The Monica Incident

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Divorced woman takes a chance in asking out an older man on a date. Based on a true story but the names have been changed, of course.

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017




The Monica Incident


“Was that who I think it was?”  I ask after stepping off the elevator of the Investment Building where I work in downtown Washington, D.C.

A petite woman with dark hair dressed professionally passed me entering the elevator I exit.  With the hoopla on TV these last days of 1999 about the tapes and President Clinton's sexapades in the Oval Office, the infamous intern Monica Lewinsky was easily recognizable.  You couldn't turn a channel without seeing her or hearing some discussion about her.  The young woman doesn’t meet my eyes when the elevator doors close not that she needs to.  I feel a bit star struck.

“Yes,” the handsome security guard replies. 

I’ve never seen someone popularized on TV in the flesh before.  At the security guy's response to me, I shimmy up to him eager for more details if there are any to be had.  Nothing juicy ever happens to me.  The most exciting thing for me that happens during the day is the glimpse of the president’s motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue heading for the White House.  Because I work so close to it, it happens a lot more often than you think.

I stare up at the cute security guy and try to catch my breath.  Honestly, I’ve been wanting any excuse I can think up just to summon the courage to talk to him.  He’s all the things I love in a man.  Tall, older, and built fit in his crisp security uniform. 

My guess is the security guard’s been working here for a few weeks now since replacing that sloppy perv everyone complained about.  I mean ewww.  A real slime ball, the last guy made it a habit of following around all the girls asking them out not seeming to care that he smelled like dirty old socks, and his breath was even worse with hints of strong coffee and rotten eggs.  Yeah, most girls ran from him when he came on shift in the evening.  His creepy leer was not comforting when he’d be eyeing you down like he pictured you naked. 

This new guy is different, though.  Polite and respectful.  Up-close, I find him a bit imposing.  Very serious-faced, too.  By his stance, I guess he is ex-military like my uncle.  He never appears crumpled.  Constantly clean-shaven.  Even his hair carries a trim cut and the thicker, graying hair he combs neatly back.  Mmmm, sexy.  His eyes are brown against warm tanned skin.  Straight nose and thin lips.  His chin holds a dimple like his cheeks reminding me of Tom Selleck minus the mustache.  

I swallow my nerves and inquire, “Is she seeing a lawyer maybe because of the uproar?”  I lean in closer to him and detect a pleasant woods smell coming from him.  "You know with The Monica?” 

Even as I say it, I felt my face blush because I couldn’t believe I said it out loud.  The Monica is what the news use as the euphemism for blowjobs Miss Lewinsky allegedly gave President Clinton as an intern for him.  I mean I know that I am known for some things but to have such an act named after you?  Wow…  In posterity, it is not how I would want to be remembered.

His thin lips curve up slightly as he leans his tall frame toward me and winks.  “You got it.”

I rub my hands together.  So excited am I to actually brush up with a celebrity, even if she isn’t held in a positive light.  Who cares?!  I could milk this story for all it’s worth with my girlfriends I plan on meeting at June’s Bar tomorrow night.

“So how many times have you seen her here?”

“At least half a dozen.”

My eyes swell.  “Really?  And does she show up at the same time, too?”

“I cannot tell you that.”

“Okay, she does.”

He frowns.  “I didn’t say that.”

“Don’t need to.  How do you keep your composure?”

He shrugs with a straight face.  “All in a day’s work.”

I shake my head, amazed.  “You’re so calm about it though.”

“That’s what they pay me for.”

I shake my head again.  “Uh-uh, I’d be losing it.”

He waves a beefy hand at me.  “While an MP in the army, I saw celebrities all the time through the USO.  Me and my officers were detailed to so many while on base or abroad when deployed.”

“You don't say?  It sounds like you’ve lived an interesting life.”

“It’s been good to me.”

I glance at my watch.  Shoot!  I need to pick up my son from his dad, but I just want to keep talking to the cute security guard.

“Gotta go!  Nice chatting with you!”

“Good night,” he says in a wave to me.


Sure enough the next day at the same time late in the evening, I see Miss Lewinsky again entering a different elevator as I exit mine for the day.  I giggle.  She looks ordinary enough.  Honestly, I could not pick her off the street under any other circumstance.  I am a news junky though, and I absolutely love gossip of any sort.  Part of my intense interest lay in the fact that since my divorce there isn’t much happening in my life.  Mickey, my son, holds my undivided attention, but even he is asking when I plan on going on a date.  Geez, even my baby thinks I need to get laid! 

Curtis, my ex, wastes no time getting back into the game.  Shoot, I’m not surprised.  Did he ever really leave it?  The horn dog loves women and is on his eighth one by now.  At least so my son informs me about a month ago.  My ex never could keep it in his pants to save his life, which is why we're divorced today.  After the third time I catch him cheating, I call it quits.  Especially when he chooses my girlfriend to screw in the backseat of my car!  Really?  That was low on both their parts.

