western days

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spent time with a mom day out

Submitted: February 28, 2017

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Western Days was a outing at my school  For Mother and Daughter,s day, They are going to have a Pancake Breakfast. The cost to go was $1.25 for Moms, and .75 for the Daughter,s. 

I ask Mom if we can go it was on a spring day on a saturday morning in a park in town. the Park was full of mother and daughter,s all dress up old western days I had a cowboy hat and guns with a hoister.

Mom worn her dark long mink coat,pants and a shrit, she didn,t look western at all. There where alot of shade trees around and picnic tables, Mom paid the enterance fee,I pick out a table by an shade tree, the sun is just now raising , We sat down to wait on our breakfast, I was looking all around the park to see if there any thing to do. I notice a hay wagon, being pull by two clydedales horse.A couple in the seat, and in the hay wagon there was children, all them were singing songs about the good old western days.

The Breakfast was being serve to us, A stack of pancakes with bacon, I butter each pancakes, with butter, and just a little maple syrup. there was eggs on the side of the plate. I eat everything I ask Mom If I can go with the other children on the hay ride it was free. Mom said "Yes" I ran over where the hay wagon was got inside the hay wagon, Mom waited at the table, chatting with the other mothers.

I got in the hay wagon, I told the children my name then all the children took there turn a gave there names, the wagon started leaveing, as a boys was running fast as he could to the platform just in time he jump in the hay wagon, we are off as the cyldedales in a slow pace went around the park. on the thrid round the couple driving the hay wagon, The women began to sing then the children sang with her the hay ride was very cheerful with everyone  singing good old western " Oh MacDonold " Oh Suanna" All these children songs.

We are going around the park when the women began to sing " Que sera sera, what ever will be, will be," I began to think where did I hear this song at and who sang it, Never the less it came to me Miss  Doris Day, Never the less guess who sitting in the hay wagon in the front was Miss Doris Day. She was recording us singing children song, For a album. I got off the wagon when it pull up to the platform. When back where Mom was, she ask me who was that women in the hay wagon

I told her that it was miss Doris Day, She repied The real  one I told her" yes". Mom ask me if I had a good time I told her "Yes I did, and You ? Mom said she had a good morning.

The next outing Mom took me on was at home When Mom started flimimg the movie "Crazy"Mom is in a small part of the movie this movie than later when Mom Pass away 1963,They flimed the rest of the movie. that Star Jessica Lang, as Patsy Cline.

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