died in that crazy hospital stint.  
To this day people think it was rope, a soldier at the time who set it up for the driftwood Don to take control of Jane and Finch
By this time I was pulling my own rackets and making a name for myself in high school
The day Sampson died I died, school, sports…I wanted to be someone
Not only that, it was like I was groomed to take over my hood.
I know the deals Sampson had done and how he moved. Had all his contacts and links to Jamaica and Trinidad
The other crews would try to take over certain key drug spots and guns but my crew was big and strong now in the lane. 
It was my crew now sitting at the table of the 6 families  repping Lane Side
Rope who I believed killed my brother when he was a soldier for the Top Driftwood Don was now the don of top driftwood calling the shots.  He had two killers who he brought up here to be his shooters.  They put fear in everyone who crossed them.  Red Eye and Gun Hawk.
My crew was no push over either.  My right hand JoJo was smart as hell.  She grew up with me in the Lane.  She had it tough.  In grade 9 she was put away for stabbing he step father who was touching her for years .He later died .She got for years as a young offender .I checked for her and dropped money in her account .She was pretty and gritty .after killing her step dad, I knew she was all about it .When she came out she was my hammer and business partner .She could tell if someone was lying like a carpet or not. Polo was  a guy u just didn’t want to piss off .his gun  was always there and he was ready for anything  and anybody i met him  cuz my ex from  Cali was walking on the Jane strip .polo tried to pic her up .she told me .the next day at school ,a new guy was in my class and it fit the same description as polo .i asked him u like my girl .he’s like who’s your girl .I told him and he loll’s was wondering why he was lol.he said he liked my girls jordans .and wanted to know why a girl was wearing guys Jordan’s .my girl had big feet ,long story short  polo was trini like me .and him being new to jane and finch I guess I was the guy to get down with on the south side .2 trinis with all these Jamaicans was a no brainer we bonded immediately  . Randolph and Dave are brothers  I met while running track  in high school .big strong brothers from  a upper class black family .I always beat them .most black brothers in the day would just plain hate on me for winning all the time .but these two  brothers  were different they  liked  and respected  anyone who beat them  Randolph and Dave craved power  and growing up in Rosedale  was getting them no street cred . I found out to my advantage is that they wanted to be gangsters .they wanted my life .believe that, to rich black brothers wanted to be really down with the street rackets just for the rush of the game .these two brothers would shoot u first then beat you up .u rarely see them apart .if u do best believe the other one is coming soon . which leads me to my adoptive brother mongo .peeps fear him cuz they know he doesn’t have it all upstairs .the only one he truly cares about is moms and me .he’s   over protective of me on all my movements .and is head of my  security in some regards .he’s done long stretches of time  and knows the jail system .he hangs mostly with polo ,cuz polo finds  him funny. And mongo like polo’s  roti  .i could always lean on some words of advice from Mr. .black .mr black saw me growing up .and was a part of my brothers  back in the day .he always had an open ear .for my problems  on the street .now  he owns some west Indian  food store and gives me advice on how to keep the  in the lanes hands .Mr. black was a shooter for Farrakhan .truly a man of respect . Rope. Was now my fierce rival .many died during certain conflicts in finch, and best believe .gun hawk and red eye  were a part of it . but things have been relatively quiet the last couple of years in finch all the crews and families rackets are running smooth. The  cops are getting paid and all  is well in the  big city . I met bin laden threw a mutual friend back in the day .bin laden grew up all over gta ( greater Toronto area )our first night we met we beat up a brother who was beating up his girl pretty bad .from then we been kewl  he has the best guns ever ..

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