My mama warned me not to marry him.  Trouble is he's just like my father.  Cute, charming and completely incapable of being faithful.  A compulsive womanizer.  He works in sales.  Surprise!  The perfect profession for his bullshit.

Live and learn the hard way I do.  The only good part about our union is our son, Mickey.  I never regret a day knowing my boy.  He's just like me.  Big heart and so kind.  Whatever woman lands Mickey for a husband will never have to worry about him having a wandering eye.  I've trained him good.

I walk up to the security guard smiling and take a big breath.  “You know what?”

He looks down at me curiously.  “What?”

“I really enjoyed chatting with you the other day.”

He gives me a slow smile, and it does something to his stony face.  It makes it handsome in the most adorable laugh lines around his mouth.  Oh, I think there's a flutter of something giddy in me. 

“I was thinking the same.”

I nibble my lower lip and ask, “Would you like to have a drink with me some time?”

He blinks at me for a few seconds before smiling a little more and then nods.  “I would.”

I offer him my hand with a half-smile.  “I’m Marjorie, by the way.”

He takes my hand and it disappears in his but gives it a gentle shake.


“Pleasure to meet you.  So when do you get off?” I ask with the lift of my eyebrow really surprising myself with how forward I’m being.  I usually play the waiting game until the guy asks me out, but I just don’t want to do that here.  Something about him makes me want to get to know him right now.  The ease in speaking to him is a good sign of things to come.  At least, I hope so.

“I work a regular 8 on Friday.  I can be off the same time as you unless you want to do it on Saturday.  I’ll be off then.”

“Saturday sounds great.  Do you wanna meet me here about 8 PM?”

He nods again.  “That works for me.”

“Okay.  See you then, Vincent.”


In my whole 36 years on the planet I have never been the aggressor and ask a guy out for drinks or a date.  Nervous, I see it play out as if watching it on TV.  I hear myself saying the words, but can’t believe it’s me saying them.  All I can think at this point is that I’m glad I had the common sense not to tell him where I live.  I mean I have no idea about this guy beyond my gut feeling. 

Recalling our brief conversation, I can acknowledge the small thrill I feel each time he speaks to me.  His voice is so sexy and deep.  Yeah, he is intimidating but I also like how he towers over me like a strong tree.  I wonder what he thinks about me being so short but curvy?  I’m not so young but younger than him.  Does he like younger but mature women?

I arrive at the lobby of my office building on Saturday night and barely recognize him.  He’s chatting up the security guy on duty who’s another older guy but no where near as hot as Vincent.  Saying good-bye to his friend, he turns to me with a pleased smile.  Like his uniform, he looks neat and pressed.  Dark slacks fit his long legs in a perfect drape.  A white button down shirt and navy blazer are over that.  Even his dress shoes have a shine on them that I’m sure would cast a reflection.

Smiling, I approach him in my blue heels.  They make me feel a little taller at about 5’8” now with the additional 3 inches.  With them, I wear one of my favorite blue dresses that clings in all the right places and matches my eyes.  I have a cream sweater draped over my shoulders.  My hair his curled up and bounces at my shoulders moving with me.

“Hi,” I greet in a cheerful tone.

He hands me a bouquet of beautiful flowers, which I notice are handed to him by the security guard who smirked at us.  My guess is Vincent forgot that he had them as he stared fixed at me.  “Have a good time,” the guard on duty says before he walks off to make his rounds. 

Taking the medium-size bouquet in surprise, I smile brighter and sniff the white and purple flowers tied in a rustic holder with natural vines.  This is totally unexpected, and I am speechless.  Not even my ex ever gave me flowers. 

“I wasn’t sure what the protocol was for this, and it’s been a good while since I’ve been on a date,” he confesses in way of explaining with a crooked smile.  “Is it too much?”

I look up at him simply melting inside as he nervously runs his big hand over his graying head.  It's so sweet seeing the insecure look on his face.  I smile brighter very amused.

“At ease, solider.”

Vincent sighed and chuckles at me.  “Sorry, ma'am.”

I shook my head and shiver.  “Please don’t apologize and please don't call me ma'am.  It's Marjorie, remember?"

He chuckles rubbing his head again.  "I do, Marjorie."

I lift the flowers between us.  "These are beauties.  Thank you.”

"When I saw them I thought of you."  He opens the lobby door for me to step through ahead of him.  Once on the street he asks, “So where to?”

“There’s a nice pub down the street from here.  Do you mind walking with me there?”

Vincent smiles brightly at my side.  “Not at all.”

We start our stroll down the street and I question, “So how long have you worked security?”

