the big city

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Part One, makin' moves...The Supranos meets The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



 Makin' Moves

Big City

Scene 1 :  takes place in a unidentified location with all 6 Jane finch crews.  its a sit down 
Rope (spoken in Jamaican accent): we would all like to welcome jerome aka pheniox  to the 6 family sit down.  Jerome is the new head of the Lane Family so lets welcome him.  All members of the 6 families nod in respect looking at Jerome.
That being said we have word from back home that shipments will be hard to get  in the next 6 months so we have to act smart. we will be looking for new business to expand just in case things go bad back home. until then things stay as is.
Jerome and the others nod in agreement
Rope stares at Jerome intently as to try to figure him out.  Jerome stares back with a smirk
sit down is over
Scene 2 (Rope is inthe car talking about Jerome with Red eye and gun hawk)
Rope: See that bwoy jerome.  me noh truss him you see.  hes too bloodclot slick.  Dats why i had to kill his brother.  Rope: (kisses his teeth)
Red eye: so let me an gun hawk finish him early nuh
Rope: no sah.  too early to kill da young prince and we nuh need no war.  lets see how jerome a move first.  if anything later on we brush him and his whole crew.
Red eye and gun hawk: nod  seen seen
Red Eye: so you did kill the brother for real boss
Rope:  the big boss at he time did a fret about Sampson saying he cant handle the Big Man. He said Sampson had some sort of spirit around him and his family.  He cant corrupt or reason with a man like that.
Rope: so the big boss man have a gyal in the hospital when sampson get sick.  Da gyal let me in and I suffocate sampson.  it looked like natural causes cause he had asthma.  but yea a me kill him
Red eye and Gun hawk stare at rope and say nothing
Scene 3
Jerome: jerome is in te kitchen making tea for Fid
Jerome is rapping silently to himself as he plays Drakes song 'starting from the bottom" in the back ground
Jerome: walks with tea in to the bedroom.  He nudges fid and says
jerome "wake up bunny I made you a tea.  its not your Timmies but you will like it.  Green Tea mixed with honey
Fid: Leans over and kisses jerome
Jerome: opens the drapes so the sun can come in
Jerome: so what famous actor or athlete did you sign yesterday.  you  were telling me before you fell asleep
Fid: Some local track star with a big upside for the future.  My agency wanted me to nab him before he was too well known.  sports world wants them younger and younger (she smiles)
jerome: how old is he?
Fid: 14
jerome: Wow
jeromes cell phone rings
Jerome answers "pheonex"
jo-jo: Good Morning
jerome: Jojo.  no i havent forgotten Polo's coming out today.  Did you get his stuff?
Jojo: if you mean 2 air force ones one black and one white.  3 pairs of jordans.  2 red monkey jeans, 3 track suits preferrible Nikey.  1 Egyptian musk, a pair of backwoods the best BC bud, a Raptors jersey and a fly ass suite for tonights coming home party with a woman on the side.  I think I have it covered.
jerome:  LOL what would   I ever  do without you?
jojo: i'll pick you uo at 10 pm
Jerome: one (he hangs up)
Scene 4 
Jojo picks up Jerome 
jerome: Polo says he has something important to discuss when he touches road
jojo:  sure he does
jerome: you say that like theres something wrong
jojo: you know hes off the wall with ideas all the time
Jerome: True sometimes he hits an sometimes he misses.  but i like that he always tries
jojo: True
They reach the jail entrance
Scene 5
Gates open up in front of jail.  They can see Polo walking slowly.  jojo and Jerome are waiting outside the car for Polo to walk through the gates
Polo: My niggas (arms stretched)
jerome and jojo give polo hugs.
Jerome: Enough man lets go
they get in the car and drive off
Polo:  Wow jojo you look as fly as ever.  jerome you too.  I could eat a horse right now
Jerome: how about a hot chicken Roti instead
polo:  i'm game
Jojo calls and places the order at he restaurant
Polo: I met a biker.  His name is Stevie Chambers.  He's a Bad Choice Biker
Jerome: Dont tell me youre leaving us to join the Choice 
Jojo and Jerome laugh
Polo: (laughing)  Hell no,  the Galloway man dem were going to kick the shit out of him for a drug debt
Jerome: kick a choic's ass on a drug debt ehhh
jerome: sure
Polo: Steveie is crazy and says his girl was pissed that he cheated on her and wouldn't release the money to the Galloway crews account 
Stevie couldnt ask his choice buddies to help him out
Jerome: why not?
Polo: A biker dealing with Niggas isnt exctly cool you dig
Jerome: nods his head in agreement
jojo pull up infornt of the restaurant and exits the car to collect the order
Polo: Anywho, I helped outhte crazy white boy and he tells me I wont regret it.  He says his boss deals with some Dyke Columbian cartel bitch.  They got A plus coke and heroin.  He said when I get out to give him a call.
Jerome looks at Jojo and stares into the streets with his hand on his chin
Jerome: We have a deal with the other finch crews for the next 6 months.  After that we will see how things play out.  For now we are happy to see you at home. 
Jojo returns with the food and they head to Polo's apartment 
Jerome: gonna pick you up at nine and your stuff is upstairs with 2 goodies (women) waiting for you
Polo:  (excited) gotta love the goodies.  Peace.  Jojo u dun know
Polo exits the car
Scene 6
Jeromes crew is celebrating Polo's return.  Jerome speaks to polo over he loud music in the background (mobb deep, shook
jerome:  I want to talk about your biker friend.  Tell him we will meet tomorrow. I will call you with the details
Jerome and polo raise their glasses to toast.  they take a drink
Scene 7
Jerome and Jojo are driving home after the club
Jerome:  I told Polo to talk to the biker about the new deal.
Jojo: What about Rope and the rest of the Finch Crews
jerome looks out the car window and stares into the big city in silence then he speaks
Jerome: I will honour he Finch Crews agreement for 6 months after that our crew is going big time
jojo and jerome stare at each other and smile
Scene 8
undisclosed location some where in the big city
jerome, jojo, mongo and polo 
Randolph and Dave pull up in two black cars
Stevie is aleady there with 4 other bikers
Jeromes crew and and the Bikers walk towards each other
Polo walks out first to meet Stevie.  Stevie smiles and gives Polo a hug
Stevie:  Man you good buddy. Fuck.  you really saved my life back there man
(jerome and his crew look at each other like this guy is a clown)
Polo: no problem.  we will have time to reminice about jail another time
Polo looks back at Jerome.
Polo: this is jerome Guerra.  you can call him pheonix
Jerome leans and shakes Stevies hand
jerome: ive heard alot about you.  Lets hope trouble doesnt follow you everywhere
Both crews start to chuckle
Stevie looks back at his crew as if to say shut the  fuck up.  they stop smirking immediately
Stevie: no man.  just a little woman problems that all.
Jerome: Good.  my boy polo was telling me that you owe him an that you might have a good deal on the table
Stevie: well the way I see it we the Choice  have a little distribution problem.  we want to expand into the big city without fan fair and make profits.  that includes inner city money in the millions.  The Choice dont  have a problem working with blacks 
Jerome: yea since when?
Stevie: Since the biker wars in vegas and Quebec, our usual territories are  being monitored.  we can expand in black and latin communities working with your crews.  with your power and influence its a perfect match.
Jerome: why us?  why not give polo something else for a thanks you gift
Stevie: You must think Im a fool man.  You're Jerome Guerra from the Lane Crew.  The whole  City knows  Jane and Finch.  We would  be stupid not to get down with you guys man. Plus you need us.  youre gonna have a problem with low shipments in abut 6 months
Jerome: And?
Stevie:  We can give you high grade coke and heroin for a good price for access to your ( stevie smiles  and says jokingly) hood man
stevies biker friends e laugh
Jerome: we have an agreement  in 6 months time polo will be in touch with you
Jerome and his crew walk back to their cars
Stevies says by to Polo and they walk back to their cars

