the big city

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Part two, Who's running things...The Supranos meets the Wire, Toronto Style...

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017




  ( bigcity episode 2 )

scene 1

mayor ravi vishnu sits in his chair twerling around laughing on the phone with one of his supporters .

mayor vishnu- ha ha .indeed and tell diana and the kids me and linda send our best wishes .


just  then ,the other line beeps .its mayor visnue's secretary .mayor vishnue ,there's a Mr 

clark here to see u .

mayor vishnu -send him in

Mr clark enters mayor visnues office 

mayor vishnu -well if it isn't stevie chambers .It's  amazing why they send u here .never knew bikers could

look good in suits .mayor laughs to himself .

stevie chambers -there was a time when white mayors ran city hall .stevie gives a smart ass grin .

Mayor vishnu -well the only thing u run now are motor bikes .mayor chuckles again too himself .

stevie chambers - well it seems these bikes put alot of money in your pockets mr mayor .

Mayor vishnu - i was lead to believe you came here to talk about a new partner ,not who and what race occupies the mayor's seat .

so shall we dispense with the pleasantries .we both dont want to be in each other's space longer than we have to .

stevie chambers -thats the best thing you've said since iv'e been here.

mayor vishnu gives stevie a bad glare 

stevie chambers - the choice and your friend miss bagnasco have agreed to let the blacks in .mainly jerome guerra and the lane crew

out of jane and finch .

Mayor vishnu - and why may i ask .

stevie chambers -Becouse theres millions to be made in those black and immigrant neighbourhoods .secondly ,the blacks are not disorganized

anymore .i think u know that of all people .we supply jerome we get richer simple .

Mayor vishnu - what happened to there supplier .

stevie chambers - lets just say in 6 months there done and they know it .it works out for all parties .

stevie gets up to walk out of the mayors office .

Mayor vishnu - oyah one more thing 

stevie chambers - whats that .

Mayor vishnu - i never want too see you in my office again .suit or no suit.

stevie chambers - thats the second best thing you've said since ive been here .stevie laughs and leaves the mayors office .


( big city episode 2 scene 2 )

somewhere in hamilton .polo  and mongo sit in a car waiting for a mark who has to go jeromes orders .

mongo - who is the cat we came out here for .

polo - dont know or care pheonix says something about this cat keeps robbing our stash and our people .

mongo - so ,let them take care of it .

polo -man, u always gotta be sodamn hype .these guys hustle for us .there not killas like us .besides you like putting in work 

mongo - you damn right .

polo - i will met u round back just incase this fool tries too run .just clap that nigga nobody else mongo .polo gives mongo a serious look .

mongo -i hear you .

mongo jumps out the ride slips down his black ski mask and enters the barber shop .mongo shoots the mark in the back .

people run out the barber shop .the mark staggers to the back of the barber shop were polo is there waiting .polo shoots 

him twice in the chest .polo and mongo drive off calmy into the hamilton streets .

( big city episode 2 secene 3 )

downtown in the big city .Rosa Bagnasco sits and eats in a fancy restaurant waiting for stevie chambers .rosa bagnasco 

talking to one of her soldiers .

rosa bagnasco - i always liked this me that warm la familia feeling .

just then stevie chambers walks in the restaurant and is escorted by the waiter to miss bagnasco's table .

rosa bagnasco - mr chambers .

stevie chambers - miss bagnasco .

rosa bagnasco - how was our little meeting with the mayor .


stevie chambers - i cant stand his smug ass .other than that .the mayor also sees the bigger picture with our new parnter jerome .

rosa bagnasco - good we wouldn't want to get rid of our good mayor now would we .

stevie chambers - fuck the mayor 

rosa bagnsaco spoken sofltly - no mr chambers .we dont fuck our friends and we certainly dont fuck our friends who control the airport 

and the police force .

stevie chambers - if it were up to me i would of snuffed out the mayor long ago .

rosa bagnasco - then were greatfull its not up to you .good day mr .chambers .

stevie gets up angrily looking at miss bagnasco .miss bagnascos soldiers stare at stevie .stevies walks 

out the restaurant followed by miss bagnasco's soldiers .

