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Cannibalism at its finest.

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



It's good to be delicate about it. A wrong cut could ruin a lot of the meat. It's always a safe bet to go for the throat and wind pipes in it. With a gurgle, the blood would flow out and leave a string of red dripping from the victim's neck. Then the eyes, slowly and steadily. This is how a life is taken. It's not a pretty sight to do it on an alive animal. They skreech and may attract unwanted attention. That's why slicing the throat in the beginning, not in the end is of the utmost importance.

When eyes are gouged out you go for the skin. It'd be best to use the skinning knife but any other thin edged knife will also get the job done. Then to boil the meat and store everything that's left over in the freezer. No need to waste meat.

Sometimes I get caught doing it and the people look at me like I'm a psychopath. I laugh at such people. Not because I think they have no power to harm me, but because they have. I'm actually really scared, but cowards should be treated with respect. Cowards best know how to hurt. So, in silence, we stand there, me with another unconscious victim and them, witnesses, to what I've been doing. I'll tell you now, that silence almost beat me. It's the silence that scares me because it reminds of the the blank page on which I can write my own fears. When I'm scared I get angry. My papa always told me to not get angry, it's bad for you. He was a brave man until he was the one who made me angry because when I'm angry, I get irritated being angry. That's an animal trying to eat its own tail. I think that if I had a star sign it'd be an Oroborus.

So these witnesses try to call the police. That's the last mistake they ever do. People tend to think that when they talk to an police officer, then they're safe from everything else. The truth be told, when you have the need to talk to a police officer then you're in the gravest danger. I like to beat my witnesses unconscious. Then I bring a hammer and hit their heads open so I can get to the skull. I've come to use a rusty nail on the brain. Every part of the brain has a different function. Pressure one part, the person may laugh, apply pressure on another, the person cries. Funny, nails will hold a building together but there's nothing better for taking a man apart. Cowards make the best torturers. Cowards know what scares a person.

So, every day I end up here, hacking people apart with my cleaver. You soon learn that there's no dignity or elegance in death. You learn how messy it is, and how good it tastes.

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