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Money makes the world go round, even if you have a talent nowadays you have to have money you practically can not do without it. As Parents said in the previous generation that talent is within everyone, now you will often hear them say " Money makes the world go round " or "Nothing comes for free" this is true though and if you dont have enough money you cannot show your talent infront of the wide world.


"Nothing comes for free" this should be instilled in the child's minds at a very early age.

Not that he must be refused everything he asks for but, atleast he must know how much his guardian has worked to get him what he wanted this wil result in two things, first, it will develop a respect fr the person who works for him and second it will make him realize the value of the things he already posseses. As todays generaton lacks in both of these.


Money can not only buy things but even love (not parent's love though) nowadays, people always want to marry a succesfull person rather than an unsuccesfull one. Even such a day has come that people are marrying a man or a woman of their parent's age because of nothing else but money. you must have heard this proverb "when poverty enters through the door, love flies out of the window". Money buys people, things, places, shelter and what not.


Money can buy Gods, yes it can buy Gods that is the public concept, In India people walk in at any random temple and put money into a box which is seen as a kind of "good deed", well it's nothing but a bribe. I am quite sure that the concept of trade exists in human's only. Gold ornaments, diamonds, Silver, loads of jewelry are donated every year to not only Hindu temples but also the golden temple and many other monastries across the country. India is richer that the USA if you just look at the average amount of gold in an average Indian household. Well, God doesn't need money, he has, as a matter of fact, created the universe without a single penny. 

And that's why "Money makes the world go round".



Submitted: February 25, 2017

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