( big city episode 2 scene 4 )

detective  colangelo looks at a blank board .he has pictures in his hands of the galloway crew .and the malvern crew 

when his phone rings .

detective  colangelo - colangelo here .

officer dogface - hey detective, it's been been awhile .

detective colangelo - yes it has .what did i do to deserve this great call .

officer dog face -  word is out of your division ,that u want the finch crews left alone .u building a case.

detective colangelo - It;s in the begining stages .it's just hard to get the mayor and city council to take the finch crews as organized 

crime .there cousing havoc on the streets . 

officer dogface - i pulled over  jerome guerra last night on the 401 hiway .

detective colangelo - and .( while pacing the floor in his office ).

officer dogface - and nothing .i let him go .he had a joint and was speeding .figured thats bullshyt .u wanted bigger .

detective colangelo - well done .i want jerome and the finch crews on something that will stick .how u like your new division in the east .

officer dogface - iam mighty fine where iam at detective .big city casses are a thing of the past for me .

detective colangelo - i have a meeting with the mayor this afternoon about starting a new crimes unit .i could really use someone with your expirence .

officer dogface - like i said detective iam fine where iam at .

detective colangelo - Well if u ever change your mind ,you know where u can get a hold of me .and thanks for the info on guerra .

officer dogface - no problem .

( bigcity episode 2 scene 5 )

a bar b q in scarbrough is going well when two gun men start shooting up the place.

(local mews )hi iam live here at a local bar b q that went horribly bad .it is said that two gun men 

started shooting into the bar b q sparatcally .two are pronounced dead and untold injured .iam lisa lewis 

reprting live from scarbrough .

( bigcity episode 2 scene 6 )

jo jo - turns off the t.v .wow there's a war with the east crews .

jerome - its already started . 

jo jo - whats already started .

jerome - the war .u see the east crews chose to get cheaper product for a shorter time .thinking they can make bigger profits

until a better supplier came around .the finch crews chose to get a more expensive stuff from back home for an extra 

6 months until things get better back home .looks like we made the better choice .now they running killing themselves 

becouse profits and buisness have dried up in the east .

(jerome continue's ) so u see .polo's biker friend ,the mayor and the colombian lady came at a perfect time for us .it cud have 

easily been the finch crews at war.

jo jo - ( stares at polo thinking damn we got a smart leader)

( bigcity episode 2 scene 7) 

 (reporters)Mayor Vishnu, what plans do you have to curb the gun and drug violence in the city.

and what's your plan on riding our city of the gang problem .

Mayor vishnu - thats a very good question .let's just first put things into  perspective.murder and gun crime have been down despite 

todays horrific shooting in scarbrough .iam working with the chief .

(reporters interupt) but mayor vishnu people say the problem is chief ohar'e 

Mayor vishnu -thta's very harsh words .our chief has had problems yes .but works endlessly to protect the citizens of our city 

 (mayor's assistant )thank you ,the mayor wont be taking anymore questions at this time .

reporters still blurring out questions as the mayor leaves .mayor talking to his assitant as they leave 

the press confrence .

Mayor vishnu - get that chief over to my office within the hour .

mayor's assistant - yes mayor 

( bigcity episode 2 scene 8) 

  (jerome and jo jo are organizing a basketball tournament when jo jo's phone go's off )

jo jo - hell is lo .  

(beast malvern leader)- its beast where's jerome .  

jo jo - hands jerome the phone .

jerome - beast whats up man .

beast - you know whats up man .the galloway crew shot up our spot .   you saw the news .

jerome - yah i saw 

beast - i know we in the east ,and we went with the other deal .thats kewl but .

jerome - so what you want from me .

beast - muscle .polo and mongo .

jerome - not happening man ,plus thats your war .dont want my crew mixed up in that .we doing fine out in finch 

survive your war and i will have a good deal for u in 6 months .

beast - fuck u jerome .

jerome -  love u to beast and hangs up with a smrk on his face .how they ever made him leader of the malvern crew defeats me .

jojo - laughs 

( bigcity episode 2 scene 9 )

(mayor vishnu's office.mayor takes off his suite jacket as the chief of police comes in )


Mayor vishnu - chief ohar'e .looks like afghanistan in scarbrough .you wonna tell me what the fucks going on .thought u had a handle 

on the situation .

chief ohar'e - nova from the galloway crew put out hits on beasts malvern crew .some of beast crew were at the bar b q and 

they did what they did sir .

