Real-Life Supernaturals

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you may already be friends with one...

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



Whether you believe in someone having supernatural powers or not, the really do exist in this world. The first thing someone thinks of when someone says supernatural powers is the ability to move stuff with one's mind. That's not the case when it comes to this world... A friend can easily become friends with any cat probably has a spirit animal of a cat; thus, allowing them to be able to easily become friends with even the most ravagous cats. This is the same for those being able to easily become friends with any dogs. There has been proof that certain people can feel or sense something is off as if something, or someone, is by them. These people are just as unique as those with the ability to communicate with animals. Disregarding those that can communicate with things most people can't, there's other types of people that seem almost as if they can read your mind. They can't actually read your mind, but they actually quickly figure out your past by having one conversation with you. These people break down the bits of the way you talk, interact with people, and what you like in a matter of a few minutes of chatting with you then take a guess at your history and get it correct. Indeed, these people with supernatural powers may scary and people think they are devilish gifts. The only issue here is the fact these people are more in tune with nature or the way people think. There's no one way to catagorize which type of people might have a specific supernatural power, for it all depends on their mind, not their appearence. Going back to those being able to become friends with animals, there's also those types of people that seem to get along with who ever they meet. Most will think this isn't some supernatural power they have, but in reality, they too have one - the ability to not worry about being judged by other people. As for those types of people that don't like being out in public and would much rather stay at home all the time, their minds are just as productive with thinking about the next thing they plan to do or are currently doing. Now, you probably came to read this article from disbelief and thinking it was going to be some type of click bait, but now you're asking yourself if someone you knew has and of the powers I mentioned. More than likely, at least one person does. Who knows? You may be one yourself and you haven't even picked up on it yet.

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