Getting Lost

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There's a time for everything, including getting lost!

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



For Mike.



Getting Lost.


Come with me, forget the cost,

Take a chance and let’s get lost.

We’ll journey off the beaten track,

Walk away from life’s attack.

We’ll walk on sand and watch the sea,

A beach that’s just for you and me.

We’ll dare to venture in the surf

Getting all our money’s worth.

And then we’ll watch the red sunset

A vision that we’ll not forget.

Maybe we’ll hit the mountain tops,

We’ll not mourn the lack of shops,

A tourist trap we do not need

As in getting lost we do proceed.

The views are stupendous way up high

As we are standing in the sky

But soon we’ll hear the call of ground

It beckons to us with that sound.

We’ll hit the forest, leave the path,

Have so much fun we’ll have to laugh;

The trees embrace us in their green,

A kind of prehistoric scene

Where it would not surprise to hear a roar

As though we’d found a dinosaur.

We’ll wander off and find a field,

Some kind of magic it does wield

For in it a balloon does wait

To take us on a flying date

Where we can look down on the town

Without the need to wear a frown.

But I guess we’ll soon be found

When we land back on the ground.

But what a trip it’s surely been

With all the things that we have seen;

Meet me in dream time, don’t refrain,

For then we can get lost again.


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