The Lake

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What would you do if you found yourself alone at night when a scream fills the air?

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



The Lake


He blinked slowly, his thoughts fighting sluggishly to catch up with his surroundings. The cold sharp gravel cut into his cheek and temple, the throbbing pain in his head pounding with each rapid heart beat. His grazed and bleeding palms and knuckles pushed painfully into the rough ground as he dizzily raised his head. The crackling heat of the fire beside him made him lean away, shielding his eyes from the brightness that cut through the pitch black night. Behind him the lake lapped, scraping the gravel against itself, and up his oil and dirt smeared legs.


Stumbling to his feet, he squinted at the fire, the curling paint and twisted metal that was all that was left of his jet ski. Where was everyone else? Was he alone? He staggered forward, his eyes raking the floor in the increasing blackness as he went further from his destroyed jet ski. Suddenly a scream filled the air, and he increased his pace, his footsteps shakily accelerating, keeping pace with his rapidly pounding heart.


A dark trail came into focus, splattered chaotically on the ground, was that blood? He lurched forward and landed, sprawled painfully on the ground, his head coming to rest next to a dark object draped with material. The unmistakable shadowed shape of a human foot. The scream split the air once more, calling his name in desperation. As if the scream had physically picked him up and propelled him forward, he ran towards it.


“Help me! We need to get him to a hospital, quickly!”


The owner of the scream, holding a lifeless body, pleaded with him to help him carry it toward the distant house. His hands slid helplessly from the leg, slick from dark, warm blood. Struggling under the weight, they lurched and staggered toward the dimly lit windows, the darkness making them blind, unseen objects brushing and wrapping around their legs.


Dropping the lifeless body, he advanced cautiously to the door of the run down house, raising his bloodied knuckles to hammer on the door. No sound omitted from the house, the dim windows stared down at him ominously. His breath heaved laboriously as he stared in desperation around the dark lake, when a soft shift of gravel nearby drew his attention sharply to the side of the house.


“Hello?” His rough, cracking voice called cautiously. And as he advanced toward the dark corner, the grinning face with wide bloodshot eyes peered around the edge.

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