Eyes of Fire

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He walked down that hallway every day. A man as mysterious as he was beautiful. I couldn't help but look at him as he passed by. I knew I shouldn't but I just...couldn't help myself.
A man of complex beauty and unforgettable Eyes of Fire.

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



I will always remember him, for he was unique.  Dorian....

Dorian was one year older and I first saw him in high school in my Sophmore year.  I saw him walking down the hallway and literally everything around me became a blur.  A jumble of colors and sounds as he walked by, and for a long time I wondered who he was.

I recall thinking later, "he looks just like a model."  And he did, with that perfect face that looked sculpted out of clay, with his blonde hair and clear icy blue eyes.  And it is those eyes that I still recall so clearly even seventeen years later.  I recall they were the color of polar ice-so cold and blue and beautiful. 

Eyes of fire, that is what he had.

And they were powerful and they drew me ever closer to him.  They made me want to pass by him.  They made me want to look over at him.  It gave me a form of excitement (perhaps my one thrill in my dull day).  I knew I shouldn't do it (who the hecks knows why).  What could I gain from looking at him?  Dorian didn't know who I was and he sure as heck didn't care about me.

Or did he?

I recall one time coming inside the school building and my eyes fell on two very familiar eyes-icy blue eyes that were also staring at me.  It took me a while to realize whose they were, but then it dawned on me.  They were Dorian's.  And yes, I was not mistaken, he was looking at me.

He held that gaze and I felt powerless to look away. 

From then on that was the way it went.  We passed by each other practically every day during my sophmore and junior year of high school.  And not only did I look over at him in the crowded hallway, but Dorian looked at me too. 

I always wondered why he did that.  I wasn't much to look at, unlike him.  But only now do I realize the way that he looked at me those times.  He could have easily ignored me and look away.  But...he didn't.

Dorian gazed at me with a look that even now chills me to the bone.  I don't mean "chill" in a bad way.  But he could make me feel things that I had never felt, even from 15 feet away. 

Sometimes I wondered if it was a game he played.  Did he know the effect he had on me?  Did he enjoy tormenting me by passing by and allowing me to look at his perfection and then looking over at me as if to tell me "You'll never be able to have me"?

If that was the case, sometimes I think it doesn't really matter.  Maybe I too played his game.  We both knew what we were doing when we walked down that crowded hallway and that is why we managed to look over at each other at just the right time. 

Maybe it was love without touching, or love without ever being, whatever that may be.  All I do know is that I loved that feeling he gave me.  He thrilled me and made me imagine fantastic dreams.  I still recall that one time he finally smiled at me, and it finally answered a question inside me that I had carried for over three years.


The answer to my question that I never had the nerve to ask him.  Its meaning known only to Dorian and me.

Dorian...Eyes of Fire

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