“Since I retired from the Army last year.  I moved here to be closer to my daughter Katie and granddaughter Ebby.  It’s her first child.”

“Well, congratulations!  Do you have pictures?”

“I do.”  He pulls out his wallet and flips through the small pictures.  He shows me several of an infant bundle in pink.  There are others with his blond-haired daughter I presume smiling up with dimples in her cheeks like her dad while cradling her daughter.  There is even one with Vincent holding his granddaughter.  I lick my lips because he looks like a hulk in a t-shirt and fitted jeans holding the tiny infant.  He’s laughing with tears in his eyes and I can't say I've seen anything so sexy.

“Awww, she’s so precious and beautiful just like her mom.”

“Thank you,” he responses with pride before putting his wallet away.

I point across the street to the pub nestled between two buildings.  He nods and once again gets the door for me to enter this time ahead of him.  June's Bar is rustic with old wood furnishings and constantly busy.  A couple of spots are free at the bar though and I head there.  My favorite strawberry blond bartender and owner June smiles at me.

“Oooo, nice flowers, lady.  You want me to hold ’em back here ‘til you’re done?” she offers.

I nod and hand them over.  “You read my mind.  Thanks!  You’re a sweetheart!”

Ever the gentleman Vincent holds out my bar stool for me to settle in before he takes a seat at my side.  “And thank you kind, sir.”

He nods to me and his smile shows off those gorgeous laugh lines again.  I swear I am positively swooning with this guy.  With all these tingling feels coming over me low in my belly, I feel like a teen-ager again crushing on the hot upperclassman boys.

June looks to each of us and asks, “So want your regular, Marjie?”

I nod.  “Yep.”

“And what will you have, sugar?” 

“Draft beer doesn’t matter what kind.”

“Coming right up!” June goes to fill the order.

Vincent lifts an eyebrow at me.  “So you come here often?”

I nod innocently.  “How’d you guess?”

He chuckles.  “Lucky guess if you're having your ‘regular’ drink.”

“I’ve been coming here for years.  June’s a good friend since high school.”

“Nice.  Your very own Cheers.”

I laugh with the lift of my arms and tilt of my head.  “It’s got its perks to go where everyone knows your name.”

He leans in close and briefly touches my knee.  “I can’t remember saying this but you do look beautiful tonight, Marjorie.”

June returns with my Boston Sidecar and his draft beer.  I pick up my drink and he picks up his.  I nod to him lifting my glass to him.  He matches my gesture and we drink at the same time.  I lick my lips because it’s my favorite drink and June does it best.

I turn toward Vincent a little and cross my legs.  His eye follows my movement before staring me in the eyes.  “So where were you posted before moving here?”

“Germany and before that Kuwait.”

I nod guessing about as much.  “What was your rank?”

“Retired at Sergeant First Class.”

“Do you miss it?”

“Missed my daughter more.”

I smile at him sweetly and watch him sip his beer.  “So how long have you been divorced?”

He shakes his head a little sad.  “Widowed for the last several years now.  Was married only to Anita since I was 21.  She was the love of my life and a fine mother.”  He clears his throat.  “Katie, my daughter is just like her.  So strong and independent.  She’s going to be a great mom just like her.”

My eyes widen, as I do not anticipate such an admission.  Frowning at the slight pain I see enter his brown eyes that glaze over with a sheen of tears, I reach to touch his hand before I could even think.  I squeezed it, too.  “Oh, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you.  The ovarian cancer that stole her from us was hard, but let me spend some of the most incredible moments of my life with her.  She created a bucket list.  A tour of Europe was what she wanted, so I found a cruise line that would help us do that.  It was very relaxing for her on bad days but still fun for her, too.  Because it was not sudden, my daughter and I had the chance for closure with her, to tell her goodbye, how much we loved her and would miss her while making her last days the absolute best they could be.”

“That’s so wonderful, Vincent, that you had that opportunity to make the best of your time together.”  I sniffle dabbing my eyes with a tissue pulled from my purse.  I have no idea what to expect in asking him out, but I’m glad I did.  Talking with him feels the most natural thing in the world.  

“What about you?  Ever been married?”  He sipped his beer as he looks from my hand touching him still to my face with interest.

I sit back and sip my cocktail trying to figure out how to answer that.  “Was married, 13 years until 3 years ago when we divorced.  It was amicable and the best thing for both of us.  We married too young.”

“And kids?”

“A son; his name is Mickey.  He’s a senior in high school.  Very proud of him.  He’s smart as a whip and never gives me any grief.  I’m really lucky.”

“I feel the same way about my Katie and the fact that she’s raising Ebby by herself…”  He shakes his head and sips more of his beer.  “Just amazes me.  Ebby’s father is not in the picture, a real lothario; she wouldn’t let me teach him a lesson since he never bothered to tell her he was married to someone else.  So she’s forgiven him and says she’s not bitter or regrets a second of that fact the bastard gave her a beautiful baby girl.  The best parting gift he could give her.”

