Chapter 4: Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Mirror and rain

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He has just sat looking at me for a while now. And although it's quite strange and off putting I feel the ache that lives inside me stretch and burn.

"Yes." he grunted at me. "So you will basically be my companion for sometime.  Where I go, you go. What I do, you do. You may find yourself having to try some new things. You don't want to be a boring guest."

I can tell from the smirk painting his face that he's trying to make me uncomfortable.  I won't let him. And I most certainly won't show him any discomfort on my behalf.

"Can I have something to eat please? I take it you will also be feeding me."

I watched him as the shocked expression flitted across his face. He wasn't expecting this response. Ha! 1 nil, to Christina.

He stood up and stepped towards me with his hand raised. The motion so fast that I quickly flinched. Tightly closing my eyes, head tilted to the floor.

When I felt no contact I slowly looked up to find him stood over me. A hand out in invitation. Well, I felt slightly silly now.

I reached my soft hand into his rough calloused one.  The friction of skin sent a shudder through my body. One that I could not hide.

He spun his hand so that he could grab my wrist. And in a harsh, tight grip he yanked me to my feet, pulling my body against his.

My breasts were suddenly squashed against his hard chest, and my nipples immediately peaked, a small gasp leaving me.

Feeling humiliated at my bodys sick reaction,  I quickly pull away and cross my arms over my chest incase anything now looks different.

I see his eyes darken while he looks at me. His white teeth sinking into his bottom lip. Uh oh. Maybe he's angry. As he takes a step forward,  I take four back. He doesn't like me moving away from him, and continues to stalk me across the long room.

I stop when I feel the tables edge digging into my lower back. I am definitely sure, that I don't like this game.

He stands only a breath away. Caging me against the table. One hand on each side of my hips, gripping the edge of the wood.

He leans in, his hot breath fanning my face. Oh God.

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

My face flames at the obscene question. "What? Well, of course not. Why would I want that? Don't be silly. Why would you ask such a question."

His eyes leave a tingling sensation as his gaze trails my body. The curve of my neck, my covered chest, my stomach and hips, my bare legs, and my pump covered feet. Then he retraces the trail back up to my face where his heavy looking eyes meet mine. It does something to me. A strange noise leaves my throat.

"Then stop fucking doing that. Stop everything you're doing.  I have warned you.  Carry on darling and I won't be able to help myself. Understand?"

I nod slowly.

"ANSWER ME!" He shouts. "YES!... DON'T SHOUT AT ME!"

Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. This is weird.  I shouted at him. That's not nice. Quick, do something nice.

I smile.  My most, innocent, sweetest smile. There. He won't want to hurt me now.

"You Mr, have an attitude."  With that I duck under his arm and skip towards the door. "So, what's for lunch?"

I'll have to watch myself with him.

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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