Face Of Demon/ This is war

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My Poem Album for 2017
Face Of Demon- This is war

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



THIS IS WAR/ Face of Demon

It's a story from long ago
It has something to do with that door
You know it's wrong but still want more...

A song from years before
A song that they all know

Looking back at you
Standing right there
You cant save me at this point
You used to be my hope
(now you're just a disappointment)
So fate took me below!
Deep under ground!
(with no light)

Darkness hugged me tight
They set everything right
They healed my broken heart they made it shine bright...
My dear mom I lost mind
I cant look, at the morning light...

I made them fall from grace
I take nothing back
And turn the face of heaven black...

Feel the emptiness you forced me to take
How you feel now (did your heart break)?
No wall you will build holds me back to get to you
(no matter what you do)
(you have no clue)
No matter where you run and who you turn to.

You heard it before






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