“Oh, wow, she is strong.  I don’t know if I could have forgiven so easily.”

He shrugs and smiles.  “That’s my Katie.”

Vincent and I make more small talk, getting to know one another and I even make him laugh at some of my office stories.  He really has a great laugh that sort of rumbles and when he smiles, it just lights up his face.  I can’t help but want to do more of it.  He makes me laugh, too in saying he’s not been on a date since courting his wife.  He wouldn’t tell me how long ago that was saying that he had to keep some mystery.

We decide that we’re hungry and order a couple of burgers and share an order of seasoned fries.  I have another Boston Sidecar with my meal and he takes more draft beer.  He tells me what he likes to do for fun, fishing, hunting and camping.  Anything outdoors really appeals to him.

I’m a city girl so those types of activities are far out of my scope, but admit I wouldn’t mind trying some of those things.  I tell him I love hanging out with my friends at the pub, and carting my son around to his various activities.  At the forefront right now are drama productions for High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast.  He’s also involved in Glee club.  The boy has been singing since he was out of diapers.  All in all, my life is full and busy which makes dating hard.

Vincent and I stroll arm in arm back toward the Investment Building when we're done with our meal and drinks.  I smile up at him and inhale the fresh scent of the flowers he’s given me again.  He smiles at me warmly, and I feel it hit me with the tingles low in my belly.

“May I ask you something?” he inquires near my ear.

“Ask away.”

“What made you ask me out?  We’ve barely talked since I started working in your building?”

“I thought you were cute.”

He chuckles when he stops in front of my office building.  “Really?  Doesn’t our age difference bother you?”

I pull him along by the arm.  “Walk me to my SUV?”

He nods.  “I’d be happy to.”

We resume walking down 15th Street.  Vincent still looks down at me looking puzzled.  “I mean, Marjorie, I’m sure people might mistake me for your dad.”

I scoff at him and squeeze his arm with mine.  “Fiddle sticks!  Like I really care what other people think.  Not!  Besides, I love older guys.”

He blinks down at me in disbelief.  “You do?”

We stop walking near my SUV.  I deposit my flowers and purse on the passenger seat.  Feeling bold, I wrap my arms around him and kiss him on the lips.  Softly, he touches my face and responds gently to the stroke of my lips over his.  I melt further inside.  Leaning into his body, he feels solid and strong.  The warmth is spreading everywhere in me like the tingling in my belly.  I suddenly don’t want this night or this very moment to end.  I pull away though and offer him my coy smile.  I need to take this slow. 

“I think you’re sexy, Vincent, and I’m very attracted to you.”  Yeah, that admission is real slow on my part, but I can’t seem to help it when I look up into his heated brown eyes.

He chuckles and scratches the back of his head looking flushed and adorable.  “Well, then!  I guess that settles that mystery.”

“I hope it does because I would really like to do this again if you’re up to it, of course.”

Vincent steps closer to me caressing my face in the same gentle way as he did when he kissed me back and I sigh because the gesture makes me want to swoon.  I’m starting to really like the feel of his big hands.  “I’ve gotta tell you that I’ve been watching you leave late this past month and have been trying to gather the courage to talk to you.”

I blink at him in surprise.  “You have?”

His smile brightens with the show of dimples, and my belly tingles even more.  “Yeah.  I think you’re about the sexist woman I’ve seen in a long time.  And now meeting you and getting to know you, I know you are.  I would love to see you again.  When can I?”

I bite my lower lip and ask, “Can I see your cell phone?”

He frowns at me but complies.  I store my number into his phone and then call my phone and hang up so I'll have his number too.  I hand back his phone.  He looks at his contacts and finds my name there and my number.  He grins.

With a smile, I walk around to the driver's seat of my SUV.  He follows and opens my door for me.  I thank him where he nods and he shuts my door.  Starting the vehicle, I wave to him before I drive away.  I see his wave as he grows smaller in my view.  Not more than 5 minutes go by and I hear the chime of my Nokia ringtone.

"Hello?" I answer at the last ring.

"What are you doing tomorrow?"

I laugh because by the sound of his sexy deep voice I'm hoping it will be him!  "Do you like French cuisine?"

"Love it right next to Italian."

"Then please meet me at La Ferme in Chevy Chase.  It's food is delicious and the restaurant has a charming country farmhouse feel."

"What time?" he inquires with excitement.


"I'm there.  I can't wait to see you."

"See you then, Vincent."  I end the call with a sigh.

I giggle in the giddiness and tingling that fills my body.  Sometimes going after what you want does yield some nice rewards.  For me, it will be seeing a sexy older man again in what I hope is the beginning of something wonderful.

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