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our love has been magnetized

Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



You’ve say I’ve got a way with words,

But I think that you’re lying to me.

Cause if that’s true, then how come

I keep tripping over my words, when I talk to you?


Your eyes, look right through me,

I bet you can see all of my secrets.

And every time, you speak I listen intently,

Playing your voice back, in my head on repeat.


You push me when I pull,

And when you pull, I push you.

It’s a mental tug of war, that we play,

Until someone’s heart breaks.


I feel you pulling, me in closer,

With each time that you smile, at me.

The last one left an infection on my heart,

Are you going to be the antibiotic?


You pull,

I push.


I feel the need to make an imprint on your mind,

With every, conversation that we have.

If I don’t, then you’ll never remember me,

Am I always on your mind, cause you’re always on mine.


You’re always, on mine.


Our time together comes and goes, too fast.

The days without you, seem to go by so slow.


You’re the closest thing to perfection on earth.


You’re the rays of the summer sun,

That break through the slits, between the blinds.


You keep pulling me closer, every time you smile.

You pull, unafraid of the black hole, revolving, around me.

You pull,

But this time

I don’t push.

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