High School

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Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



We entered as freshmen, and quickly learned that it was the year to make mistakes

The year we won't be seen

Fail geometry

Lose some friends

Say yes because that's what everyone expects

Listen to what's in

Give in to what you're told is right and wrong

Just go along

Then we became sophomores

Suddenly our report cards meant something.

I mean they've always meant something, okay not really, but now it's serious

"I'm going to be serious," I say to myself as I play on my brother's PS3

then go to school the next day and find that I've finished nothing

Oh shit I've done nothing.

This is the year I'm supposed to be seen.

We're supposed to be seen.

Junior year came around and this is the year we pushed ourselves.

APs here, APs there,

But for some,

APs are too risky.

She received a 0 on an assignment

because she had to pick her little brother up from school,

cook dinner,

and make sure her mom ate,

instead of doing homework.

We're supposed to be seen.

He couldn't afford another notebook for a class

because he's the middle child of 5

and they have other bills that lurk.

We're supposed to be seen.

She missed a week of school

because she had to move in with her aunt

since her mom kicked her out,

while her dad lied drunk passed out.

We are supposed to be seen.

But we push through.

We survive and we raise our heads high.

We slap on a smile

and begin to embrace our own style.

It's senior year, and the coast is almost clear.

Ready to face those college apps head on. Wait? Extra curriculars?

Does helping mom through recovery count?

What about working part-time to help pay rent,

making up for what's been spent?

What about keeping parents from tearing each other apart through the divorce?

See for some, they're the ones holding the sword and fighting the war.

The war outside and inside.

He struggles with telling his parents he's gay,

not wanting to have to find a place where he may stay.

She struggles with hiding the eating disorder,

caused by modern beauty standards,

while trying to follow through with the plan she has laid before her.

His paralyzing anxiety keeps him from raising his hand

for those last points that'll help him stand.

There's a lot that isn't seen, that isn't acknowledged.

I've heard a lot, seen a lot.

A lot that is buried because we don't feel we are worth the worry.

Well, you are.

You see high school is a big part of our lives,

but it isn't our life.

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