Scene 9
Jerome drops off jojo after the meeting and heads onto the 401 high way
Cops-Dog face and office Calahan are on the hiway when they notice a speeding black car.  with siren blaring they attempt to pull over the vehicle.
Dog face: lets see whats  the rush
Calahan: running the plates now.  Car is registered to a Clair Guerra
Dog Face: Guerra?
calahan: yeah Guerra.  what's up
The officers pull over the  car onto the soft shoulder of the hiway
the officers exist their squad car
Jerome roles down his window still smoking a small joint
Dog Face: license, ownership and insurance please
Jerome hands over his ID
Dog face: you were going 140 km/hr. i am sure you noticed that
officer Calahan chimes in 
Calahan: and your smoking an illigal substance as we speak
Jerome looks at Dog Face and ignores Officer Calahan
Jerome:  I remember you from back in the days.  You knew my brother Sampson Guerra
Dog face: thats true I remember your brother.  Next time watch the speed limit ,and put out the joint .
Calahan has a pissed look on his face.  the officers walk back too their vehicle.  Jerome peels off back onto the highway.  Officer Calahan slams the door
Dog Face: I know your pissed and your probably wondering why I let him go
Calahan: your fucking Right.  The guy looks like a gangster , hes speeding and hes smoking a fucking joint in our face.  for all you know he could have had a gun in  the car and you let him fucking walk because you knew  his brother from back in the day?
Dog face: your new kid in the big city and your right he was smoking, speeding and for all we know  he might  of had a gun in the car.
Calahan: so?
Dog Face:  The guerra we just  met runs the Lane Crew and sits on with the other 6 crews on the council in Jane and finch
Nothing we could have done would  put him in jail.  hes way too big  time to go down for bull shyt like that .the d.a and the force want big bust not crap .   Detective Colangelo wants  the crews  to be left alone and on top of that the Mayor and the other city councillors would deny he was even on this hiway.  Jerome is a community leader in a weird way .
Calahan: look I might be  from Walkerton Ontario but  are you telling me that that black  gangster has that much power
Dog face: welcome to the big city.

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