Mayor vishnu - so they did what they did.thats all you have to say you incompitent fool .i made u chief of police to control the 

streets and these gangs .but all you do is fuck up .

(just then the mayors phone rings .line one mayor .it's the mayors wife .yes yes .it seems were dealing 

with alot of incompetence  today staring at the chief  while chatting still .i will deal with that when 

i get home. mayor hangs up with his wife .mayor turns on the t.v in his office too see detective colangelo

chatting to reporters .so detective colangelo.reporter dials in .thats the third sting in two months with success 

some say your doing more than chief ohar'e )

detective colangelo with a serious face - iam sure the chief is working hard to combat these criminal elements in our city .

(mayor turns off the t.v ) 

mayor vishnu - chief hows your boat on lake simcoe .


( bigcity episode 2 scene 10 )

red eye - boss 

rope - wha gwan 

red eye - beast pon di phone .

rope - rope 

beat - rope me bredren .

rope - beast ,me and you a no bredren see me .wha a gwan 

beast - i need some help out here .iam at war with nova and the galloway crew .

rope - a your bloodclat problem dat ,u want war and dont have the muscle or the gun powah .worse you dun call jerome fee help and himm diss u .

beast - help me nuh .

rope - you owe me bigtime 

beast - anything .

rope - all right .me a go send red eye and gunhawk fee help you .

beast - respect .

rope - all right bless .

(bigcity episode 2 scene 11 )

 (mayor vishnu's office .detective colangelo walks in )

Mayor vishnu- how nice to see you again (said with a big fake smile )

detective colangelo - the last time we met .we got into an argument about how many boot's we need on the strees in jane and finch .

Mayor vishnu - that was awhile back detective .iam sure we can always agree to disagree.were all on the same team after all right .

detective - i should be asking you that mr. mayor .

(mayor vishnu clears his throat )- so detective u wanted to speak with me .cuz i wanted to speak with u .

detective colangelo - you did about what .

Mayor vishnu - no detective u first .

detective colangelo - yes sir ,inlight of the recent shootings in scarbrough and the 6 crews in jane and finch .i wanted to start 

a new crimes unit with.

Mayor vishnu interrupts detective colangelo -  how about i make u chief of police .

detective colangelo - iam speechless .but chief ohar'e

Mayor vishnu - o chief ohar'e has a date with his boat .

detective colangelo - i dont understand .

Mayor vishnu - you will have your crimes unit andanything you need to fight these gangs .just make sure iam kept in the loop on the happenings .

detective colangelo - i accept .but just so u know sir .i will be comming at everyone involved hard (said as if the mayors involed in 

the rackets .

Mayor vishnu - you have my full support (said with a wise ass tone in his voice ).see you at the press confrence . 

( bigcity episode 2 scene 12)

(somewhere in the bigcity in a police bar after work .officer dog face and callahan are having some 

drinks and laughs when they notice the t.v .the mayor and detective colangelo sterp to the podium .)

bigcity episode 2 scene 13 

(jerome jojo polo mongo randolph and dave are in a spotrs bar when mayor vishnu and detective colangelo 

 step to the podium )

mayor vishnu - good evening .today we are sad that our good chief ohar'e is retiring due to health reasons .but the man standing beside me is

a new crime fighter our big city needs and desereves .detective colangelo is a leader and vows to clean up our

streets of guns and gangs .detective colangelo

(meanwhile back at the cops bar )

officer callahan - a isn't that the detective you knew from back in the days .looks like u have friends moving up in high places 

officer dogface - yah (with a half smile )

detective colangelo - iam new to the job but not new to the bigcity.i will do  my best to control the corruption from city hall to the streets .

reporters - wait your saying street gangs are an extension of city hall .

Mayor vishnu - gets taken back by chief colangelos statement but continues to smile infront of the press .

 (back at the sports bar.)

randolph - yo jerome isnt that the same detective who tried to nab your brother back in the day .

jerome - yah they went to school together .

jojo - is this new chief gonna be a problem .

jerome - hope not 

(back to chief colangelo on the podium )

chief colangelo - and in closing from here on in the force will be watching .thank you .

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