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it is the year 2018 and the Avantian race is embroiled in civil war. the Avantian Empire and United Rebel Government have been at war with one another for over 39 years, inflicting widespread death and destruction. over the years, the Empire has slowly been losing ground to the URG, and have been forced to make their last stand on the harsh frontier world of Vostok. Admiral Marcus Kentoguarth of the URG Invincible is only one of trillions of soldiers fighting the war; as he attempts to fend off an imperial attack party while heading for Vostok.

Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017




URG Invincible, Above Vostok 1433 Hours

Admiral Marcus Kentoguarth hovered over Lieutenant Rintche’s shoulder, watching for a single tiny blip on the holoscreen that would indicate where the Malevolence was.

“Two minutes, sir,” Rintche said, as he wiped the sweat from his brow. The Invincible shuddered as a second salvo of photon torpedoes hit, reducing the shielding by a further ten percent. “Lieutenant Shaworsky, arm warhead pods G through I. Fire upon my mark,” he commanded, without taking his eyes off Rintche’s screen. “Lieutenant Domineers, try to angle us portside 37 degrees counterclockwise and dodge the supercarrier’s fire if you can.”

A tiny spark appeared on the lieutenant’s holoscreen.

“I got her,” Lieutenant Rintche cried. “She’s a few degrees off out starboard side. She’s shutting down her invisibility shields and luring the supercarrier away from us, sir!”

“Good work, Lieutenant,” Marcus said, clasping his shoulder. “And keep watching.” He drifted back to his command chair, then opened a fresh holoscreen. It showed a second spark, a tanker frigate this time. “Lieutenant Jarg, fire up the engines and increase speed to maximum to intercept that tanker. Lieutenant Leihr, send a two-ship escort of Cobras. Prepare to open hatch bay and accommodate her,” he told the Tamaskan dog., who typed in fresh lines of code into her computer.

The tanker slowly edged closer to the Invincible, taking a volley of laserfire on its aft side. The tanker shuddered, shields immediately vanishing. It fired off its main laser cannon at its offender; but to little effect.

As if on cue, the Cobras emerged from the Invincible’s deportation bay, guns blazing. The single exofighter attacking the tanker responded, burning through one of the Cobra’s shields and taking them down.

The second Cobra concentrated its fire upon the enemy fighter, smashing through its shields and melting through composite plating as if it were but sandpaper. The vessel erupted into streams of superheated particles, surface shell blazing white-hot as if its rage alone could protect it.

The fighter detonated.

The Cobras did not matter. They were not as high-class or as important as the freighter, and could easily be replaced or rebuilt. However, they were the ideal choice for escort jobs because of their size and speed.

Each Cobra was small and compact, and this made them ideal for escort duties. Each one was also specially shaped, tending to malfunction if not built correctly.

The front of a Cobra, if studied closely, could be able to be compared to the front half of a Human SAA365M helicopter. However, there were no rotary blades and certainly did not have the four small ultralaser cannons mounted on either side of the cockpit, which were mounted together in groups of two cannons each. The second half of the Cobra could be compared to that of a space shuttle and a stealth bomber, which also held the two slightly sloping wings in place and on which two extra, larger-sized cannons were mounted.

Heavy composite plating covered in a special refractive liquid shielded the vulnerable engines and hydrogen tanks, while lighter surface plates floating on a layer of gel guarded the top of the Cobra and the rear stabilizer fins. A low-set shield generator on the bottom of each wing generated the energy shield that protected the Cobra during dogfights yet still permitted the fighter’s own fire to pass through.

The tanker slowly drifted into the open bay, hastily cruising forth like a great sea turtle. Both escorts fired their laser cannons one last time, then quickly flanked the tanker as the hatch door sheathed shut.

“Tanker received, sir,” Lieutenant Leihr said. “Cobra escorts settling back into their clamp nodes.” She pushed a stray holoscreen out of her way, focusing her attention on the one to her left. It was flashing a red proximity alarm. The lieutenant frowned. The only thing close enough to them was the supercarrier, which was already being dealt with. She quickly glanced back at the live video footage of the space battle. Was there really another ship around here?

The missiles thundered as they streaked out from the Invincible’s aft launchers impacting on the enemy supercarrier just as the Malevolence veered away. The missiles instantly cut through the supercarrier’s armour plating, sending cones of vaporized alloy hurtling into space. A ball of red enveloped the vessel as it flowered into a ball of ultraviolet fire.

