The Seafront Man

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It is a story who takes place in a sea town of Southern Europe of a fantastic man with innate talent at dealing with people of all background. seen as a unique person in his way, however he shows off either his weaknesses appearing more human than magic, according to that you will find out an intriguing part in the strory.

Submitted: February 26, 2017

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Submitted: February 26, 2017



The Seafront Man

In the heart of a beautiful sea town there was a young man who was known as the Seafront Man as he was living there and spent most of his time doing lots of things that involved the sea, furthermore he was capable of amazing people by his performances; he soon gained approval and admiration from the inhabitants of the area and they frequently smiled at him in recognition of his unusual skills. The majority of the events that came about at the seafront were marked by his presence as if he were the organiser, the entertainer, the presenter, although he was none of these characters in reality. However he was an ever present figure, the most unusual, and unique in his ways and behaviours that everyone that passed instantly recognised him and felt completely at ease by his presence.

But the thing he was most proud of was being a heartbreaker especially with the girls who went mad for him, his leadership qualities and his natural wit attracted all the girls, particularly the roughest one who came from the poorest area. I still remember one of the complex love stories he had. A young girl, Mary, who was going out with the Seafront Man, had a difficult and highly tangled family background. She lived in a very run down area where many people were criminals, although there were many good people too but they were simply poor. Youngsters were easily attracted to commit crime, theft, murder and scamming people were the order of the day. Mary also appertained to this class of people and was heavily influenced by them. She did not know her father and had step-brothers and sisters.

Her mother possessed a gun which for the members of the family was like a toy to play with. One day Mary’s house was empty nobody was in there apart from her and the Seafront Man, so they decided to make the best of the peace and quiet and went quickly into her room to have sex. They started to have sex and in the middle of the passion Mary stretched her arm out to get her mother’s gun which was put in the drawer next to the bed where they were having sex. Her intention, of the wildest imagination, was reaching the highest peak of sensation so she started to slide the edge of the gun to the bottom of the Seafront Man back who immediately sensed an icy thrill; he jumped up and immediately got into a panic. Are you totally mad”? He shouted at her. “It’s just a sex game to reinvigorate our passion and feels good, come on!” She replies to him. The Seafront Man was still gobsmacked and frozen with fear, so much so he got dressed and ran away.

After that he decided to stop going out with her. And so the Seafront Man returned to his habits at the seafront. Now he wasn’t anymore in relationship with a girl, but girls were still present in the mind of the Seafront Man. In fact some days after he had returned to his normal sea life a group of girls by the sea close to the rocky side shouted and waved at him to attract his attention, even with sexual body movements and wearing see-through clothes irrespective of any moral code that may exist. Despite all that the Seafront man was just observing the sort of madness they could hide and in accordance with their insane desires coming out in such a simplistic way.

“Come on, come on out and play with me Mr Seafront Man! “All the girls said repeatedly and full of desire. The Seafront Man was getting more and more confused because of their overloaded voices, suddenly the closest girl backside started to dance just in front of him showing her half-naked bottom. “How I can describe this disgusting moment” the Seafront Man, thought.

”I know that, very probably, many guys would love to have this experience, but I am not one of those. I do not want to waste my life with that kind of superficiality, and I also know that many people at the seafront would have thought of me as one of those guys. “

Now it was really clear that despite living in a rough and abandoned area The Seafront Man was the one who had the moral and religious values that he had inherited from his parents and relatives, so he made up his mind to move away from that area quitting the good and bad experiences he was having at the seafront.

A few months later the Seafront Man got engaged with a simple and well-mannered girl and they both decided to settle in a different place, they also got married and had a family. “I know all this seems an ordinary, common life but, still far better from the life I used to have at the seafront “said the Seafront Man.

Every so often his mind conjured up thoughts of his days at the seafront.  One night it was a typical summer night so he got up, put on a swimsuit and he drove to the seafront. He sat as usual to the highest and largest rock where he placed his towel

At night, of course, he could see only a few people there such as fishermen, some workers of the port and some girls who were having fun on the beach next to the rocky side. The girls were thoroughly drunk after they had drunk lots of cocktails. At a certain moment one of the girl who was feeling hotter than the other ones said: “Oh, well, I really need to have a swim”. “Oh, yes, we’ll wait for you here.” Said the others girls. She dived into the sea made some strokes and got to a point where many rocks were settled at the depth of the sea. So she came up with an idea to capture the attention of the Seafront Man after she had noticed him at the highest rock. She started to pretend her foot was caught in a cluster of rocks

 “Help, help, I cannot swim I am stuck! She shouted and gasped for breath. The Seafront Man heard the voice in need of help and thanks to his great experience at the seafront noticed soon where the girl were located in the sea, he dived into the water as  a perfect swimmer and got quickly to the point where the girl were positioned. The girl instantly embraced him and pretended to pull her leg out from the rocks

After a few minutes he realised that she was the girl who, one day, was dancing in front of him dirty and half-naked at the seafront.” I must admit that she is really beautiful, so much that mix perfectly with her wildness; yes I am totally taken from her.” The Seafront Man said to himself.

She instead said: “this is my only chance to get him entirely tonight and probably forever, however I will do use all of my skill to get him or some of himself!” The atmosphere was really warm, also the stars and the full moon in the sky were shining magically that night

In fact the whole atmosphere rekindled the passion of the seafront Man as never before. He was feeling unable to control his emotions. He also felt the struggle between his passion and rational side, but his passion was far greater so that he jumped on her body outstretched and kissed her lips for a long time. They started to have sex, their desires and passion were, by now, free. They’re imagery was a sort of a “burning ball”. But just on the highest peak of excitement she crossed her legs around him, he was in the middle of the passion and had few energies to avoid the trap she had come up with. “You, you’ve got the devil in your soul!” said the Seafront Man with his gasping voice.

It looked like her plan was going to reach the end successfully, but the Seafront Man, gathered the few energies he still possessed and delivered a blow with the fist on her hip so that her legs got uncrossed and he was free to move away from her body.

Now their faces showed disappointment and anger, the girl face grew violently red because she had never thought of such failure, knowing her sexual skills. The Seafront Man was in disbelief and anger too because he hadn’t been able to avoid her trap. After a few minutes of silence he got up, took his towel and started to run slowly, then as fast as his thoughts were running in his confused mind. This was the lonely run of the seafront Man.

He finally arrived home and entered, his wife was still sleeping as it was early in the morning, her face showed a happy smile that led him to think over. “I wish I could have that smile on my face! I still don’t understand why these things happen to me; do I attract these things, what’s wrong with me?” The seafront man said to himself in front of the mirror in his bedroom.

 Meanwhile his wife woke up and saw him standing in front of the mirror in silence. “My love what are doing there? Are you up already? ”She said. He still was in silence turned himself and looked at her. “Come next to me my charming prince, I have something to tell you.” She said. He headed towards her sitting next to her, she gently embraced him and told whispering in his ear” Seafront Man I woken up happy and full of energies, I wish to make love now, just now with you!”











Salvatore Valentino Bitonto


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