The Half Child 2

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After seven years in stasis, Maron wakes up to a changed world.

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



"Wrong Place again, Maron? Are you really in the wrong place again? It seems just yesterday you were running down a steel corridor with a pistol, and giving information to a scientist. Not that I think you wouldn't be perfect for the job, but it seems my...employers, are not satisfied with the previous test. Succeed this one, and maybe they'll be convinced that you can be a valuable....asset? Shall we say? So, get up, Maron. Get Up, and, watch the recreation."


Maron woke up in an elevator going down to the bottom floor. When he arrived he looked around at the posters and at the soldiers, looking different then the Combine previously looked. He saw posters saying farewells and welcomes. Then one with "Omega Corp" on it. He found a terminal and searched for this. The terminal showed a page that read "The fall of the Combine and Rise of the Corp." it read that the Omega Corp distablished what the Combine made and took it over, doing worse then the Combine did. Omega Corp robbed everything that the combine spared the human race and either gave some citizens a high life, or dropped them in small camps around the world, now covered with remaining Synthes and Zombies that they never dealt with. Maron walked through the checkpoint and a Unit told him to get onto the train to a prison. Maron got on and waited for the train to arrive. When he did, he went up to the top level and beat the prison master over the head with a pipe. Maron put the suit the Prisonmaster was wearing and took out some equipment. Then Maron went to the cells and released the remaining Combine. The Combine units there told him the Citadel's bottom half was remaining in the ruins of City Seventeen, and that if they got him there, they could send a message to the Combine Overworld to come and release Earth from Omega Corp, then let them be. Maron agreed and they began the trek to City Seventeen. About a month into the trip they got stuck in a town and one of them got infected. They burned him and continued. They finally made it to City Seventeen and to the Citadel's lower bottoms. (Que Tom Wait's "Underground") for dramatic effect.

They arrived at a porting area and got in some issues with an Advisor. The Advisor went with them to the top of the Citadel and transmitted the message. 


Then Maron blacked out.


"Success, Maron? I take it you finally succeeded. Well, this'll be where you get off. Good day Maron."

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