And then she spotted it- a slight shimmer to the Invincible’s starboard side, slowly growing larger until it was nearly as large as the ship. A Kardronian battle frigate in invisibility mode. And right beside it the sleek, alien shape of a Covenant corvette.

“Admiral, sir!” she cried. “Enemy vessels near the ship. 70 degrees off our starboard!”

“Exactly as I thought,” Marcus said, chewing on his pipe. “Very good, Lieutenant Leihr. Continue monitoring for any other anomalies.” He turned to Lieutenants Shaworsky and Jarg. “Jarg, cloak us. Cut engine capacitators by 30 percent. Lieutenant Shaworsky, arm the Bulls-eye. As soon as we get close enough, I want you to send that son of a bitch down to where it belongs.” He paused, smiling an evil smile. If the enemy was going to sneak up on him, he might as well return the favour.


Kardronian Republic Battle Frigate Holy Divination

“Arm central plasma cannons,” Commander Kora ordered. “Open fire on Invincible when main lateral lines charged to maximum capacity.” he commanded the weapons officer next to his command console.  He checked his solarmeter. 1434 hours. Perfect.

The hulking commander turned to the navigations officer. “Dump engine capacitators by 20 percent and turn off invisibility shields. Bring us about declination three-five-three and set intercept course for the Invincible. Resort to secondary reactor if necessary.” He glanced out the window. Twenty-heat seeking plasma torpedoes were streaking towards the heavy destroyer, illuminated in a deadly purple light. They impacted, sending ripples through the shielding and dissipating the glassy blue layer.

The central plasma cannons followed- six boiling lances of superheated plasma screaming towards the exposed hull. The Invincible, realizing it was under attack, finally returned fire. Red collided with indigo as the ship’s secondary autocannons smashed into the lances of plasma and stopped them cold. Four lances, however, made it past the autocannon rounds- guided by the Holy Divination’sinternal computer systems. They detonated on the Admantium-A armour plating, blowing dents into the metal like a sharp rock hitting a sheet of rusting steel. The Invincible veered away, and returned fire with a volley of photon missiles. These were quickly destroyed by the Divination’s pulse lasers.

That was when he saw it- a bright white light emerging from his adversary’s craft, soaring through the space untouched by the battle and approaching the viewscreen with frightening speed. Only the responsive polarization of his filed goggles prevented his failing eyes from being temporarily blinded.

“Sir!” The navigations officer cried. “Unidentified projectile approaching at high velocity, sir! Scans show a spiking internal temperature and an increasing thermonuclear yield!” He stared at the commander when Kora failed to respond.

Kora snapped out of his trance, and began rapidly issuing orders. “Open fire on that projectile. Ship-wide fire. We must prevent it from impacting, or else-”

A wave of heat washed over him as the projectile struck. The brightest light he had ever seen filled the room, just as the rapidly warming temperature of the command room began to melt his armour-


“Enemy vessel has been destroyed, sir,” Lieutenant Leihr replied. “All other enemy craft are retreating from the fight.” Marcus Strode over to her computer, then grinned maliciously as he viewed the live video feed. “Yosh, yosh,” he said in fluent Tarkhan, chuckling with delight. He nodded to the head navigations officer. “Continue the good work.”

The lieutenant nodded as Marcus strode over to the central viewscreen. Gouts of white-hot flame were engulfing the burning frigate, as if their combined heat alone could save the vessel. Superheated plasma and antimatter burned through the ship’s upper and lower decks like a torch through sandpaper, splitting the craft into two. Both halves peacefully drifted apart, then simultaneously detonated as the antimatter mines the Bulls-eye had laced within them blew.

What little remained of the combined Imperial-Covenant attack fleet had begun to peel off as a few of the last fully functioning ships were hit. They spun around in fiery pinwheels, slamming into their partners and igniting them.

Marcus flipped the rusted metal coin his grandfather had given him years earlier at his graduation out of his pocket, watching as the flames lit up the grimy surface. Retrieving his pipe, the admiral began chewing gently on the end.

This was only a diversion, he knew. If the Imperials had the nerve to attack once, then they would surely return with more ships. Only pure luck had saved the Invincible.

But if the Empire was to launch another counteroffensive, then so be it. If they came for him, he would be ready for them- but next time, he would give them a warmer welcome.



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